Smelling nice isn’t just for women. Men care, too! That’s why we’ve created this buying guide – for men who feel finding their perfect scent is important.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to and have assembled a top 10 list of best body sprays for men. Along with this list, you’ll find tips on how to select the right fragrance, why you should use body spray and reviews to help you make a smart decision.

They Why and How of Body Sprays

While body spray is something that can’t be seen by others, it is still an important part of your style. Scents makes a statement and you want that statement to be memorable – in a good way!

You might wonder why you should bother with choosing a body spray. Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • A pleasant fragrance gives the impression you are a man who is well put together and cares about himself.
  • If being attractive to others matters to you, a great body spray will help.
  • Because smell is our strongest sense, what we smell like can help to form emotional connections with others.

Now that you know why, you might be wondering how. Here are some tips on how to select your scent:

  • Sample: You will likely find cheaper prices online but it helps to visit stores and samples the fragrances in which you are interested.
  • Time: Wear the fragrance for at least two hours before you decide if it is one you like or dislike. It takes a while for our body chemistry to work with the scent.
  • Body chemistry: Keep in mind that everyone has a different body chemistry so don’t assume if one scent smells good on a friend it’ll also smell the same on you.
  • Sample early: Yes, time of day can matter. By sampling fragrances early in the day you’ll find your senses are more alert and that stores are not already overwhelmed with many smells.


Most everyone is familiar with both Calvin Klein and the Obsession fragrance. If you’re not familiar then you’re in for a treat. Obsession is a combination of spices, rare woods and botanicals. It is quite a provocative and compelling scent.


– This is a great choice for daily wear

– The body spray is affordable and a great way to try this scent without spending a lot of money

– Long-lasting scent; a little goes a long way so expect this to last for awhile


– Can be a bit strong so avoid over-spraying

– Young men may find this a fragrance a tad “old fashion”

– Some men may feel the scent isn’t as masculine as desired

Fresh Guy body spray from BOD is an energetic and vibrant yet subtle fragrance. It is a base of sandalwood, musk and teakwood with hints of watermelon, bamboo leaf and Lily of the Valley.


– A pleasant fragrance that isn’t overpowering

– No soapy smell as found in some body sprays

– Excellent price with a long-lasting scent


– Alcohol is the first ingredient so if you have dry skin, you may want to avoid direct skin contact

– Spray at a distance to avoid wet spots on clothing

– Some men may find the smell too floral/fruity for their liking

Mark Ecko began as a fashion designer and has since grown his business into a trendy way of life. His ecko Blue body spray is exceptional. He calls this a “modern scent” with hints of citrus, plum and black currant. You’ll also note oak moss, sandalwood, geranium, lavender fresh herbs and musk.


– This fragrance is suitable for everyday use, especially after showering

– It’s affordable

– You are guaranteed to get compliments!


– Avoid over-spraying as it can be strong if you’re not careful

– There is a lot going on with this scent and it may not be suitable for all men

This body spray was created by Bigelow chemists. It was formulated especially for men and has no artificial colors. It is also cruelty-free (not tested on animals). What you’ll find with this body spray is a blend of clean musk, marine/water notes, rosemary and lavender with a woodsy undertone.


– It’s a refreshing scent

– If you prefer to layer your fragrance, there is a matching deodorant available

– It’s not at all expensive


– Can be strong if over-sprayed so use carefully

– Some may find the scent does not last all day

Nautica has dubbed this a perfect body spray for sporty and competitive men. This spray is infused with pineapple, jasmine, basil, musk and sandalwood.


– Affordable and a smart way to give this scent a try without investing money in the expensive cologne

– It is a clean and fresh scent


– If over-sprayed, the scent may be too strong

– This isn’t a favorite of young men

– Some may find this scent does not last all day

A sophisticated, masculine and sexy fragrance is what you’ll get with Black. Sensual woods, spices and herbs make this an unforgettable and desirable scent.


– Price is inexpensive and provides the chance for you to try this fragrance before investing in an expensive cologne

– Works well for daily wear and a night out on the town

– Spray device locks in place to stop leaks


– Some wearers may find this isn’t long-lasting and will need to use the spray a few times a day to maintain the scent

Love Grenade – the name says it all, right? This is a soft scent combined of clove, amber, nutmeg, galbanum, sage, ginger, cardamom and bonus: it’s infused with Pheroxene – natural essences and human pheromones. Woody’s has created an easy to wear body spray that is can also be used as a linen spray.


– Nice body spray with no hint of an alcohol smell

– A true manly scent that isn’t overpowering

– Great value for the price


– Some wearers may find the scent does not last all day

Unforgivable is a masculine fragrance suitable for daily use and special nights out. It’s an interesting and exotic blend of Italian bergamont, green mandarins, juniper berries, Sicilian lemons and Moroccan tangerines. You’ll also pick up notes of sage, rum, champagne, sandalwood, Tuscan basil and tonka bean.


– Excellent price, excellent product

– Complimentary products are available if you like the scent and wish to layer


– Great body spray but the scent is not as strong as with the cologne.

AXE has become hugely popular with men and it’s no wonder. They produce quality products at affordable prices. They also have a large range of products. This scent is one of their best with hints or oriental spices with a deep woodsy base.


– Masculine scent that isn’t overpowering

– This is a long-lasting scent that should wear all day

– Suitable for daily wear


– You may need several sprays to achieve a day-long scent

A classic Perry Ellis fragrance that has been around for over 20 years. This is a cool and intriguing scent that is combined of woodsy aromas, musk, vetiver, freesia, cardamom, sage, lavender, bergamot, lemon and juniper berries.


– While a classic scent, you’ll find it isn’t dated; truly timeless

– Expect a lot of compliments!

– A great price and offers the opportunity to experience the scent before purchasing pricey cologne


– Avoid over-spraying as the scent can be quite strong if not careful

Final Thoughts

Think of a body spray as a step in looking and feeling your best. People not only remember how you look but often remember how you smell, as well. By following our guide, you’ll soon find the best body spray for you and will be leaving an amazing lasting impression wherever you go.