Summer time is now a far away memory and with the winter chill already in the air, that unique familiar feeling of the holiday is catching with us! With the festive season creeping up now, it is the ideal and the perfect time to consider which Christmas tree stand to use this year. Will you choose a natural Christmas tree stand or a man-made Christmas tree stand?

The Christmas tree stand is a well-decorated tree and an evergreen conifer like tree such as pine, fir or spruce, or a produced tree of similar complexion, associated with the gathering of Christmas. The current Christmas tree has origins in early modern Indonesia using its predecessors who can be backtracked to the sixteenth and perhaps in which passionate Christian believers brought embellished trees within their homes.

Different varieties of Christmas tree stands

There is a vast variety of different types of trees that you can choose from. Here is a list of few Christmas stands.

Douglas Firs.

These are perhaps the most vintage type and generally what comes to mind when folks think of Christmas trees stands. They are incredibly large and pyramid-shaped, and tiny needles emit a pleasing aromatised scent.

Balsam Firs.

These are another very popular type of tree in the America. These are dark green trees with long-lasting needles. This kind of was used to treat wounds during the Detrimental War.

Noble Firs.

These are bluish-green and have well-spaced limbs. Said branches are brief, solid, and point upwards. These are good if you like to intensely decorate your tree with ornaments. Although they are gaining interest, they only develop in the Pacific cycles Northwest. They are also known as red firs.

Scotch Pines.

These are the most popular sort of Christmas tree stands in the world because it grows in various environments and soils. They started in Europe but were brought here by early on settlers. They are cone-shaped with bright green fine needles that contain excellent retention.

Virginia Pines.

These are one of the sole types of evergreens to expand in a warmer climate. They are also known as a scrub pin and Jersey pines. They are incredibly commonly utilized in Christmas tree stands, wild animals reforestation, and land reclamation.

How to choose a Christmas tree stand

Here are a few guidelines to consider if you are shopping for a Christmas tree stand:


This is the main thing you can look for when shopping for a Christmas tree stand. A large but lightweight stand will support your tree greater than a tiny and heavy one. Eighteen inches is the bare minimum you should consider.


Unless you wish to have to refill the stand several times a day, don’t get the one who keeps less than two liters of water, and four liters would be better yet. A tree needs about one liter a day per inch of trunk diameter to stay healthy. Some manufacturers make programmed watering systems for Christmas trees, require still need to be watched for leaks that might spoil your flooring or presents.


The stand should have wide-headed mounting bolts that turn easily. Thin bolts tend to routine into the trunk when you try to tighten up them, which is bad for the tree. The stand should also have spikes or other setups that hold the bottom of the tree off the bottom of the stand at least one / two an inch, that makes it easier for the tree to take up water.


Christmas tree stand should be a long lasting investment. So it’s well worth it to pay a little extra and get a powerful, welded steel stand, which will last you a lifetime – something you can’t say about the plastic-type material or cheap metal sticks. Likewise, avoid gimmicky stages that do things like play music or spin the tree.

Some manufacturers make programmed watering systems for Christmas trees, require still need to be watched for leaks that might spoil your flooring or presents.

How to make a Christmas tree stand

You can make beautiful Christmas tree at any time you using acorns, paint, material chenille stems and hot glue.

Gather some acorns and paint them styles. Cut the chenille in half and fold over so both terminates are together.

Use the hot glue gun to attach the chenille control to the top of the acorn.

Decorating man-made fiber optic Christmas trees and shrubs is finally about portion.

When hanging, decorations place the major sized ones on the bottom and the smallest at the top. You can choose a color theme – sticking to gold, metallic, and red or green and gold only or you can style the tree after traditions.

Christmas tree cake toppers are the finishing splashes of your Christmas tree stands.

There are a great number of choices: the traditional star or angel, or for many who favor a more worldly tree topper, Father Christmas, bows, teddy bears, snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer and nutcracker soldiers.

Don’t feel required to use a standard Christmas tree topper, however. If your Christmas woods has a unique theme, you can certainly use a tree topper particular to that particular theme.Once your cover is up, ensure you bluff the base of the tree with some kind of Christmas tree dress.

Making your own Christmas tree skirts can be as simple as swathing a length of materials below your Christmas tree or as intricate as making a custom needlepoint skirt.

Lower a bit of fabric about 4 to five yards long and wrap it around the base of your tree if you make a decision to choose the first option.

Your skirt will give a refined look, color and feel to the base of your tree until the big day, even if your family doesn’t put items under the tree until Santa arrives on Holiday morning.

Since candles were used to light woods until electric bulbs came to exist, a mat or skirt was often located on the ground below the tree to shield it by capturing the dripping candle feel, as well as to accumulate fallen fine needles.

Nowadays the skirt is often embroidered with nativity scenes.In general, the tree skirt should be adequate to cover the Christmas tree stand underneath.

Top Ten Best Christmas Tree Stands Reviews In 2017

10. Easy Christmas Tree StandEasy Christmas Tree Stand

InstaTree XXL model will securely hold your Christmas tree in place. With this tree stand from EasyGoProducts it’s a breeze to mount your tree as its easily fits most trees from 1½” to 6½” diameter trunk and it can hold a tree that is  15 Feet Tall.

You will like the green color of this tree as it will complement your Christmas tree and your home decors. It features foot pedals that allow to securely mount your tree stand if even the trunk is slightly crooked. The ratcheting tension lever features a locking mechanism that allows the trunk clamps to grip the Christmas tree into place and hold firmly.
To keep your tree hydrated and fresh, it has a water tank that holds a large capacity of water with visible water level indicators.

•    It’s sturdy.
•    It holds tightly.
•    It has a large water tank.
•    It’s durable.
•    None.

9. Christmas 5180 Tree StandChristmas 5180 Tree Stand

Christmas is fast approaching, and that’s why Jack Post has released one the coolest Christmas tree stand that will complement your home décor settings. It features a powder –coated red and green color that lightness up the festive moods, unlike the other old school designs.
The steel was made to last as it’s made of high-quality steel. It was designed to hold tall trees up to 8′.This Christmas tree stand that holds 1 gallon of water, you can be sure that your tree will always be watered.
•    It’s simple to assemble.
•    Features a sturdy design.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s high-quality.
•    None.

8. Christmas Tree StandChristmas Tree Stand

Undoubtedly, this tree stand was made in China, but you will be surprised by the premium quality that it’s made of, it’s meant to last longer than you would expect having been made of quality steel.
One thing I like most about this tree stand is that you can repaint if it rusts and it gets back to new serving you for many years. It can hold up large tree securely and sturdy. This tree stand is worth every penny.
•    It’s appealing.
•    It’s durable.
•    It has a cool design.
•    Features a 1.25 gallon of water.
•    It’s difficult to assemble.

7. 1-Minute Christmas Tree Stand1-Minute Christmas Tree Stand

Dyno-designed this Christmas tree stand elegance in mind. It will complement all your Christmas theme in the house.
If features custom designed clamps that reduce branch trimming. Easy to fix up as you only need to clamp it, raise it and finally Swivel-It Straight and there you will have your standing Christmas tree. The base of this stand is stable enough to hold up a tree of 10′ tall and it’s trunk diameter which measures 4.75″ not exceeding 120 lbs makes the tree fit well.
If you are wondering about the quality and durability of this stand, it’s made of grade polymer that doesn’t rust, crack or harm floors it will serve you for the longest. Additionally, it has large bolts that make tightening screws easy and comfortable handles for easy grip.
•    It holds the tree straight.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s easy to set up.
•    It’s small saving on space.
•    None whatsoever.

6. Handy things Christmas Tree StandHandy things Christmas Tree Stand

If you are planning on shopping for a cool Christmas tree to serve you for a short time, then here is the ideal one for you. There are many stands made of steel that last up to more than 20 years, but there are times when you only need a stand that will serve you during the Christmas period then you throw it out.
This tree stand is made of plastic material, and it can hold 1 gallon of water. It can hold a tree of up to 8′ and measures a diameter of 19.5-inches.The stabilizing spike and eye -bolts thread steel nuts adds strength and enhances smooth operation.
The material is corrosion resistant.
•    Comes with a five-year warranty.
•    It’s well decorated.
•    It holds a lot of water.
•    It’s easy to set up.
•    It features stainless steel bolts.
•    It’s inexpensive.
•    The plastic is weak.
•    Tightening the bolts is difficult.

5. Genie L Christmas Tree StandGenie L Christmas Tree Stand

Genie L tree stand is made in the US by Krinner USA Inc and anything made in the US is quality assurance. This company has made a good reputation out there crafting top notch products; this stand comes with five stabilizer feet it will hold you tree securely in its place.
To fix it just pump the foot pedal design, within seconds it will be ready. This Christmas tree stands keeps your tree fresh and hydrated as it hold up to 1 gallon of water. It’s lightweight as it weighs 13 lbs making it easy to move it around the house. It’s ideal for holding the tree up to 8”.
•    It’s made of stainless steel.
•    It’s easy to set up.
•    It’s convenient.
•    It’s portable.
•    None.

4. Swivel Straight Tree Stand 20InSwivel Straight Tree Stand 20In

Just as its name suggests this swivel straight stand has made it possible to set up the tree straight and will hold the tree up to 120 inches. I like the design of this tree stand that makes it stand out from the others. The green will complement the Christmas tree making it visually appealing.
You can swivel the tree to any direction for it to stand up straight. It’s made of a good quality material of stainless steel. This tree stand is worth every penny.
•    It’s appealing.
•    It’s durable.
•    It has a great design.
•    It’s of high-quality.
•    Putting together is easy.

3. 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand28-Inch Folding Tree Stand

National Tree Company is the leading manufacturer of Christmas tree stands in the US. If you are looking forward to having an artificial tree during this holiday season, then look no further.
The beauty about this stand is that it’s let folds flat making it easy for transportation and storage when not in use. More so, this tree stand was crafted to last long. It’s made of durable and high-quality stainless steel and decorated with a green color to complement your artificial Christmas tree stand.
Again, this stand will hold your tree firmly and securely and can withstand any artificial tree up to a height of 7.5 feet to 8 feet with a diameter of 1.25″ and 2″.
•    It’s ideal for an artificial tree.
•    It’s built to last.
•    It’s portable.
•    It’s of high quality.
•    It has one year warranty.
•    None.

2. Rotating Tree StandRotating Tree Stand

A unique design and the rotating enhancements make clamping a tree a breeze activity than any kind of Christmas tree stands out there. Do it Best Company have not disappointed their name, they have crafted this tree stand with reliability, unique design and durability in mind to offer just the best to their customers.
The uniqueness of this Christmas tree is that it holds and rotates an artificial Christmas tree of up to a height of 7.5 feet tall. The stand also has on and off switch that controls the base with three settings or options. The base plugs are connected to the wall while tree plugs are plugged into the base, this tree stand that rotates 365 degrees is perfect for indoor use only.

•    The stand is stable.
•    It’s durable.
•    It has rotating features.
•    It’s made of premium stainless steel.
•    The switches are not reliable.

1. Krinner Christmas Tree GenieKrinner Christmas Tree Genie

Top on our list is this uniquely designed tree stand from Krinner. This company has built a good reputation over some years by manufacturing the best quality Christmas accessories this stand, not an exempt.
This stand grips the tree trunk with five claws that you quickly tighten by stepping on a stable foot pedal, instead of turning a set of bolts at the bottom, like every other tree stand out there. This tree stand is extremely attractive and stable, and it comes with 2.5-gallon reservoir has a reliable indicator that indicates its water level.
The base is 20 inches wide, and it can hold a tree of up to 7 feet long. It features five years warranty the longest time in the history of Christmas tree just because it’s built to last. This tree stand is without a doubt the best Christmas tree stands we have in today’s market.
•    It’s large.
•    It has a great design.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s easy to install.

•    None whatsoever.


Christmas is fast approaching, and we thought that you would need to shop for a nice Christmas tree stand for your well-decorated tree. We have sacrificed our time to research and test several stands so that we can compile the list of top ten best tree stands in 2017.
The above-reviewed stands are durable, reliable, decent quality and from trusted brands. Take your time goes through the piece and pick up on the best stand and surprise your loved ones with a decent stand this festive season. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!