Cars often suffer from bad air. Dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, the smell of coffee or fast food – all of these things affect the air quality inside your car, creating a breeding ground for mold and and disease spreading bacteria to thrive in.

Car air purifiers work by using an electric charge to produce millions of negative ions, which attach to positively charged particles, making those particles too heavy to float so that they can no longer affect your surroundings, resulting in clean and fresh air for you to breathe in.

When you consider that more and more people every year are being diagnosed with asthma and other respiratory diseases, you would be crazy not to start immediately purifying the air in your immediate surroundings at home and especially in your car. Here are five of the best car air purifiers out there.

10. FRiEQ Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier

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The FRiEQ Car Ionizer Air Purifier destroys odor-causing particles, neutralizes contaminants such as mold and viruses, by releasing 48 million negative ions per cubic centimeter, improving the air quality in your car. You can control and measure how many negative oxygen ions you want the purifier to produce. The compact device has an attractive design and features a blue LED light that spruces up your automobile or RV, but it can also be used in your house or office.

9. Eco Breeze Car Air Purifier

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The Eco Breeze produces 38 million negative ions per cm3 to improve the quality of the air by eliminating odors, dust, pollen and by reducing airborne bacteria generation by 99%. The purifier looks great in your car thanks to its fashionable design, and can also be used indoors. The product complies with the CE, FCC and RHoS regulations.

8. EXTRA-O Car Air Purifier Ionizer with Home 12V Adapter

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Extra-O’s air ionizer purifier utilizes a unique and patented process, achieving excellent air purification with 38m million negative ions per cubic centimeter. Thanks to the latest technology, you don’t need to replace any filters. The device is easy to operate, just plug it in your car socket or anywhere indoors with the included 12v home adapter. It works highly effectively in rooms up to 12 square feet.

7. Max Premium Pure Air Purifier

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The Pure-Air releases 48 million negative ions per cm3, is easy to connect and has a nice desigm The blue LED indicator light looks great in any car interior and the powerful air purifying capacity makes this a must have car accessory, allowing you to breathe in clean, fresh air, free of odors and contaminants. The product is exclusive to Amazon and is CE, FCC and RHoS certified

6. EXTRA-O Car Air Purifier Ionizer

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The Extra-O Car Air Purifier Ionizer is convenient, small, fast acting, and works great indoors as well as outdoors. This device can be left in the car without using up battery power, meaning you can leave it in 24/7. It uses and electric charge to generate 38 million negative ions per cubic centimeter. The LED signals that it is turned on, and looks great in your vehicle.

5. Car Air Purifier

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Car Air Purifier is a multipurpose kit to remove unwated smoke and odor from your car and at the same time its ionizer improves the quality of air by eliminating smoke, air propulsion and dust particles from your car. This makes the car environment clean and give you the feel that you cant resist to drive more. Its unique ionizer feature provides you protection from airborne bacteria by about 99%. It is excellent product for patients with Bronchitis Allergy. It is distinguished for its CE, FCC an RoHS certification.

4. Proto Air Car Air Purifier

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The Proto Air is an excellent product which provides you the features of car air purifier, smoke odor eliminatore and ionizer in a compact packet. It is best in its class within the budget that everyone can afford. It not only removes unwanted smoke and odor but also leaves a fresh and healthy air inside your car. The ionizer is capable of generating 38 million PCS/Cu Cm -Ve ions helps in removing pollens, dust and airborne bacteria free environment by 99%. Best suited for travellers suffering from Bronchitis, Chronic Ashtma, Chronic Respiratory and Pulmonary diseases. Add on to the style of your car interior with this stylish and powerful car purifier.

3. FullPlus Mini Car Air Purifier

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This is one of the air purifiers appreciated and liked worldwide. It uses Vlll generation of air purifier ionization producing 48 million -ve anions. Its advanced technology ionizer technology removes odor, leather smell, smoke, dust and pollen from your can in just 30 seconds. It is highly effective and easy to operate. The air purifier and ionizer removes airborne bacteria and enhances the quality of air by increasing oxygen. It is certified by CE, FCC and RoHS.

2. Pure-O Car Air Purifier

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Pure-O is a car air purfier and freshner which combines design and technology together. If you are looking for an effective car purifier with attractive design then this is the right choice. In no time your car will get rid of odor, smoke and dust. Its effective new generation ionization technology provide 48 million -ve ions which facilitates in destroying harmful bacteria, mold and viruses. It enhances the quality of air and make your car smells good. The LED lights adds on to your car interior. It is certified and comes with One Year Warranty of trust.

1. O-lon B-lOOO Air Purifier

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This is highly effective and compact product which comes with the power of air purifier, ionizer and air sanitizer. Its powerful air purification technique eliminates odor, dust, smoke, pollen, pet danger and airborne irritants. It provides your car with a fresh and safe environment. Its advanced IJVGI technology and high -ve Ions eradicate airborne bacteria, virus, germs, small pollutants upto .01 micron and other disease causing micro-organsims_ It is low on maintenance and high on utility. Extremely safe for new borns and old aged people suffering from breath diseases. Add new asset to your car interior with this O-ion B-lOOO Air Purifier and enjoy your ride with family and friends.

Car air ionizer and air purifier is an effective way to keep car environment free from atmospheric pollutants and germs. It comes in various variant. The best way to remove smoke, dust, pollen, odor, leather smell and pet danger from car. The advanced ionizer technology produces negative ions which kills harmful airborne bacteria, virus and micro-organsims_ The air ionizer and purifier are desired to enhance air quality especially required for new born babies, kids and old-aged people suffering from diseases like Asthma, Chronic and Pulmonary diseases.