Author: David G. Taylor

10 Different Types Of Cranes Birds In The World

TYPES OF CRANES Cranes are beautiful birds and quite majestic in flight. They vary in sizes and weights and they also all have characteristics that make them unique. Currently, there are fifteen species of cranes. Of those fifteen, six of these are on the endangered list: Blue Red-crowned Sarus Siberian Wattled Whooping Furthermore, five of them are classified as vulnerable: Black-crowned Black-necked Grey-crown Hooded White-naped Sadly, while natural predators are responsible for killing many cranes, humans are of course the most dangerous. Cranes are hunted for food and/or sport. Unfortunately, crane habitats are also at risk, however; if left...

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Top Ten Richest Female Singers In The Wordld In 2016

TOP 10 WEALTHIEST FEMALE SINGERS It’s no secret that music is an important fabric of our world.  It sets our moods or enhances our moods, music brings about memories – some good, some bad and for most of us it is part of our lives every day.  We enjoy artists both unknown and well-known but for the purpose of this article, let’s talk about the well-known.   Female music artists are many but there are some who’ve made such an impression that they’ve become some of the richest females in the world.  Who are these wealthy, phenomenal and talented...

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