The 6.5 car speakers are popular among many car owners who want to lift the music of their cars a notch higher. If you want to listen to good and loud music it can only be played using 6.5 car speakers, sometimes the factory speakers that comes installed in your car might not serve you well when you want to listen to loud music. So never get stuck with car factory speakers, remove them and replace with the 6.5 car speakers that offer nothing short of quality, loud and clear sound than any other car speakers out there.

These are the only speakers on the market that bring you to concert live performance without requiring an addition of a subwoofer or a separate AMP to power it.

These speakers have been a good recommendation to every car owner who likes to upgrade his/her factory installed car audio system. The features of 6.5 car speakers will blow your mind away a few features of these speakers are; they produce high-quality output, they are easy to install, durable, some have heat-resistant voice coil wire just to mention but a few.

This article highlights every detail that you need to know about 6.5 car speakers from how to get the right measurements, how to tell which speakers fit in your car, how to test the speakers of your car to factors to consider when choosing the best 6.5 car speakers.

What are component car speakers:

Component speakers are also widely known as separates this is because they give you a choice of separating the woofers and tweeters in order to lift your music to the dash. Component car speakers boast of superior sound quality and more customization as each speaker can be positioned differently to bring the ideal soundscape for a particular car.

Additionally, Component speakers have separate crossovers, tweeters, super tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers. They use all these components to give an excellent sound quality. These components serve a different purpose as mentioned herein:

Woofers: Operates in a range of about 200 Hz producing a higher quality sound which covers the audio spectrum.

Crossovers: The small boxes are used to divert high frequencies efficiently to the tweeters and low to the woofers.

Tweeters: They are used to produce sound with good bass level with frequencies of about 20,000Hz.

Super tweeters: They produce high-quality sound with ultrasonic frequencies of above 2,000 Hz.

If the price does not give you many worries, the component speaker is a perfect choice for your car sound system.

How to measure car speaker

Determining the actual size of your speakers can be a little daunting, and it can mess you around when you make a purchase of one that has measurements. Here is a guide of how to measure your car speakers.

1. Remove the factory car speaker.

The first thing you need to consider is to eliminate the existing speakers that you want to replace so that you can get the actual measurements of the new speakers that you to replace them with.

2. Get the measurements of the mounting depth

This is the size measured from mounting flange to the base of the magnet. This will ensure that your new speakers won’t be too deep or bump against obstructions below it.

3. Get the measurements of the mounting height.

This is the dimension between the bottom of the speaker mounting flange to the highest point. This is to ensure that your new car speaker won’t be too high or bump against the factory grill or bump against a door panel.

4. Get the measurements of the cutout diameter.

Measure the size of the opening that accommodates the speaker, is the distance from where the basket drops below the speaker flange.

5. The mounting screw width.
This is the measurements between the flange and the screw holes measuring across the speaker.

what speakers fit my car

Choosing the speakers that fit your car is not an easy thing to do and worse still it cannot be determined by the look of your car speakers alone. You need to understand that the car speakers that comes with your car are mounted below your dash where you cannot easily access them and check the measurements.

The easiest way to know what speakers fit your car is visiting some online sites that offer the guide of knowing your car accessories, a perfect example is the or outfit my car app. when you visit the site there is a window that prompts you to a number of question that you need to fill in. For instance the make of your car, Model, year manufactured, vehicle body and vehicle trim if you give the correct details the site should be able to determine the correct speakers that fit your car.

How to test car speakers

Once you install the new speakers the first thing is to test whether they will work with your car or whether they have any faulty. Below is a simple guide on how to test your car speakers.

1. Turn on the car.
For many cars, the audio system won’t play until you turn the engine on. So it would be necessary to turn the car on.
2. Insert a CD or mp3 device.
Choose a track that you play more often in your car because you will know what to listen for. This will allow you to notice something that sounds unusual. If you don’t have a cd or a mp3 device play a song that has a clear or familiar bass line.

3. Turn the volume to a maximum level.

You can’t tell the defect of the sound quality of a speaker if the audio is too low. You will need to adjust the bass and then treble to a maximum volume so as you can tell whether the speakers are okay or not.

4. Listen for distortion.

Play a song using different devices like phone, headphones or a home theater machine and let the same song play through your car speakers to check whether you will recognize any distortion. If the car audio produces crackled sound or slightly muffled, the speaker could be having a technical hitch.

5. Range.
Listen to different levels like bass, mid or high level and see whether you notice certain registers coming through. If you are used to the sound of the song, you will be able to tell if the sound is okay or not.

How to choose the best 6.5 car speakers

The 6.5 car speakers are available in today’s market from different brands, well-known manufactures to those who are new in the industry. The speakers also vary in quality and price hence making it an upward task to determine the best 6.5 car speakers. We are here to update you with some essential features that you should check to determine the best 6.5 speakers for your vehicle.

• Brand.
They are a few of the manufacturers that have dedicated their company resources to producing high-quality 6.5 car speakers, and others don’t mind the quality they only care about profits. Some of the re-known manufacturers are JBL, Kenwood, Pioneer, Kicker, Sony just to mention but a few.

• Sensitivity.
Measures how much volume produced at a specific power rating. A speaker with the highest sensitivity makes the best speakers.

• Woofer.
This entails the effectiveness and the overall quality of the speaker. Pick a model that has woofer made of stiffer and lighter material. The goodness of these is that it is effective and stronger and it will work nicely even on high outputs.

• Power handling.

The best speaker is that which is able to handle the power of your system. A system that has powerful external Amps requires speakers 6.5 speakers whose power handling is close to the output of the Amps.

• Frequency ranges of sound.

The 6.5 car speaker comes in different HZ measurement from a low-high range of 50- 23,000 Hz. A model with a wider frequency range is the best for having the ideal tuning level.

• Advanced crossover circuits.
These are important for a balanced sound output and efficient running of the speakers.
Wrap up:
The 6.5 car speakers are undoubtedly the best car speakers that we have in today’s market. They never disappoint when it comes to offering a quality sound of music to energize you when you are on long or short drives. If budget is not a bother to you, consider buying 6.5 car speakers for your ride, and you will enjoy the benefits of having a quality, durable, reliable and yet powerful car speakers that will make everyone to envy the sounds of your car speakers every time you give them a ride. This article enlightens you on everything you need to know about 6.5 car speakers.

10. Rockford Fosgate Speaker

Sometimes, you are just looking for a bonified audio company with high-quality speakers that deliver a rich and crisp sound. The Rockford Fosgate is one of those companies you are assured of nothing than the very best.

These speakers are quite versatile in usage, from home usage, ideal for the car to marine usage. You can rest assured that these speakers are designed to deliver nothing but the very best. These speakers feature, and efficient bass and sound clarity with a maximum power handling of 90 watts and 45 RMS.

In addition, each speaker is designed with a VAST – Vertical Attach Surround Technique with a vacuum polypropylene cone with rubber surroundings for durability.


High sound output

Nice midbass

Great build high quality

Clear dome tweeters

Easy installation to almost any car


The tweeters are very bright

9. Kenwood 6.5 -Inch 3-Way Car Speakers

The Kenwood brand has become quite popular these days albeit for all the good reasons. A while back, Kenwood was quite popular when it came to head units but they are great for car speakers too.

These speakers have a peak optimal power of 240 watts and a frequency response of 80 to 22,000Hz. In addition, this system comes with a power range of 2 to 70 watts RMS. This system also comes with a 2-inch center dome tweeter that offers high and pre-defined high notes – vocals along with a 0.5-inch super ceramic tweeter.

This is quite a great deal because their high-quality woofer cores set them apart from the rest allowing no room for any kind of distortion during music play time.


3-way speakers

High quality defined sound

Crisp and clean sound

More defined high notes

Great bass level

Easy to install


The bass is not as good as other products

8. Pioneer 6.5 Inch Two-Way Speakers

Pioneer is one of the best names you hear when it comes to high-quality speakers with a rich acoustic sound and bass effect. This Pioneer two-way inch speaker has a butyl rubber surround with a 1 1/8 inch soft dome with a neodymium magnet and a magnetic fluid.

In addition, these speakers have a rear chamber tweeter structure and a full depth basket design with a fuller bass response as well as, dispersion control waveguides. These speakers truly make full range crisp sounds with an exceptionally good full and mid bass with a handling power of 260 watts plus a nominal 60 watts.

Other than that, this speaker has an 88dB sensitivity 35 Hz to 32 kHz frequency response, all in all, these speakers are truly the deal of a century if you buy these speakers you can be assured of a long-term service of great acoustic sound effect.


High pass filters

Ease of use

High sensitivity

Good hitting bass and mid-range


The vocals are not that good

7. JL Audio 2-Way Component Speaker System

If you are looking for the ultimate speakers that come equipped with adjustable dome tweeters that allow you the probability of changing your sound level, look no further than the JL Audio 2 way component speaker system.

Coming in at number 7 in our review, not only does this JL Speaker offer high-quality sound performance but they are also light weight at an affordable price. It also comes with a mica-filled tweeter polypropylene cone with a 3 adjustable in position tweeter level.

You will also love the maximum working power of this speaker which comes in at a peak power of 200 watts with each speaker spotting a 100 watt each as well as an RMS of 120 watts with each speaker coming in with 60 watts.


Affordable price

High-quality speaker system

Crisp clean sound

Easy and fast installation


Adjusting the tweeter takes quite some effort

6. Boss Audio Speaker System

Are you one of those people who use music is the best way to keep your drive enjoyable? Then the speakers that come with your car just don’t cut it for you. The Boss Audio is a portable sound system that is compatible with Audio Output of iPod/iPhone, Smartphones, and MP3 Players – Speakers Powered by Internal Amplifier.

Not only is this component speaker lightweight, yet high in performance and extremely affordable. This is a weatherproof 6.5-inch poly injection cone speaker with a soft dome diaphragm with high performance that makes it easy to install as well as remove, the maximum working power of this speaker is 450 watts.

The best part of this speaker is the fact that it is not only very affordable but also high in performance.


Awesome sound box

An all-terrain sound system

Crisp and quality high sound offered

3-year warranty

Quick and fast installation and removal

Durable sounding speakers


The audio cord that came with the speaker gets static real bad if it wiggles or moves at all

5. Polk Audio 2 Way Coaxial Speakers

With these Polk Audio speakers, you are guaranteed a loud acoustic performance plus a crisp and clear sound every single time. These speakers are designed in a retro-modern look guaranteed to impress any music lover out there.

In addition, it is quite light weight, made from durable advanced materials yet solid in performance. This set comprises of 6.5 inches of tweeters, crossovers, a pair of woofers, comes with adapter rings designed to make fitting quite easy on 6.5 and 6-inch applications.

The woofers in this set feature a mic/polymer composite cone tweeters with a butyl rubber surrounding for an outstanding look and are fitted with a neodymium magnet for detailed and clear highs every time you play your music. To make the deal even better, these speakers have a 2 way Butterworth outboard crossover with a sleek housing plus a circuit protection on the electronic tweeter.

The sound quality offered by these speakers is great.


Compatible with all vehicles

Noise free and clear sound

Good at high and low sounds

An efficiency design no need for an amplifier

Lightweight and high in performance


The bass level audio is not so good

4. Alpine – Next generation 2 way speakers

To most people, when they think of a premium brand, Alpine is the first brand that comes to mind. Of course, for all the good reasons. Alpine is a famous brand for producing nothing less of quality top notch devices and this Alpine speaker system is no exception in this regard.

This is a 6.6 inch S type series speaker with a 2-way component system that comes with a 1-inch wide-range silk dome tweeter that really brings out the high bass levels and vocals in this system. They have a convenient swivel-mount tweeter infused into the system plus they are great mid-level speakers that can work pretty well with their R and S type sibling subwoofers to deliver that crisp high audio that you dream of.

You can rest assured that with these speakers, you will surely be taking your car audio system to the next level plus they come in a sleek design that enhances the appearance of any car.


Impressive mid to high notes

Delivers high bass levels

Constant 30 to 1-hour music playing time

An affordable premium quality

A 1-year warranty from Alpine


Tweeters pop under low volume

3 JBL GTO628 2-Way Car Speakers

Do you wish to have a car speaker system that not only delivers a powerful bass but it is also designed with an edge-driven tweeter and a super light woofer system? You are in luck.

The next product in our review is the JBL 3 way design patented woofer cone home theater quality tweeter with a 2-ohm system impedance that makes optimum use of the 180-watt power supply with a peak power of 80-90 RMS running power.

Another desirable feature of the JBL is the adjustable super tweeter with level control and Mylar-titanium tweeter that offers improved audio performance with crisp high notes. This speaker also offers a two-inch mounting depth with mounting brackets in the speakers for easy installation. All in all, this is a great speaker system for any music lover out there.


Home-theater quality audio tweeter sound

Optimum peak handling power

Adjustable super tweeter with level control

A high-quality built-in crossover system

Richer bass and crisp clear sound


Does not come with any wiring or connectors

2. Infinity Reference 2-Way Car Speakers

Like their name suggests, these speakers are truly limitless, Infinity engineers take pride in producing net worthy quality speakers with top line quality materials that literally upholds the trademark of this company.

These are some of the most powerful speakers on the market. The Infinity Reference features 6-1/2 inch 2-way speakers with 2-ohm independence and 180 watts peak power handling power. Not to mention one woofer cone equipped with a durable rubber exterior that offers and increased bass output plus an improved higher audio efficiency.

What makes these speakers outstanding is the edge-driven center tweeters that come with the speaker that reduce distortion at high put levels plus they increase the power handling of the system to a level you will undeniably love.

Does it get better than that? Lastly, the infinity reference speakers have a tweeter that has level adjustments for optimizing your car audio system and sound image as good as you would like it to be.


High audio performance at 4 ohms

A peak watt of 180

Improved bass output and efficiency

Adjustable levels in the tweeters

Reduced distortion at high levels


These speakers do not come with installation screws

Installation is not easy

1. Kicker DS65 6.5″ Speakers

One of the best speakers in the market today, the Kicker DS65 6.5″ speaker is exceptionally prominent among customers today and rightfully so. You know kicker has some super sick subwoofers, because of the reasonable precise and smooth sound it makes, and you better believe that these speakers make some pretty awesome sound.

If you are looking for the very best, then going for a pair of Kicker DS65 6.5″ would do you good. Why? The different sounds this speaker produces is made from the different technologies Kicker DS5s uses, for example, their exterior shell is very durable, made from a heavy-duty motor structure that offers improved performance, ribbed UV-treated surrounds for extra precise linear excursion and top notch sound.

Additionally, these speakers feature an integrated EVC (Extended Voice Coil) woofer technology that delivers optimum ultra-clean bass sound not to mention these speakers come equipped with titanium-dome shaped tweeters plus oversized voice coils for crispy vocals and high-level audio sound.

Though the bass in this component is pretty awesome, the mid and high-level audio is where these speakers take up a high tier. Impressed yet? This is a 5-star Component Set. It truly raises the bar for speaker performance and for the enthusiast – an excellent choice for a speaker set.


6 1/2″ woofer, 1/2″ tweeter

Ultra clean bass

Improved audio performance

Mid-high-level notes

High – level audio

Durable exterior shell


Wire connectors offered are not of good quality


If you are one of those people who want really great music while taking a drive, you must find the speakers your car came with just don’t work for you. a set of 6.5-inch speakers is just what you need and arguably an essential accessory you need for your car. With the endless choices in the market to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the very best product.

Not to worry, though, we have done the heavy lifting for you and through hard and endless research, above are the top 10 quality 6.5 component speakers we are certain would work best for any music lover out there. Take your pick and delve into the glorious acoustic crisp sound and bass effect the above speakers offer.