The art of shaving has evolved over the years. Canned shaving foam and disposable blades have taken over the shaving game, burying real shaving creams and straight-edge razors in the process.

But, with proper techniques and tools, obtaining a close, clean shave within personal bathrooms is still achievable. Do not forget to add in an aftershave to the mix.

What is an Aftershave?

Contrary to common perception, an aftershave not just tackles the burning sensation post a shave, but also helps protect the skin’s structural integrity.

In other words, it assists with maintaining the skin’s pH balance, ensuring the razor does not dry out the skin.

Most aftershaves comprise the alcohol, a natural disinfectant, and astringent. There are alcohol-free products available as well, which usually comprise astringents such as witch hazel blended with relaxing plant constituents like seaweed and aloe extracts.

The alcohol-free items are likelier to be sold as creams and gels, although they’re made in liquid forms too. An aftershave, in all cases, must be smeared with cotton pads since finger oils can disturb facial skin.

What Does an Aftershave Do?

The primary reason behind using an aftershave is relieving the skin from the shaving trauma.

Available in a liquid form, it helps stop bleeding caused by shaving nicks and assists with healing and soothing the skin, minimizing or preventing razor burns in the process.

Also, an aftershave makes a person smell and look clean compared to people who do not use an aftershave.

Usually, warm water used for shaving can open up pores. An aftershave helps keep the pores clean and ensure they don’t get bacteria-clogged, thanks to its astringent-like qualities. Bacteria can cause fresh acne or aggravate any existing acne. The lotion also moisturizes the skin, making it look polished and smooth, and also lending a refreshed feeling.

On the psychological front, an aftershave makes men feel good and confident about the way they look. Since an aftershave draws attention and compliments from others, it makes the individual receiving all the attention feel happier, which could enhance his personal and professional life.

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How to Use/Apply Aftershave?

The following are steps to use aftershave the right way.

· Cold Water Rinse

Right after shaving, take cold water and rinse your face. Prior to applying aftershave, your face must be free of leftover hairs or shaving cream completely. Cold water makes it easier to close the skin pores.

· Drying Your Face

To dry your face, lightly dab a dry towel at your face. Don’t rub and apply pressure as that could irritate the freshly shaved portion of the face. Your face must be completely dry. A little bit of dampness is fine, but it shouldn’t be dripping wet

· Witch Hazel Wipe

Using a witch hazel is optional. If you choose to use it, using an aftershave post that would turn out more beneficial. Take a witch hazel-dampened cotton pad and wipe it lightly across the entire shaved area. This shall help get rid of residue left behind by the water rinse.

· Moisturizer Application

A shave is not just about facial hair trimming. It also erodes away a layer of old skin. As a result, the face dries out more easily. An aftershave happens to comprise the alcohol, which dries the skin too. A moisturizer, designed specifically for a man’s face, helps counteract this. It locks in the moisture prior to applying the aftershave. In addition to promoting healthy skin, the moisturizer also ensures the aftershave sticks better to the skin and lasts longer.

· Applying Aftershave

Aftershave cannot be directly applied to your face. It needs to be first poured onto your hands. There are a couple of ways to do this. Shaking a couple of aftershave drops into your palm is one way of doing it. In this case, the lesser the better.

Another option is placing your palm over the aftershave bottle’s opening; tipping it upside down for a brief period, and turning the bottle back upwards. The aftershave you end up with after this process is usually sufficient.

· Rub Palms Together

When applying aftershave, ensure both your hands are in play. However, you need not pour the lotion onto both your hands directly. Rubbing the hands together would ensure sufficient amount of aftershave on both hands. Make sure the rubbing isn’t excessive as that could soak the aftershave into your palm.

· Letting Some Alcohol to Evaporate

As aforementioned, an aftershave has alcohol. It’s, therefore, best to let some of the alcohol evaporate prior to bringing your face in contact with your hands. Once the aftershave settles on both hands, the hands should be left to aerate for some four to five seconds. However, make sure the drying phase doesn’t last too long as you would then be left with nothing to apply on your face.

· Massaging Aftershave

When applying aftershave on the face, rub your hands gently on the cheeks and then move down to the jawline. Later, move to the chin and onto the neck. The skin can be massaged a little bit to ensure the lotion soaks in. If necessary, apply one more coat of aftershave.

How to Choose the Best Aftershave?

An aftershave is available in different price ranges and types – such as oils, toners, balms, colognes, etc. There are brands that cost just $6 per bottle for routine use, and there are also aftershave lotions for special occasions that could cost more than $50.

If you’re new to aftershaves, you may find it a bit difficult to determine which aftershave type is ideal. The aftershave smell is certainly not a major criterion!

Your buying decision would narrow down to the type of your skin and the kind of aftershave ideal for you. Therefore, know more about your skin – its type, any infections, allergies, skin conditions, etc.

If your skin is the normal type, almost all types of aftershaves would be just fine. Oily skins need a toner to dry the skin out. Therefore, a tonic or splash with some quantity of alcohol would do fine. For people with dry skin, the best aftershave is the one that also moisturizes the skin.

For individuals with sensitive skin, a natural and mild aftershave containing some alcohol or similar ingredient would be the best bet. Combination skin could be tricky as the skin would be sensitive in some places, greasy around the forehead and nose, and dry at the cheeks. Therefore, for a combination skin, it’s best to combine different aftershaves.

If you’re not sure about your skin type, try different aftershaves and find out one that fits your requirements and suits your skin type the best.

Before you decide on which aftershave to buy, you need to understand well that they exist in various forms. Some are formulated in gel, lotions, liquids and powders. On the other hand, they may be available enhanced with different fragrances. Now, it is a daunting work to check all these components products aren’t 100% perfect. But you can leave that to us, and we will check everything for you. Here are our best top ten aftershaves that guarantee you healthy skin.

10.NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Post Shave BalmNIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm


When you want to get rid of all after shaving abnormalities, think about Nivea products. With this aftershave from the company, all your skin problems are over. It is formulated to prevent skin from developing irritations when shaving is over. This is due to formulation with a non-drying alcohol which keeps your body moist and elastic. When you constantly use this product, it improves your skin health and textures through conditioning. It is ideal for all skin especially for men with sensitive skin as it contains natural ingredients. Further, it has mild fragrance which leaves you smelling fresh all day long.


· Suitable for sensitive skins

· Contains natural extracts

· Instant irritations soothing


· Scent fades within a few minutes

9.Jovan For Men Aftershave CologneJovan For Men Aftershave Cologne


This aftershave has been on the market for quite a long time. It is trusted and used by many people with excellent results. You can also join it leagues of users due to its benefits and formulation. Though it is not designed for people with sensitive skins, it leaves the skin soft and moisturized. It is scented to give you a sweet smell that last day long. On the other hand, its packaging bottle is sleek, and you can get it on various notes. By applying it on your skin regularly, the post shave ensures no bumps or irritations.


· Great scent

· Sleek packaging battle


· It is not ideal for sensitive skins

8.Clubman Pinaud after Shave Lotion, Classic VanillaClubman Pinaud after Shave Lotion, Classic Vanilla


Are you worried about using a post shave that will impact undesirable side effects? You don’t have to worry again as this lotion from Clubman is all your skin need. The product is a perfect pick due to its gentleness on the skin. It impacts a cooling and revitalizing effect hence soothing your skin. Regardless of your skin textures, the aftershave is ideal as it softens even the dry skins. On the other hand, it helps to alleviate the impacts of razor nicks and other irritations. The imported fragrance ensures you attractively smell.


· Imported fragrance

· Ideal for delicate skins


· Changes scent after a few minutes after application

7.Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island Bay RumClubman Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum


If you want to experiences a refreshing moment, get this Clubman skin virgin bay rum. It is designed for use as a skin care thus ideal for use as an aftershave. It gives your body a refreshing moment due to its cooling and soothing effect. By splashing it all over the body, your skin benefit from the natural goodness from the extracts of exotic spices and bay trees. The fragrances used in the formulation are safe hence ideal for any skin as well as whole body application. After shaving your hair, no worry about irritations or other discomforts since it’s effective in soothing razor burns among others.


· Ideal for whole body use

· It has a masculine scent

· Very useful after shaving


· The smell is stinging to some users

6.Neutrogena Razor Defense Post Shave LotionNeutrogena Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion


As one struggle to get an ideal aftershave product, oily residue on the skin is a great concern. But now worry not, this men aftershave lotion from Neutrogena is a perfect pick. It is oil and dye free hence won’t stain your clothes. By appropriately moisturizing your skin, it prevents irritations or cracking which causes discomforts after a haircut. Additionally, the lotion is ideal as it lasts for a longer period without losing its soon as you shave, applying on the face and neck region improves your skin condition. The lotion is ideal for dry skins and heals razor burns and irritations.


· Perfect for dry skin

· It is excellent in treating irritation

· Oil and dye free hence no staining


· The formulation is inferior to predecessor

5.Lather & Wood Shaving After-Shave BalmLather & Wood Shaving After-Shave Balm


Get a unique feeling by acquiring this post shaves balm from Lather & Wood Shaving. It is among the top brands that boast the use of natural extracts to give your skin a soothing feel. Unlike the most skin cares products which induce a stinging feel when applied, this one instead, it soothes razor burns and nicks eliminating irritations. The formulation is alcohols free which leave your skin healthy and shining, and it makes fine shaving possible. Additionally, the hydrating formula of non-grease and lather ensures your face is smooth and gleam. The balm itself is gentle as it is free from other harsh chemicals which damage skin. This product guarantees soft, moist and attractive skin.


· Free from alcohol

· Non-irritant after shave application

· Moisturizes adequately without greasy residue


· Very weak fragrance

4.RUGGED & DAPPER One – All Natural & Certified Organic MoisturizerRUGGED & DAPPER One - All Natural & Certified Organic Moisturizer


When you are buying a skin care product, getting a multi-use one is a prudent decision. This moisturizer from RUGGED & DAPPER is designed for various uses. It is a facial moisturizer, anti-aging, and aftershave. Therefore, when you are exposed to the harsh environment, the skin tends to develop wrinkles. Further, day to day encounter might cause your skin to crack causing irritation but with this product all that is solved. The essential oils and antioxidants incorporated in its formulation make ideal for all skin types. It is suitable for people with acne, dry skins, and sensitive skins. Moreover, natural extracts prevent UV light damage as well razor bumps and irritations.


· Safe for all skin types

· Fragrance and other chemicals free

· Organic product


· Allergic to some skin

3.Proraso After Shave LotionProraso After Shave Lotion


Selection of natural ingredients when manufacturing this shaving lotion makes it ideal for use by every person. That is why it is a top product for barbers across the world. It is enhanced with eucalyptus oils to purify and calm your skin after having your haircuts while the menthol keeps skin fresh and revitalized. Everything in this aftershave is natural and has no artificial additives like parabens and silicones. Also, it contains no animal products and artificial colors. The lotion is ideal for eliminating rashes, razor burns, and helps in achieving a smooth shaving.


· Free from chemical and animals products

· 95% organic

· Perfect for all skin types


· Still, it reacts with some skins

· Weak fragrance scent

2.Clubman Pinaud After Shave LotionClubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion


Shaving should not pose a headache as trimmed hair makes a person look neat and attractive. All you need is a reliable lotion to sooth your skin after your hair is shaved. This aftershave lotion from Clubman Pinaud is among the top pick you should make your handy skin care product. Featuring a blend of various extracts, it gives a soothing and relaxed smooth shaving. When you feel like your skin is burning up due to the cooling effect. The lotion is suitable for people with fragile skin, razor burns, and nicks from shaving.


· Has cooling effect to the skin

· Features men fragrance

· Offers a smooth shaving


· Smell is strong and overpowers some users

· Deteriorated scent from original

1.L’Eau De Issey Aftershave by Issey Miyake for MenL'Eau De Issey Aftershave by Issey Miyake for Men


The L’EAU D’ISSEY aftershave lotion is the best option for any mans who like to have a smooth shave. With a combination of various extracts from spices and citrus, it leaves one with a romantic scent. Unlike other post shaves which come with artificial fragrance, this one boasts a natural and original scent. The lotion is ideal for application after a haircut or can be used daily to keep your body smelling sweet. It is designed to be all round with strong fragrance and superb skin soothing and healing.


· Excellent scent

· High-quality smooth bottle that doesn’t suck up oil


· The product is highly counterfeited due to its popularity

Shaving your hair and beards can be a nightmare especially if you suffer from razor burns and skin irritations.

However, with the right aftershave, your shaving process should be smooth. Now you can undergo this process with confidence by using the reviews post shave products.

Above all, they will leave your body having a romantic scent.