Nothing quite beats kicking back on a comfy beanbag chair with a good book or a glass of something delicious. A bean-bag chair can take any room in your house from dull and dreary to effortlessly cool, instantaneously. Beanbag chairs are also great for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, university dorms, movie rooms and office chill zones – they are easy to clean, easy to move, and irresistibly comfortable – what more could you want in a chair?

Beanbag chairs are also the perfect solution for events and occasions that require outdoor seating with a laid-back vibe. They can also be easily customized to fit in with any theme, be it a lazy pool party or an elegant Moroccan-style affair, bean-bag chairs are the perfect party solution.

What is a bean-bag chair?

A bean-bag chair is essentially a type of “soft furniture;” the chair consists of an outer layer of fabric and an inner lining, which is usually filled with micro polystyrene balls.

Bean-bag chairs can also be filled with beans, as the name suggests, or foam chips; however, polystyrene tends to be the most popular filling of choice due to its moldability.

The outer “bag” can be made up in any fabric your heart desires, including cotton, bull denim, fake leather, real leather, velvet, and loads more!

The first bean bag chair ever created was known as “the Sacco” and was developed by three Italian designers; today, beanbag chairs come in countless designs and shapes and are manufactured all over the world.

How do you make a bean-bag chair?

Making a bean-bag chair is actually pretty simple. In fact, a quick Pinterest search will bring up hundreds of bean-bag chair patterns that can easily be made at home. The only real difficulty arises when attempting to fill said bean bag (but we’ll get to that later).

The first step is to get online and do some research.

Find out what style of bean-bag chair you like; Google and Pinterest are the best options for collating ideas.

When you have chosen a style and bought or downloaded a pattern, consider what type and color of fabric will best suit your house or event. You will also need to buy a plain fabric for the inner lining.

The lining is essential because it allows you to take off the outer bag every now and then and give it a good wash. If you skip this step, you’ll most likely never be able to wash your bean-bag chair cover because it will require emptying and re-filling the polystyrene, and, let’s be honest – no-one wants to do that!

You will also need two zips (one for the inner, one for the outer), matching thread, and the polystyrene balls/beads. How much polystyrene you require will depend on the size of the beanbag chair you are making. Typically, a small bean-bag chair for a child will require 500gm of polystyrene balls; as the size of your chair increases, so will a number of balls needed.

Filling the bean-bag chair

The easiest and least messy way to fill a bean bag chair with polystyrene balls is to fashion yourself a funnel out of something you have lying around.

An empty Coke bottle works quite well; however, if you have the time and the inclination, you can head to the hardware store and buy a large plastic funnel. Some people recommend doing the procedure in the bathtub or shower. It’s definitely a good idea to do it somewhere “out of the way” and definitely NOT a good idea to do it inside your house.

You’re bound to emerge covered head-to-toe in polystyrene, so be prepared. It also helps if you can muster up an assistant. That way, one of you can hold the beanbag chair lining and funnel in place, while the other can hold up the bag of polystyrene and shake the balls in. if you can’t find an assistant, well then, wait until you can.

What are the advantages of using a bean-bag chair?

The absolute best thing about bean-bag chairs is their comfort and sense of easy-going style they bring to any space.

Beanbag chairs are also a much more affordable way to furnish an area and, yet, they still exude a stylish and finished look.

Keeping your house spic and span is an endless struggle, and there’s nothing worse than dirty upholstery; however, the upkeep of regular upholstered chairs can be costly and time-consuming. Bean-bag chairs, on the other hand, are simple and easy to clean – you merely zip off the cover and throw it in the machine.

Another advantage of investing in bean-bag chairs is their versatility. Everybody can use them and they can be used anywhere, including when watching TV, relaxing outside, playing games, working, and eating.

Regardless of your age or size, a beanbag chair is a wonderful alternative to a regular, boring chair. What’s more, your pets can even have a turn to relax on a bean-bag chair.

How do you choose bean bag chairs for kids?

When selecting a bean-bag chair for your child, the most important factor to consider is the size of the chair. Kids love to have child-size furniture – maybe it makes them feel less overwhelmed – and a perfectly-sized bean-bag chair is a clever addition to any child’s bedroom.

If you’ve ever watched a child at play, you’ll know that kids like to drag things around, so it’s wise to choose a durable, hardy fabric for your child’s bean-bag chair that can manage a little rough and tumble. Similarly, bean-bag chairs for kids will also be subjected to sticky fingers and, most likely, many food and drink spills.

Not all bean-bag chairs come standard with an inner lining and an outer bag;therefore, that the one you buy does so that it can be frequently washed.

Safety is obviously another factor to consider when choosing a bean-bag chair. If you have small children, it’s imperative that you invest in a bean-bag chair with a safety clasp that secures the stuffing. There have been several incidents where children have suffocated on the stuffing, so never skimp on safety. To be double-sure, insist that the bean-bag chair you buy or make meets consumer safety requirements.

10. Gold Medal 30011246821TD bean bagGold Medal 30011246821TD bean bag

Right at number ten is the large leather look bean bag from Gold Medal that is made in the U.S.A. As the whole world knows everything made in the US is of superior quality and this bag right here is not an exempt. The 6ft long bean bag is the best size for two large adults, and it can also be used as a couch in your house. It comes in assorted colors that will compliment your interior design.
It’s large enough to be used for family gatherings or when holding a party. It does not attract dirty quickly because of its unique, high-quality material.Additionally, the bag also features a high-quality inner liner with child safety zipper. This bag will offer you maximum comfort as it’s filled with virgin expanded polystyrene beans.
•    It provides maximum comfort.
•    It’s of high quality.
•    It’s durable.
•    It does not take much of your space.
•    The cover is not machine washable.

9. Gaming Adults Bean BagGaming Adults Bean Bag

The original Comfy chair brings us this awesome and good looking bean bag chair, from the look alone you will tell that this chair has some traits of originality.
It features a PVC coating and weather proof for outdoor activities. This bag will last long to be passed through different generations as it’s made of durable polyester and for ease of mobility it’s vacuum packed. It comes with two side pockets for storage of your valuables like phones, magazines, cameras e.t.c.
Most of the beans bags are hard to wash, but this one here is exempt you just need to wipe it softly, and it will clear all the dirt. This seat is pretty much cool and it’s ideal to be used in a living room, bedroom, on the beach as it features a sun shade.
•    It’s a breeze to wash it.
•    It has pockets for safe storage of items.
•    It’s well designed.
•    It’s comfortable.
•    None.

8. World’s Best Bean Bag ChairWorld's Best Bean Bag Chair

With its super soft material, this bean bag chair will give you the most comfort that you never experienced in any chair. This chair is more than 50% foam filling than the other bean chairs out there in the market.
After you buy it and it’s delivered in your house, it just takes a few days to expand to a fluffy firm size.
Unlike other bags, this bag is made with stain resistant, and if you have pets in the house, you don’t have to worry each time they sit in this chair as the material is pet hair resistant. In addition to that, the chair is made of great fabric and a cover that is machine washable. Your bean bag will always remain neat and new all through.
For comfort it fits one adult or two kids ideal for bedroom or movie room, this chair makes you feel not to get up at all while you sit on it.
•    It’s made of high-quality fabric.
•    It’s durable.
•    The covers are machine washable.

7. Sofa Sack – 5-Feet Bean BagsSofa Sack - 5-Feet Bean Bags

Do you think you have come across elegant and comfortable bean chairs? Your encounter with this one from Sofa Sack will make you feel otherwise. Crafted with soft and ultra durable fabric you will likely have a remarkable experience every time you sit on this bean bag chair.
The foams used to fill this bean bag are soft and comfortable, they don’t shrink with time, and they will last a lifetime. It comes with super soft covers in assorted colors to complement your other furniture. If you mind on space, this bean bag comes in different sizes and colors, and you have a right to choose the best one for you.
The chair is ideal for use in a home or theater room, family room and bedrooms.
•    It’s large enough to share the space among few people.
•    It’s comfortable.
•    It’s durable.
•    When new it has a chemical smell that will take time before it fades away.

6. Bean Bags 6-Feet Bean BagBean Bags 6-Feet Bean Bag

Chill Bag have not been left behind when it comes to crafting quality bean bags, with an easy to remove the soft micro suede cover that is washable this chair will always remain neat and cool. The chill bag six ft. Lounger is used as couch or lounger perfect size for two teenagers or 1 adult. Indoor chills are made impressive by this comfortable bean bag that lets you enjoy your movie or gaming at the comfort that you deserve.
Made with superior quality shredded foam, it will offer you a great experience.
•    It comes in fashionable color.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s large size.
•    It does not offer a proper back support.

5. Large Leather Look Bean BagLarge Leather Look Bean Bag

If you are looking for a quality bean bag, this one here is made in the US, and it features everything that you would ever need in bean bag from quality, comfort to a classic design.
It features a child safe zipper and it’s a breeze to maintain and clean as it’s wiped down to remove all the dirt. It’s comfortable and designed to support your back while gaming or watching movies et.c. It’s filled with Virgin Expanded durable Polystyrene Beans.
It comes with assorted colors to complement your interior décor.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s of high quality.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s comfortable.

•    None.

4. 5-Feet Camel bean bag5-Feet Camel bean bag

Every time you think of quality, reliability and comfort you should picture any product from the well re-known company Chill bag in the US. That description defines this bean bag. It features a soft but superior suede removable cover that is machine washable.
Another incredible feature that you will like in this bag is that it is made with ultra-durable and quality inner liner equipped with a child safety zipper.
No more fighting for space with your family, this bean bag comes in a variety of colors and different sizes.
•    It features a removable and easy to wash cover.
•    It offers maximum comfort.
•    It’s durable.
•    None.

3. Big Joe Soccer Bean BagBig Joe Soccer Bean Bag

For those people who are soccer fans, and would love their house to have some soccer themes then this is the ideal bean bag for them. Better still they can chill on it while watching football or when gaming. With white and black themes this bean bag from Big Joe is in its own class. It’s stain resistant, and it’s easily wiped with a damp cloth to ensure that it always looks new and neat. In addition, the bean bag is made with waterproof SmartMax ballistic fabric it will last longer that you expect. It’s spot clean and available in assorted colors and different style to suit your needs.

2. Big Joe Roma Bean BagBig Joe Roma Bean Bag

The Sapphire blue bean bag from Joe is uniquely designed to give a maximum comfort. The smartMax fabric is stain resistant and water resistant. It’s easy to wash as you only need a damp cloth to wipe it.
This Roma bean is expandable and firm enough to hold everyone who sits on it despite the weight as it’s filled with UltimaX Beans. Made with heavy vinyl type material this bean bag is worth every penny.
•    It has an elegant design.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s made of high quality.
•    It’s stain resistant.
•    It does not offer maximum comfort.

1. Big Joe Dorm ChairBig Joe Dorm Chair

Big Joe Company has maintained a strong brand loyalty for designing quality and durable bean bags chair no wonder this product from them has topped on our list of best bean bags. It’s made of a great fabric material that is stain and water resistant.
This bean bag chair is designed like the ordinary chairs we have in our homes, and the only distinct feature is that this one will offer you a maximum comfort. With a back extension that is made to support you back, this product is one of the best bean bags that we have there in the market.
It has two pockets to fit your remotes and a drink bottle. It comes featuring a variety of colors to complete your home décor and in different sizes.
•    It’s comfortable.
•    It’s easy to clean.
•    It’s tough.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s not a teen/adult chair.

Wrap up.

Bean Bags market is without a doubt pretty much saturated and selecting the best one may prove a little daunting. Luckily we are here to assist, we have carefully researched the top ten best bean bags in 2016 market that features quality, comfort, and durability and space sufficient to help you make an informed decision.