If you are a dog owner, then you should know that one of the essential things that you should have for your “best friend” is a dog crate. This is meant to help your dog sleep or be in a comfortable place if you are traveling or when you are even at home.

It is an essential accessory for anyone that has owned or owns a dog at the moment because of its use.

If you have the habit of traveling and do not want to leave your dog behind, they will be much safer in this dog crate.

There are different sorts of dog crates on the market, and you need to know which one best suits your dog. A dog crate’s size should depend on several factors, and you need to be aware of each of them to make the decision that is not just right but beneficial to the dog as well.

How you should also get your dog to be comfortable in this is something that you should train your dog, and you will get to see this. How long your dog can be in a crate is something of importance that you should get to have a glimpse at.

What Should Be the Size of Your Dog Crate?

What this mostly comes down to is the size of your dog although there are some minor factors in there that you need to consider too.

You need to measure the length, height as well as width of your dog. The length is the distance of the dog from the nose to the tip of the tail. The height is the distance from the top of the head to the ground. When it comes to the width, just add four inches for the bigger dog and two inches for the smaller dogs.

There are crates from the extra small size to the extra large ones. The extra small ones are for dogs that weigh ten pounds and below while the larger dogs that weigh up to ninety pounds belong in the extra large crate.

It is important that you get the right measurement of your dog so that you do not end up with a small crate for a large dog and vice versa. Just get a tape measure and get to determining how big your dog is. You should also know how much it weighs to know what kind of dog crate to get.

Crate Training Your Dog

Your dog won’t juts like being kept in a crate at first and it might take time for him to adjust to this. This depends on how much work you are willing to put into training the dog to get in and stay there.

So, it is for you to get to train the dog until it loves the prospect of spending some time in the cage as sometimes you might be forced to leave it there for a while. Below are some of the steps that you can emulate to train your dog to listen to your commands to enter the crate.

– First give them a command that tells them you want them to come into it.

– Encouraging them to come inside while you have a treat in your hand is the next step.

– After they enter the dog crate, praise them and give them the gift then you can close the door.

– Sit near the crate for a few minutes to let them adjust with you there.

– Now go into another room and stay there for a while too to let them settle in.

How Long Can a Dog Stay In a Crate?

There are a few factors that determine how long you can leave your dog in the crate. It is vital that you get to know how much time your “best friend” can take while it is in the crate.

This will help you get to know how to deal when you might be traveling to a far away place, and you have the dog with you. So, below, you will get to see how long your dog can last in a crate depending mostly on what dog it is.

If you have a puppy that is less than six months of age, then you shouldn’t let it be inside a crate for more than four hours at a given period. This is due in large part to the fact that they can’t control their bowels or bladder for that long.

Adult dogs that are being housetrained as well should follow this same procedure when it comes to how long they can make it on the inside of a crate. An older dog under the right circumstances can hold it, but they have no idea that they are expected to fall victim so.

Choosing the Right Dog Crate

There is not much that you need to know to get to choose the right crate for your dog. There are five types of crates, and they are wire, plastic, soft-sided, heavy duty, and cute crates. Choosing amongst these five is a hard choice but below is how you can get to choose the right one for your dog. It is important that you consider these factors as they will determine how comfortable your dog will be when you’re traveling.

If you have a dog that has a thick coat or you live in a hot climate, then the best option would be a wire crate. If your dog is one that loves sleeping under tables or in corners where it is cozy, then you need a plastic crate.

Observing the behavior of your dog is paramount here. If you have a dog that is small and very calm (non-destructive), then you might want to consider getting a soft sided crate. Escape artists or destructive dogs are to be carried in a heavy duty crate as this will c0ontsin them very easily.

All these factors are subject to the behavior of the dog as it is what determines what dog crate you should be buying. The size of the dog is also crucial as you don’t want to buy a small crate for an enormous dog.

There are various versions of crates that exist on the market. Some are made of mesh wires and plastic. The construction material significantly determines the durability, cost, and portability. Before buying, therefore, one needs to consider all these factors to prevent buying a wrong one. If you would like to give your pet a perfect gift, check out our best ten dog crates reviewed below.

Top ten dog crates

10.Petmate Compass Plastic KennelPetmate Compass Plastic Kennel

Are you looking for a reliable dog crate? This compass kennel is a perfect one. It is built from a durable plastic to ensure it provides shelter for your dog for a long time. In its sides, it has a well-ventilated wall to allow light and air penetration. Assembling the cage is a minute job due to N snap mechanism. The door has two securing locks to make sure the pet can’t come out. Additionally, it is made of metallic wires to provide extra safety. The door latches are plastic covered enabling convenience as well as comfort to pet. Thus crate complies with set rules by IATA.


· Sturdy construction

· Lightweight design

· Spacious for large dogs


· Plastic is prone to breakages if cage falls

9.Petmate Ultra Vari Pets KennelPetmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel

You can now give your dog a perfect resting place when traveling or just restraining it at home. The Petmate Kennel is a high-quality crate made from a durable plastic material. Assembling the cage is very simple as no technician is required. For the easy movement of a dog, the crate has an opening latch which you just need to squeeze. At the sides, it features wired vents to allows air circulation and maintain dryness in the kennel. When traveling, the strap holes allow zippering hence improving the safety of your dog. Petmate knows the importance of conserving the environment as the cage is made of recycled plastics.


· Safe for airline traveling

· Made of durable material

· Easy to assemble


· It lacks rear ventilation

8.Petmate Sky KennelPetmate Sky Kennel

Are you looking the best way to restrain or transport your dog? You need to look for this Sky kennel from Petmate. It is constructed with the aim of keeping your pet comfortable and secure. The highest part is made of a durable plastic to give it a longer lifespan. Ventilations are large and sealed with steel wires as well as the door. The crate comes in pieces thereby; assembling is required. However, assembling it is simple through the use of plastic wing nuts which are non-corrosive. Carrying your dog with this kennel safe as it has a sticker indicating ‘live animal.’ At the door, there is a clipped water bowl to ease when offering water to your pet.


· Clipped water bowls

· Well ventilated

· Easy to carry through attached handle


· Handle breaks quickly

7.NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Pet HomeNOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Pet Home

Everywhere you go, there is no need to leave your dog pet at home. You just need this dog crate from NOZTONOZ. The cage is ideal for use when traveling, at home or even camping. Unlike others, its walls are constructed from heavy-duty fabrics which enhance sufficient ventilation. Also, setting up the crate is simple as it only requires a minute regardless of where you are. When your pet is inside the material used is water resistant hence it is safe. Also, the material allows for easy cleaning and is detachable for full washing. The round corners make it safe when carrying and prevent impacting scratches to other equipment.


· East to clean

· Highly portable

· Simple to clean


· It cannot move heavy dogs

6.EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog CrateEliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

When you buy this dog crate from Elite Field, it guarantees comfort to your pet due to its careful designing and construction materials. The cage is sturdy featuring steel tubes, and 600D polyesters cover. Further, to make the dog feel comfortable it is lined with a hex mesh fabric. Once you buy the cage, it comes with portability and versatility. You can set it up when needed within seconds and easy to collapse. With three doors, it ensures that the interior ventilated sufficiently. The cage has dual pockets to put other accessories. Additionally, I come with fleece and carrying bag. 2-years warranty back this product and fall under the refund policy.


· Well ventilated

· Lightweight and sturdy

· Heavy duty construction


· Zippers are prone to malfunctioning

5.AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog CrateAmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

Relax in your home without your dog going to restricted areas with this folding crate from AmazonBasics. With its metallic construction, you can be sure of total restraint. It is also a valuable tool when you are training your pet or limiting access to some places in your house. It has two doors to enhance convenience as the dog can enter or leave through any door. Safety is improved through rounded corners and well lockable doors. The crate is versatile with flexible space for growing puppies. Additionally, it is collapsible to enhance convenient storage. At the bottom of the cage is a removable plastic pan which ensures the dog is comfortable and also facilitate easy cleaning.


· It has double doors for easy access

· Collapsible to save space

· It is portable through carrying clip handles


· Some wire bending due to fitting

4.Petmate 2 Door Top Load Pet KennelPetmate 2 Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Petmate is known to manufacture premium pet products. This crate with double doors is the ultimate choice for the containment of your dog at home or when traveling. It combines steel and sturdy plastic in its construction to offer maximum protection to pets. With extra ventilations, your dog can get enough air circulation as well as light. Accessing the crate is simple through two doors made of steel and enhanced with secure latch. Carrying the pet is enabled by installed handle. When purchasing this cage, it is designed for pets with less than 7’’tall and 15’’ length. The wing bolts and nuts further strengthen the crate.


· Double doors for easy access

· Installed handle for easy carrying

· Comes with a water cup


· Only for small sized pets

· It is a bit bulky

3.Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Pet HomePetnation Port-A-Crate E2 Pet Home

Pets are human’s bets friends. When leaving the house, it is ideal to travel with yours. But, without a good crate, it might be difficult. However, Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Pet Home crate is one of the ideal ways to entertain your dog. It features lightweight steel frames and weaved mesh fabrics. Though it is made from fabrics, it is strong and can carry a pet weighing up to 70 pounds. When not in use, it takes just a few seconds to fold and the same case when assembling since no tool are required. Since the cover material is water resistant, there is no development of damp condition and cleaning is simple. It is ideals tool for training your puppies, traveling and restricting pet movement at home.


· Easy to assemble and fold

· Durable construction


· Zippered door isn’t sturdy like steel ones

2.MidWest Life Stages Metal Dog CrateMidWest Life Stages Metal Dog Crate

A well-constructed dog crate guarantees the safety of your pet. This one from MidWest Homes for pet is an absolute choice to keep your pet entertained, and safe. The metallic construction with a beautiful satin black electro-coat finish ensures it’s durable and free from rust and corrosion. Further, it has rounded corners to minimize the chances of injuries and has sliding bolt latches. When you are storing the crate, you don’t need tools to as it is self-collapsing. Further, to enhance portability, it is simple to attach plastic handles. Once you buy, you enjoy 1-yerar warranty.


· It’s large for big pets

· Durable and resistant to rust and corrosion

· It is foldable


· It has rough surfaces around the door causing scratches

1.MidWest iCrate Dog CrateMidWest iCrate Dog Crate

Give your dog a real care with this iCares from MidWest Homes for Pets. It is a durable and heavy-duty product which is dedicated to offering complete protection to your pets. Whether it is a puppy or a mature dog the crate is ideal and will fit them perfectly. It comes with a divider panel to limit and train puppies. The handle is firm to allow it to support heavy weight and bottom features rubber feet to protect floor damage. The leak-proof plastic pan enhances comfort while facilitating easy cleaning. When traveling or storing, it folds flat easily. A 1-year warranty backs this crate.


· Rubberized feet

· Durable steel construction

· Fully collapsible


· The crate is heavy

Getting a good dog crate that will protect your pet while offering other quality features is a great achievement. With the right knowledge about these crates, it is possible to choose the bests and provide your dog safety, as well as comfort. Get one of the above-reviewed crates, and your pet will always be near you anytime and everywhere.