Making sure that you are entertained when you are in your car is an important thing.

Especially if you might be driving for a while and you need something that will keep you alert at all times, music might do that for you.

If you are also carrying someone that loves listening to music or any show while they are in the car, you might need this. When it comes to traffic jams, especially this is where you will find this next gadget crucial as it is the one that will keep you company to avoid all the stress of being stuck in a traffic jam.

This is what a car DVD player is made for, and a whole lot more as technology has proven with each one that comes out.

Some have been even upgraded also to include the Smartphone feature which lets you talk to the phone without having to take your attention off the road.

It is imperative that you do not use the phone while you are driving and this is what a DVD player in your car can do for you. It will tell you who’s calling and receive the call for you as well.

What Is A Car DVD Player

There is no car nowadays that can escape having this crucial gadget inside of it.

Every car manufacturer is going to its way to ensure that they install the best sound system in the car and it usually has to start with the car DVD player.

Which brings us to the question of what a car DVD player is?

This is a device that you can use in your car to play music or listen to the radio or play your DVDs. It is usually mounted to the dashboard, and the functions vary from one to the other, but the primary one is to ensure that there is entertainment in the car.

Most cars nowadays will come with an entirely full DVD player that even has a touch screen, but a lot of people will try to upgrade it to the ones that are being sold on the market.

These on the market usually come with a lot of added features that make it even better and they can be custom built into your car to fit any more functions that you might need.

Below are the advantages of having one in your car.

Benefits of a Car DVD Player

There are a wide variety of benefits of a car DVD player, but the most versatile ones are below.

– Resolution

This is an integral part of a car DVD player as it has to have a resolution that is just right for it to be always of use to you. With emerging technology trends, there is now even an HD car DVD player that is just revolutionary.

– You can play it using a disc

Using the Compact Disks to play music is even better as you can always have your collection nearby as opposed to downloading it from the internet. It enables you to use the DVDs that you have even in your car, and they can even be movies for those that are seated in the back.

– Enriching Installation

This feature enables you to be able to install more than one DVD player in your car. You can even put it for those that seat in the back seats so that they can also have some form of entertainment while they are in the car as well.

– Multiple functions

The car DVD player can perform a lot of features that would be unheard of ten years ago. You can talk on your phone through this device instead of reaching for your phone as you are driving which makes it a whole lot safer for drivers.

Types of Car DVD Player

Different car DVD players are there on the market.

– Flip Down DVD Players

These are the most common types of DVD players that are installed in cars. Attached in front of the passenger seats on the roof of the car and it is better because no one has to struggle to watch what’s playing.

– Headrest DVD Players

These are located on the back of the passenger’s or driver’s seats so that those in the back do not have to strain to get a glance.

– Rearview Mirror DVD Player

It is placed on the rearview mirror of the car and is easy to install. Some cars even come with the DVD player attached o the rearview mirror. They are mostly half screen as well as half mirror.

– In-Dash DVD Players

For a car that does not have a lot of room behind the front seats, this is the best option. It hooks on the dashboard in a box that has been installed.

How To Choose The Best Car DVD Player

There are some factors that you should take into consideration before you buy the DVD Player for your car. Below are some of those factors to consider.

– Format Compatibility

You should find out what sort of DVDs that it can play before you buy it. This is important so that you get to choose one that can play all types of DVD formats.

– Screens

The DVD players come in a wide variety of screens of all sizes, and you need to choose one that is big enough for your car. A display fit for the car as well with the right resolution is the bets.

– Battery Life

Choosing one that has the long lasting battery life that should be able to run throughout the day. Ideally, you should go for one that has seven to eight hours of battery life in a day. It allows the occupants of the car to use the DVD players without having to tap into the car’s battery.

– Extra Features

You should go for one that has all sorts of extra features that are appropriate for your and make the time in the car even better. Things like GPS, audio outputs and inputs as well as DIVX should be the few extra features that it should have.

If it’s time to invest in a new car DVD player, here is a list of the top 10 players for you to consider.

10. Pioneer AVH-280BTPioneer AVH-280BT

At number 10 comes Pioneer with its own version of the low-end head unit. The Pioneer AVH-280BT features a 6.2 display and built-in bluetooth, along with a 5-band graphic equalizer. Despite the noticeable lack of features, the Pioneer AVH-280BT puts in some good quality performance in terms of its receiver audio quality.


Provides good quality audio for tuner


Features are very basic.

Performance is not top notch.


Compatibility with smartphone technology is a must for modern in-dash car DVD players. The JVC KW-V51BT was built to make the most of this technology and it really shines in this department. With the Mirrorlink functionality, you can control a bunch of Android features with ease, and you can do the same for iPhone with the iPhone App Control feature.

The JVC KW-V51BT is equipped with a 7-inch WVGA screen, a customizable GUI, HD Voice with built-in bluetooth, and a 3-band equalizer.


Smooth, seamless smartphone compatibility

Affordable, compared to nearest rivals (mid-low range)

Overall superior quality media playback


The 3 band equalizer is clearly wanting; miles behind its rivals

8. Kenwood DDX9903SKenwood DDX9903S

In third place is The Kenwood DDX9903S In-dash DVD player, which features a 6.9-inch capacitive touchscreen, a built-in tuner, HD radio, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto. The Kenwood DDDX9903S is pretty solid but it’s still a few years back in terms of full smartphone compatibility compared to its closest rivals.


Gives solid overall control over your digital entertainment via the head unit.

Fast bootable time.

Very fast and responsive touchscreen


The receiver could use some improvements.

Manual start for Android Auto is definitely a dent on this otherwise solid unit.

7. Alpine INE-W960Alpine INE-W960

If you’ve experienced the quality of Alpine head units before, you will be blown away again by the Alpine INE-W960. The unit is equipped with every option that is capable of turning your car into a standalone entertainment hub.

In terms of features, the Alpine INE-W960 comes with all the bells and whistles of a top end car DVD player – full smartphone connectivity and compatibility, SiriusXM satellite tuner, integrated maps of the US, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.


Built-in navigation

Smooth media expansion via a host of auxiliary inputs.



6. Kenwood DDX372BTKenwood DDX372BT

The DDX372BT comes in at a respectable fifth, thanks to its sleek design, solid features, you get a 6.2-inch touchscreen, AM/FM tuner, hands-free calling and media streaming via built-in bluetooth, SiriusXM Radio ready, and backup camera input.


Gives full control of your iPhone with the App Control feature

Free navigation solution using the downloadable Street Pilot app

Sleek design


Average audio quality

5. Pioneer AVH-X7800BTPioneer AVH-X7800BT

As a leading brand in car entertainment systems, Pioneer never disappoints. Their car head units are known for their superior performance and highly responsive touchscreen displays. The AVH-X7800BT gladly upholds those qualities.

The AVH-X7800BT has all the features you’d expect from a modern car head unit, in addition to the NEX interface that allows for seamless app connectivity.


Overall excellent performance


4. Sony XAV-712HDSony XAV-712HD

The Sony XAV-712HD brings convenience to the way you use your car’s entertainment unit. It offers full smartphone compatibility as well as auxiliary inputs for expanding your media playback capability.


Sleek design

Seamless app connectivity

Overall good performance



3. Sony XAV602BTSony XAV602BT

Like it’s sister predecessor in the list, the Sony XAV602BT is all about convenience and performance. It shares almost all features with the XAV-712HD except for the slightly smaller screen. If you don’t want to spend an extra money for the slightly more solid XAV-712HD, the XAV602BT is a worthy alternative.


Very affordable.


Basic features

2. Kenwood DDX373BTKenwood DDX373BT

Kenwood DDX373BT is a lower end iteration of the DDX372BT. Many of the highly prized features that fit higher end cousins were stripped from it but it still manages to offer solid performance in terms of audio and media playback quality.


Very affordable


Lacks high-end features

1. Pioneer AVH-4200NEXPioneer AVH-4200NEX

The Pioneer AVH-4200NEX In-dash receiver is the top pick in 2017 for car DVD player, based on credible user. The AVH-4200NEX falls in the mid-high tier category, which is not a stretch considering the quality you get.

It features a 7-inch WVGA touchscreen that’s fully detachable, audio streaming, bluetooth hands-free talking, Android Auto and Apple Carplay, as well as the nifty 13 band equalizer.

HDMI inputs, USB ports, and SD card reader are the other inclusions that make the Pioneer stand out. It also has a sleek design, coupled with superior audio and video quality to seal this player’s place in number one spot.


Solid audio and video playback quality

Has all modern features you can expect for seamless connectivity with Android and Apple devices.


Somewhat pricey

Car DVD players come with multiple features that you don’t get with after-market CD and OEM players. Top car DVD players will give you supreme multimedia playback for CDs and DVDs, and they also come with video inputs for easily connecting tabs, game consoles, among other gadgets.

A top-rated car DVD should be able to meet today’s multimedia demands in terms of connectivity, versatility, and ease of use. Gone are the days for dull car entertainment. With the list of best car DVDd player, I am sure you can get what you want.