Fundamentally, a belt is an adjustable strap or band that is worn around the waist to keep our pants, or any articles of clothing, where they belong. The belt prevents our pants from falling off our waist. Belts are usually made up of leather or heavy cloth.

Belts are mainly necessary accessories, especially for men, as it is them who uses it the most. However, it’s quite hard to look for the size that would fit them.

Likewise, it is difficult to find the type that would suit their liking. And lastly, the act of choosing the best belt in itself is already hard enough. That is why this article is written, to further guide you in pinpointing the best belt for them, the more fit size, the different types to choose from, and the essential factors to consider when choosing the best belt for men?

What is the best belt for men?

An excellent belt is one that gives a premium feeling. If it’s a leather, it must be flexible, enabling you to bend or move easily, and yet is tough, strong enough to withstand rough conditions.

Also, it must be made from a top grain leather all the way, though, so that it wouldn’t feel rough on the underside. The stitching must likewise be of high quality, preferably double stitched for it to last longer than what you expected it to be. Moreover, if the stitching is of high quality, it would surely give you a good stretch.

What is the ideal belt size for men which you need to buy?

As stated earlier, picking the suitable belt size is hard.

So, if ever you consider buying a belt for any of your male loved ones, you must assure that you pick the perfect fit by making sure that what you order is not just based on the waist size, but also on the belt size. Belt sizes are usually 2 inches more than the waist size.

So, if his waist size is 32”, then the size of the belt should be 34” and above. So before you go to any store to purchase a belt, you better have a knowledge of his waist size, and then add at least 2 inches to it. That would be the size of the belt that would suit him perfectly.

What are the different types of belts for men?

The type of belt your male loved one would want would probably of a personal preference, depending on what suits his style the most as well as what purpose the belt would serve its function. To further guide you, a summary is provided below regarding some of the different types of belts available, if ever you’re considering buying one as a gift.

· Black/Brown Dress Belt

Black or brown dress belts are the ones usually used in formal wears when he is tuxedos or blazers. If he works in a corporate environment that implements a strict dress code, then black or brown dress belts are the ideal choices.

Now, in choosing whether you would buy a black one or a brown one, base it on the shoes to be worn. If what would be worn is a black shoe, then pick the black one. And consequently, if it’s a brown shoe, then pick the brown one. In that way, the look would be more appropriately coordinated making it more slick and polished.

· Casual Leather Belt

For an informal or an off-duty look, a casual leather belt is a great option. This is best used when what is used is a jean or a chino because it gives a more rugged vibe in its look appearance. What makes this one look better is that casual leather belts get better and better look over time.

· Smooth Suede Belt

If leathers are perceived to be traditional dressy, then suedes are even more casual. It often comes in a contrast stitched edge, which adds a great touch and style to it, as well as class.

Generally, smooth suede belts are great for less formal occasions, just like when having dinner with friends and family.

· Slim Belt

If you are looking for a belt that gives a fashion-forward loo, a slim belt is the best choice for that. It creates a casually tailored impression that gives a trendy stylish vibe to your look. It is best paired with linen suits, chinos, and polo shirts.

· Summer Fabric Belt

Summer fabric belts usually come in a variety of belts, with many of which being braided. It’s actually great to use during the summer, especially when you’re at the beach or in any leisure or casual occasions.

What are the factors to consider when choosing the best belt for men?

In choosing the best belt, you must take heed of these factors so as to assure the belt’s functionality and durability.

1. High quality

To be sure that you’re buying a high-quality leather, ask the assistant if the belt is sealed with a polyurethane. Polyurethanes are made from fine leathers, which repels unwanted moisture from the belt. Moreover, it ages gracefully. Aside from polyurethane, an excellent belt is also made of zinc alloy. It is this zinc alloy that allows the belt to be corrosion resistant and scratch resistant, and lightweight. Likewise, the belt must be smooth and soft, the buckle must be made from lightweight metal, and the ratchet system must be sturdy. By assuring that the belt satisfies all of these, then you are sure to have a top-notch high-quality belt.

2. Effortless slip off and slip on

The belt must have a solid mechanism because if the mechanism is solid, it would enable the belt to be easily slipped on and slipped off. Also, the buckle must be adequately slim and small so that it would not feel uncomfortable while sitting.

3. Stylish

Belts come in an array of styles, ranging from traditional belts to more modern ones. If the use of the belt is for formal occasions, make sure that the shoe color is in sync with the color of the belt. On the other hand, if it’s for a casual occasion, look for something that deviates from the norm and is fashion forward.

4. Perfect fit

A perfect fit belt has multiple adjustment options. It must have at least 7-9 holes in it, in case the belt is too small or too big. If the belt does not fit right at first, there are things that you can do to aid it. You can loosen the buckle, with the belt being firmly pushed forward. Likewise, you can also cut the belt depending on the size you want and then secure it firmly after that. In that way, you can get a perfect, superb, and custom-fit all the time.

10. Sportoli Men’s Classic Leather BeltSportoli Men’s Classic Leather Belt

Starting with the very basics, a plain black leather belt is always the step one. Look classic and tidy in this fine belt. The Sportoli Men’s Classic Stitched Genuine Leather Uniform Belt is a simple yet classic and sturdy belt that can appeal with almost any outfit.

This belt is precisely made from high-quality leather for strength and durability. This makes a quality gift for boyfriend, husband, father, son, grandfather, nephew, grandson, or anyone you love! It is available in size 20 all the way to size 60 at a great price range.


High-quality leather belt

Strong and durable

Wearable with any outfit

Simple and sturdy

Available in a variety of sizes

Available in black, white and brown


The plastic coating on the sides peels off after a while

9. Dockers Men’s 38mm Leather Bridle BeltDockers Men's 38mm Leather Bridle Belt

This belt is incredibly well made. It’s a high quality 100% leather dress belt. Hence, it is can be used for a variety of functions such as business-like meetings as well as, casual dress trousers or even for something on the fancier side.

The stitching on this belt is very well done in soft leather 2’’ high, 44’’ width and 38 mm wide. In addition, this is a Bevel-edge belt with single-prong buckle in a dark brass finish will give you a sophisticated feel and look that makes you stand out.


100% leather

High quality and durable

A sophisticated dark brass finish

Edges did in a nice chamfer-cut and are well sealed



The coating starts to chip after a while

8. Timberland Men’s Leather Belt 40 mmTimberland Men's Leather Belt 40 mm

You have probably heard of Timberland already, Timberland is a reputable popular company known for producing high-quality shoes and belts. The Timberland Men’s Leather belt 40 mm is one of the best belts in the market today.

This belt is made from 100% genuine high-quality leather, which is dry clean only. This belt is dry clean only. This belt makes a great gift for a loved one especially if you do not know their waist size.


100% leather

Made from genuine leather

Leather wrapped buckle that is not flimsy



Dry clean only

7. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay BeltTommy Hilfiger Men's Ribbon Inlay Belt

This belt is a great option for any is made from cowhide leather making it very strong and durable furthermore, it is made from buffalo split leader cotton too.

The material of the belt is made of 40% Buffalo split, 40% Cowhide Leather, 20% cotton hence, making this belt very strong with a minimal capacity to break. Lastly, this belt comes with a classic look Logoed-ribbon belt with leather accents and single-prong buckle that is not flimsy.


Fashionable belt

High-quality leather

Strong and durable

It is a classic look Logoed-ribbon belt



6. Men’s Classic Dress Leather BeltMen's Classic Dress Leather Belt

Having a bit of brown and black in your belt-and-shoe repertoire is important, whether you are looking for a belt to take you from 9 to 5 or to match your shoes for that fancier outfit, the Men’s Classic Dress Leather Belt that comes in Black & Brown Colors is the missing puzzle in your closet.

This Men’s Classic belt is made from a 100% genuine leather, comes in 3 styles to choose from: 1) Brown belt with silver nickel buckle 2) Black belt with a silver-finish buckle and 3) Brown belt with a golden-finish buckle. Furthermore, this belt has a synthetic appeal to it adding a touch of class to your style whilst complementing any outfit you put on not to mention it gives you a sophisticated feel and look that lets everyone know that you are a man of class.

Moreover, this belt features a classic smooth finish and exquisite stunning stitching on the bottom and the top, a beautifully single prong buckle, as well as a double loop for added security thus going pretty well with any formal wear for everyday use.

This belt is very versatile in terms of comes in a comfort fit size of a 32 to 60 therefore, making it eligible for most men.


100 percent genuine leather

Comfort fit

Sophisticated look

Versatile dress belt

3 styles to choose from

Designed with a synthetic appeal to it


Sizing is way off. Hence, get one size up the size of your pants

5. Automatic Ratchet Leather Belt Xhtang Men’s’ solidAutomatic Ratchet Leather Belt Xhtang Men’s’ solid

If you are in the market for something a little different, why not try this trim to fit Xhtang Men’s solid ratchet leather belt. This is the kind of belt you need when you not only want a functional and durable belt but also one that you can customize to fit you and add to your style.

The Xhtang Men’s Solid Buckle with Automatic Ratchet Leather belt is one of the most raved about belts in the market albeit for good reasons, this belt features a trim to fit strap length that you can trim to fit your size. This belt is not only simple but classy as well, it is ideal for business and leisure travels.

This belt is extremely simple and if you are a laid back guy and don’t need a belt that screams out the brand, this belt is Logo unmarked/unprinted, size adjustable and interchangeable. Furthermore, it is easy to use, for any casual or business looks; it is extremely durable, classic, fashionable and decent for any occasion.


Trim to fit

Logo unmarked/unprinted

The buckle head is made of zinc alloy, with a second layer of cowhide leather.

Easy to use



Simple in style


Buckle has a tight plastic film on it which causes scraping and ripping on the belt

4. Viger Men’s Leather Belt Sliding Buckle 35mm Ratchet BeltViger Men's Leather Belt Sliding Buckle 35mm Ratchet Belt

This dress belt is one of the best and most recommended belts in the market today. the Viger Men’s Leather Belt Sliding Buckle 35mm Ratchet Belt is made from leather that lets you adjust your belt size easily without any limitations of leather addition, this leather belt has a durable rubber ratchet on it plus a Sliding buckle technology with an Auto Lock Buckle hence eradicating the use of holes.

In addition, this leather belt has a 35mm wide strap with a full belt length of 52’’. This belt also features a removable buckle, therefore, you can change it to suit your style if you deem it necessary. This dress belt is a very good product, both in quality and design. More so, this belt looks fabulous, it is soft yet strong.


Removable buckle

Made from leather

No holes on belt

Durable rubber ratchet

Long enough

Easy to use belt


The buckle is too large

3. SlideBelts Men’s Gunmetal Leather BeltSlideBelts Men's Gunmetal Leather Belt

The buckle on this SlideBelts Men’s Gunmetal Leather Belt is elegantly crafted and works well with the belt. It provides a comfortable fit to the wearer since it does not feature any holes hence you can adjust the belt to the perfect fit. This belt is also very simple to use since its buckle can be moved effortlessly for that desired fit that leaves you looking stylish and sophisticated.

Moreover, this belt is equipped with many more desirable features such as being trimmed down, this belt can be quickly and with ease trimmed to the exact size of your waist hence eliminating the hassle. The best part about this belt is the fact that it is very durable and sleek, it is made from 100% genuine leather to provide the touch of class you desire. More so, this belt fits up to a 44″ waist. Buckles are 1-5/8″ wide x 3-1/2″ long and Leather straps are 1-1/4″ wide.


Incredibly comfortable fit

It is simple to use and adjust

Can be customized to the waist size

Stylish genuine leather make

No holes featured

Classy buckle


The color coating peels from the buckle very quickly

2. Second Pick – Two Row Stich Dickies Mens 38mm Leather BeltSecond Pick – Two Row Stich Dickies Mens 38mm Leather Belt

Some men always think that a belt is not important to them because it just a small thing and many people won’t focus on it but in fact, a belt makes up as a fashion statement for men as well.if your area stylish man and appreciate looking good, this Two Row Stich Dickies Mens 38mm Leather Belt will prove invaluable to you.

If you have heard the sickies name before, you must know that this upheld name is associated with quality and highly durable work. This belt stands with pride as a symbol of their truly magnificent work.t this Dickies Men 38 mm leather belt as its name suggests is made from 100% genuine leather with a double row stitching that makes this belt not only feel but look sophisticated too.

In addition, this belt is made to be of full fit, though it is always advisable to order a belt two sizes larger than your normal waist size for perfect fitting. For washing, simply wash by hand by using a clean damp cloth.


Washable by hand

Made from 100 percent genuine leather


Double row stitching

Quality construction

A great finish shade of brown


Not sized correctly

1. First Pick – Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Linxx BuckleMarino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Linxx Buckle

When it comes to a classy and a fashion statement belt, nothing beats the Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Linxx Buckle. The LINXX buckle is the latest innovation and effortless solution in tightening the is efficient and expedient to use in that, the buckle fits directly into place by locking into place smoothly.

This belt does not feature any holes instead it provides 38 unique adjustments for a good comfortable fit. This Marino belt also features an allowance space where you can cut your belt to an ideal waist size by removing the buckle hence achieving an incredible primer appearance. Furthermore, the buckle is very stylish. The whole belt is of very good quality.

In addition, this belt is made from genuine leather with maximum durability. It is simple yet very fashionable. This belt makes the perfect gift idea for any of your male loved ones.


Adjustable to perfect fit

Fashionable and sophisticated

Solid mechanism employed

High in quality

Features a linxx buckle


The buckle lacks enough pressure


Today, every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man. And all sharp dressed men know that to complete any outfit whether casual, official or anything g fancier, you need the right belt. When getting a good belt, pay attention to the detail and functionality. While it is advisable to own more than one belt at most 5, starting with a dress belt and casual, everyday belt is a great start. The above review will shed light on some of the best belts in the market you can choose from.