Music has been around for thousands of years now. From a simple tapping on the woods to pulling of strings, from beating the drum or singing aloud, it all forms a wonderful sound which our brain comprehends as melody. It makes us want to be a part of our surroundings; it makes us want to live the moment.

It is not possible that you play a good hard-bass electronic and your companion does not shake their head up and down going with the flow, or you play a gentle piece, and the same person does not stay still, close their eyes and dwell into the melody of the music. It has become part of our lives, an essential-inseparable part of our lives.

We love to enjoy music anytime we can get our hands on. When we are happy, we want music, when we feel low, we want music and would want to set our tones to the music and sing along.

Started millennials ago, as early as a man can remember and still exists and has molded itself to be a part of our lives.

However, in the present, the problem is that in our busy lives, we cannot find ourselves the time to beat the drums, sit around campfires and sing along to the tunes of whatever that might come up. Although, why would we? We are living in the 21st century where everything has turned to accommodate our requirements.

Radios have been in existence for over a century now and now in the age of smartphones, even the gadgets like music pods are close to being obsolete.

However, indeed, we would love to enjoy some music while we can, especially when we are traveling. A majority of the population of the world has switched over to the use of cars and how would one listen to their favorite songs while in a car? The phone is not really effective as a music system when played using its own speakers. The reason being that a phone’s speaker is not specifically designed to aid in the cause of quenching the thirst of a music lover, which we all are.

The music system in one’s car is the most appropriate solution. The music system in a vehicle comes pre-equipped with all the facilities that one might want. Even if you are not a hardcore fan as most people are, you will be able to find a utility for yourself.

What are a 6×9 Speakers?

A 6×9 speaker is referred to as the speaker system for a car. It comes as both a pre-installed hardware by the manufacturer or can be installed on demand or by the owner themselves if you have the knack for it. The basic functionality of a 6×9 speaker system is to produce high-quality music. It works with the front dash controller and is mostly installed at the rear or the side doors.

The speaker system often works directly as it is, a standalone or you can purchase an acoustic box for it to modify the quality of the sound or setup of the system.

Advantages of using 6×9 speakers:

One might ask, if the manufacturer provides the vehicle with a speaker system already why do we need to modify it to something else? A vehicle in itself is expensive as it is.

The question put forth is relevant and applicable to everyone who might want to try out something out of the blue for the first time. One would not want to buy a new one or replace the old one without wanting some noticeable difference which would prove advantageous to oneself. That is the smart thinking.

However, 6×9 aftermarket speaker systems offer greatly more than your average run-of-the-mill monotonously manufactured speaker systems which you get in your vehicle when you buy it.

Along with better sound quality it the 6×9 speaker range offers wide choices, the “6” and “9” actually refers to the size of the output speakers. 6×9 is actually an oval shaped system.

The most important factor in having a 6×9 system is that it offers a great variety and choices and yet it does not break one’s bank in having to purchase one.

6×9 system is often the base for a high-end music system which is used professionally. It runs via the same technology as professional music systems often use.

The sheer choices in selecting the best option for you would also keep in mind the kind of music you find yourself attached to. If you prefer soft music, there is something very specific made to cater only your choice. If you love listening to rock music with hard-bass there is also something very specific made for you. There are numerous companies dedicating their resources to make something special to cater to everyone.

Different Types of 6×9 Speakers:

As we have already discussed that there are various types of 6×9 speaker systems to cater to your needs, let us talk about how broad the choices are and how they work for you.

At broad, the 6×9 system is divided into three sections. They are based on how the core of the system is divided in. Some focus more on acoustics and less on frequencies and some focus more on the output of every frequency so that even the high pitch stretch of the string is heard among the almost beautifully chaotic music of rock. The types are as follows:

1. 6×9 “single” speaker system: This is a decent system offering great sound quality at the price point. The bass is not exactly the focus here and it is more efficient for playing the kind of temperamental and soothing music but offers decent sound quality at the price point when compared to the stock speaker systems.

2. 6×9 “two-way” speaker system: This is a best of the both world speaker. At a decent price point, it offers a notch up in sound quality when compared to the single speaker. The core is divided into two and it ends up being a two in one speaker. The load is shared among the speaker and of course the sound quality is improved greatly. Great choice for those looking for something standalone to fill all their needs.

3. 6×9 “three-way” speaker system: The best speaker money can get. Not only is this worth every penny it costs, but it also offers a sound quality able to give you goosebumps. Does not matter what kind of music you play, it’s sound quality would render you in a trans. The astounding sound quality is due to the load being shifted to the triple-divided core which makes the process much smoother and the sound more gentle and clear. This is the best choice for a speaker even if you prefer soothing symphonies or hardcore, hard-bass rock music.
So, is it worth it to go the extra mile and buy yourself a speaker system? If you do not have one already, yes it is one of the most amazing things ever invented. Besides, who does not like to listen to some music when traveling?

If you already have a stock speaker, yes. Rest assured, even though it might end up costing you a bit more than the cost of your vehicle, it is worth every penny to get yourself one if you find yourself an admirer of music. If you are not, then a speaker system with such quality can make you one, once you can listen to the depth of the music you have always been forced to listen to.

Any car owner who wishes to upgrade the sound system of his/her car should keep in mind that a great component of a sound system is the speakers. Some factors should be considered before settling on one.

Some of these factors to consider are speaker specifications, quality, size, frequency response, power handling capability and so on just to mention but a few.

With all that said, today as you read this piece it’s without a doubt that the speaker market is saturated with many models of speakers and choosing the best may be a little daunting. It’s even getting more complicated with every passing minute especially with this era of online shopping where you are not required to visit the shop in person to make a purchase.

Fortunately, we are here to help simply because we care. We have sacrificed our time and carefully researched and analyzed the top ten 6*9 speakers in 2016 for you.

10. Pioneer TS-A6966RPioneer TS-A6966R


When you think of high-quality think of Pioneer Company, Pioneer is well known for manufacturing quality speakers or sound systems. The 3-way 6*9 car speakers are an excellent choice for any buyer mostly because of its features as it has a maximum power of up to 420 watts with Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone not forgetting the light weight of 2.7 pounds elastic sound polymer surround.

It produces a great sound with a deep bass, and it features a new tweeter specifically designed to provide an improved range of medium to high frequencies and also produce powerful sound.It comes built with a cooling basket that allows air ventilation for cooling with power handling capability.

This speaker is a must have for someone looking for such specifications.


Light weight as its 2.7 pounds

Has Pretty enhanced bass

It’s loud and clear

Lightweight Elastic Polymer Surround


It does not have a wireless remote

9. Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 speakersKenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 speakers


If you are looking forward to hearing good music that will complete your world, then it must be played using this KFC speaker by Kenwood.

The 400W Sports Series 6×9″ and 3-Way Speakers is popularly known for its distinct features that make it stand out there from others. Power handling is enhanced as it is equipped with a peak of 400 watts per pair and RMS of 45 watts per pair.

It has a frequency response of 30 -22,000HZ and has a better sensitivity with 92db and 4 Ohms impedance.

With this speakers, you can enjoy powerful music from all genres from hip-hop, rock to dancehall and so on.

It comes with Polypropylene woofer cone and not forgetting the 2″ (50mm) polyetherimide cone tweeter. More so, with the 1/2″ (12mm) ceramic super tweeter great music is guaranteed and not disputable. You just need to keep listening and adjusting the volume from low, medium to high whatever you choose the sound produced is so clear even when on the highest volumes.


Its lightweight 5.1 pounds only

It Comes with 3-years warranty

Does not require an Amp to perform

Have a great Bass and sensitivity


It comes as a pair, and you cannot buy a single speaker in case you want to replace one.

8. JBL GTO938 LoudspeakersJBL GTO938 Loudspeakers


If you think you have off late come across higher quality constructed products, your encounter with this 6*9 vehicle speakers is a real definition of quality and durability, a perfect match for your car.

For more than six decades now JBL never go wrong with the production of high-tech products. JBL engineers attention to details when making these world-class speakers was so phenomenal. Its features are amazing as its plus one woofer cone has a bigger surface area a feature that is rarely found on other ordinary speakers.

Its Mylar/titanium composite tweeters allow improved power handling and increased efficiency with and reduced distortion.

Additionally, it uses My-Ti super tweeter to give the last nuance.JBL are a respecter of the environment, and every product they produce has to go for around 500 -600 hours of environmental testing.

Hence if you are a fan of loud music with these speakers on board worry less you can listen long and loud without causing any harm to the surrounding.

Powerful performance is enhanced as it produces deeper bass and its compatible with amplifiers. It’s easy to install as no special tools are required.


The Speaker can be safely driven by any head unit

Has a long life and smooth response

It’s eco-friendly

It’s easy to install


None whatsoever

7. Boss BRS69 6″ x 9″ speakersBoss BRS69 6" x 9" speakers


Just like its name goes, you feel like you are the boss in your car when listening to music from this speaker. It has a dual cone replacement speaker, and it’s easy to install in your vehicle. It comes with 120 Watts Peak Power Handling with minimal distortion.

Its frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz is just one of a kind. The Polypropylene Cone Material for higher power and a mounting depth of 3 inches. This speaker comes with a three years warranty hurry and gets yourself one.


Comes with three years warranty

It’s sold individually

It’s easy to install

It has no wireless remote

6. Boss Audio CH6930 speakersBoss Audio CH6930 speakers


Among the classic and elegant speakers and one of the top best in this review is the Boss Audio CH6930 full range 3-way speaker pair. It comes with a voice coil aluminum that allows high elevated temperature strength that increases the performance of heavy duty play. This latest car speaker is the high-tech Mylar tweeter so far as it has a broad range of sound modification and channels handling.

The Mylar is durable and cannot be compared with others as the cone is made using plastic poly material and it does not get worn out quickly. It has a high response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz, and it delivers a strong bass with 92db sensitivity.

It comes with a rubber surround superior products for this distinguished speakers. The self-damping foam controls unwanted movement and standing waves. This newest kid on the block from boss products it produces an excellent sound a must have for everyone.


Can withstand higher operating temperatures

It’s built with a durable and flexible Polymer material

Has foam that prevents unwanted movement

Comes as a pair


None whatsoever.

5. Infinity Reference 9633cf 3-Way LoudspeakerInfinity Reference 9633cf 3-Way Loudspeaker


The Power, reliability, sensitivity and frequency range, is what defines this speaker.

The engineers of Infinity company attention to details when designing these speakers was phenomenal, and we cannot go wrong by saying that innovations and creativity was a priority here and has put infinity products line in front of their competitors.

One of the most remarkable features of this product is that it has 300 Watts peak power handling and 2 Ohm of sound impedance. Infinity likes adding value to their customers, and these speakers come with a Plus One woofer cones not leaving behind the durable rubber surrounds for improved bass output and higher efficiency.

In addition to that, it has edge-driven tweeters that increase power handling and reduces distortion at a significantly high level. These 3-way speakers have Tweeter level adjustments placed on the front of the speaker to swivel positioning for excellent sound output and stereo image.

From Infinity, they say that loud and clear music is the only way to keep you drive short yet enjoyable by replacing your car factory speakers with their one of a kind 9633cf 3-Way Loudspeaker.

It’s easy to install

Produces high-quality output

It’s reliable

It comes with a one year warranty


It does don’t have hardware grilles

4. Kicker DS693 SpeakerKicker DS693 Speaker


As the name suggest, it will kick off your music world from mid to high ends. What you will appreciate most about VMInnovations releasing this cool speaker is that they gave attention to details when designing these superb speakers.

DS693 3 way car speakers are great speakers to any car owner who wants to keep the music alive in his vehicle. If you think of quality and reliability think about 3- way DS693 car audio speakers they have been proved and tested and hence they never disappoint.

One of its crucial features is that it can handle up to 70 Watts RMS Power not forgetting the 140 Watts Peak Power this feature can work well with your amplifier and also preventing the excess loss of power.
Besides, if you are looking for a great set of 6*9 speakers for your car that will compliment your subwoofers, choose Kicker DS693. These speakers utilize a high-tech cone and heavy-duty voice coils that offer more flexibility in wiring your sound systems. Another fantastic feature of this speaker is that it has 4 Ohm Impedance and sound sensitivity of 92 dB meaning you can hit the road playing music at the highest volumes and no harm will be caused to your ears.
What caught us by surprise during our review is that this speaker is mounted with Hardware, Grilles and more so Speaker Wire was Included, a rare feature that can hardly be found in other ordinary speakers.

It offers quality and reliability

It’s extremely light weight

It has a fantastic design

It’s loud and clear.


The speakers are not that easy to install.

However, if you get the help from a technician, it will save you a great deal.

3. Pioneer TS-A6985RPioneer TS-A6985R


Another one on the list is the 3-way car speaker TS-A6985R from Pioneer company. Pioneer is popularly known for producing quality car accessories.

Different types of materials were strategically combined to design this speaker that delivers an extra clear sound and has an incredible responsive sensitivity.

The most outstanding feature of this speaker is that it comes with a multilayer mica matrix cone and its purpose is to maintain the cone’s superior rigidity while also preventing internal loss more so it’s covered with a material that is water resistant.

If you are in search of speakers that reproduce the ambiance in which sounds originate then TS-A6985R is the ideal choice for you. It produces clear sound in that you can hear the musicians stage movements in the background, aural reflection and so on till you feel like the music is brought back to life or you are experiencing a live performance.

Another unique feature about this speaker is that it has Power Handling Peak of 550 watts per pair / 275 watts each and RMS of 200 watts per pair / 100 watts each it stays a while longer without burning up as it has voice coil wire that is heat resistant and prevents heat dissipation.
One last unique feature of this 6*9 vehicle speaker is that it last longer to withstand high input power. The car speakers are available in 2-way component packages or coaxial designs in multiple sizes that fit many cars.

Lightweight Elastic Polymer Surround in cases of high sensitivity

Heat-resistant voice coil wire

It’s Durable

Comes as a pair

New grille design


The bass is not so deep enough. However, this may be a pro to those who don’t like deep bass.

2. Rockford Fosgate R169X3 PrimeRockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime


The music played on this 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker will absolutely rock your music world.

Whenever you think of a loud and clear sound system, you won’t be wrong if Rockford comes first in your mind.

During our test, we found that these speakers fit in almost all cars and are very easy to install. This great speaker features a Vacuum Polypropylene cone and a rubber sound that offers higher sensitivity to the woofers. Also, we also discovered that this speaker has Silk dome pole and it’s also mounted with midrange and Piezo tweeter.
In our search, Rockford R169X3 a 3-way Full-range speaker caught us by surprise by seeing that one of its significant features is that has an integrated high-pass crossovers and mounting hardware that brings some strong traits in the music world a strong representation of technology when it comes to loud and clear sound.

Before making a purchase decision on any speaker, there are some features that you shouldn’t overlook like, the size, sensitivity, power handling and build quality and Rockford speaker has all these, definitely a great deal to buyers.


It’s easy to install

It’s durable

Produce very clear and loud music


It does not have a deep bass.

1. Pyle PL6984BLPyle PL6984BL


One of our best speaker in this review is this newest kid on the block from Pyle company. It has many features that it actually caught us by surprise while we were reviewing it.

Let’s get down and discuss this amazing features into details, and you will see the need of replacing your car factories speaker with PL6984BL 4-way speakers from Pyle.One of its notable features is that it’s a 4-way and not a 3-way speaker like the above discussed. Also, the speaker is made of extremely quality Blue Poly Injection Cone and a voice coil that controls high temperatures and heat dissipation that provides loud and clear sound with a deep bass.

The 4-way speaker is designed in a way that it can carry the low, mid and high end for a fuller range sound definitely one of the features that make it look unique and cool.
Besides, from being unique, the Pyle Pl6984BL also looks great and pleasing. It has non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround that will make your speakers last longer than you think. The 1″ film dome tweeter powers this speaker and enables frequency response of 50 Hz – 20 kHz. Still, on the features, we cannot forget to mention that these 6*9 4-way speakers have up to 130 watts maximum power handling.


One year warranty

Looks great

It Produces clear and loud music

It’s a 4-way speaker.


None what so ever.

Wrap up
The above detailed and carefully reviewed top ten 6*9 speakers in 2016 are just the selected few that are designed and made with quality and customer satisfaction in mind thanks to their manufacturing companies. Keep the music loud and long on air. These products are of high quality and easy to install in your car with no special tools needed. With all the provided information we believe that you can make a concise decision in purchasing speakers for your vehicle with no or minimal hustles.

Here are the factors to consider when buying 6×9 speakers

1. The type of speaker you need

The first and most important thing you need to consider is the type of speaker you need for your car. There are two main types of speakers: full-range and component speakers.

Full range speakers

These speakers usually have a woofer to produce the lows and a tweeter mounted on the woofer to produce the highs. Usually, these are the easiest to install and the cheapest too. They are great because they can produce any range of sound. All you need to know is what size you need for your system and you can install them yourself.

Component speakers

These are usually designed to produce the best possible quality of sound. Their components including woofers and tweets are separate and can therefore be moved around within the car. The smaller speakers produce very good highs and the bigger speakers produce the best low bass sounds. These are a lot more expensive that full range speakers ad are best suited for people who are looking for a more advanced sound system for their car.

2. Match your system

Before you go buying speakers for your car, you need to know which is best suited for your car.


Sensitivity is a measure of how much sound the speakers can produce with the power applied to it. If your car stereo is a low powered one, you may benefits highly from speakers that have higher sensitivity. The quality of sound will be much better. If your car’s system is a high powered one, speakers that have a lower sensitivity rating will be more helpful to you. When properly powered, these too- will allow you to listen to high-quality sound.

Power handling

This is the measure of the power the speakers can handle in watts. The last thing you want is to buy speakers that do not handle a lot of power and your system is a high powered one. You also do not want to end up using a lot of money to buy speakers that can handle a lot of power for your low powered system. If your stem is low powered, you don’t need to buy speakers that can handle a lot of power and vice versa. When buying speakers, therefore, look at the Maximum RMS power handling. Do not be tricked into looking at the peak power handling because the RMS usually indicate the amount of power your speakers can handle continuously not just for a short period of time.

3. Speaker materials

The type of materials that are used to make your speakers will determine just how durable they will be and the quality of sound they will produce. You, therefore, need to ensure that the speakers are made of the best quality materials.


Stiff yet lightweight material is the most effective in ensuring that your woofers continuously produce low notes. Most companies will use synthetic films made of materials such as polypropylene which generally do a great job. You need to research the materials used and ensure they can withstand heat, moisture, and cold.


The sound produced by your tweeter is highly dependent on the type of materials used to make it. Tweeters should be made of soft materials such as silk, textile blends and poly which produce a sound that is refined and mellow. Hard materials such as graphite and metals produce snappy and bright highs.


Surround is the material the one used around the woofer. It allows the cone of the woofer to move freely and thus produce a bolder sound. The material used on the surround should be durable and should be able to with stand heat and moisture, rubber, cloth, and foam usually provide the best overall longevity and performance.

4. Cost

How much you are willing to spend should be a factor that you consider too. Replacement of simple speakers can be very affordable but the higher performance systems require you to invest much more. Sometimes these services can cost as much as buying a used vehicle. The costs of the systems will vary greatly too. You should therefore come up with a figure of how much you are willing to- spend on the sound system of your car. Remember that the most expensive does not guarantee that it will work and cheap does not necessarily equate to bad. The bigger speakers, in the same way, do to reflect on how good the sound produced will be. When choosing the best 6×9 speakers consider the manufacturers and the materials used.

The value of your car

When upgrading the sound system of your car remember that it will not increase the car’s value by a big margin unless your car is an old vehicle. Sure, the speakers will make your car more desirable but not necessarily more valuable. You should, therefore, ensure that you do not spend too much and that the speakers make driving your car feel more enjoyable and not too noisy. They should work towards making your car feel more like home.


With a good speaker system, driving is more enjoyable for both the drivers and the passengers. The best speakers should be fairly priced and should enhance the sound system of the car. They should also be durable to ensure you do not have to keep buying new speakers every year. To pick the best speakers for your car, you need to be aware of the options you have in the market and the brands that are available. Considering the factors above allows a buyer to make an informed decision.