Everyone wants to look and be their best. From eating healthy to wearing the latest fashions to having gorgeous hair but what about makeup? top 30 makeup blog

 If you’re looking for the best in makeup blogs, look no further. These are the top 30 makeup blogs and once you’ve looked through them, you’ll be applying your makeup like a pro!


http://beautyisboring.com/BEAUTY IS BORING

Founded by makeup artist Robin Black, this is a blog full of information on how to be beautiful. She’s worked with musicians, artists and actors while honoring the concept of beauty. You’ll find on this blog makeup advice, tutorials, articles and giveaways. It’s definitely worth checking out.


http://www.icovetthee.com/I COVET THEE

Writer of I Covet Thee, Alix, created a blog dedicated to being beautiful. Fashion, lifestyle, food, travel and beauty – you’ll find it all here. She’s got gorgeous photos and tons of instructional videos. This is a blog that will you pull yourself together so you can always look your best.


http://www.misswhoeveryouare.com/MISS WHOEVER YOU ARE

Eileen, founder of Miss Whoever You Are, is gorgeous and the reason for that is her dedication to skin care and beauty. What you’ll find on her blog are reviews of the latest makeup and beauty products and helpful videos. She also participates in fun giveaways!


http://prettyconnected.com/PRETTY CONNECTED

Lara Eurdolian has worked in the beauty industry for years. She’s partnered with brands such as Avon, Covergirl, Essie and L.A. Girl just to name a few so to say she’s an expert would be absolutely correct. Pretty Connected is a perfect blog for those interested in interesting interviews, the latest makeup trends and just having fun.


http://shesintheglow.com/SHE’S IN THE GLOW

Annie created She’s in the Glow to explore the best of beauty. Her blog is easy to navigate as she’s got each topic broken down into individual segments – lips, eyes, face, skin, nails along with a few others. If you’re looking for a great place to find organic products, this is the blog for you.


http://www.cultofpretty.com/CULT OF PRETTY

Ann Colville Somma is the creator of Cult of Pretty. She’s been in the business of beauty for well over 10 years so she knows what she’s talking about. There are gorgeous photographs to accompany her posts which are incredibly insightful. She also does giveaways and product reviews, too.


http://beautybanter.com/BEAUTY BANTER

Skin, makeup, hair and body…you’ll find it all on Sarah Howard’s blog Beauty Banter. She’s also got a great DIY section full of great tips to help you look and feel your best. This is a cutting-edge blog that you can count on for the latest trends and must-haves for your beauty regime.


http://www.maryammaquillage.com/MARYAM MAQUILLAGE

Maryam is a trained visual artist and this is evident from her blog and approach to makeup. Her specialties are makeup and nails. You’ll find a fantastic lookbook on her blog as well as videos and regularly updated blog posts.


http://beautybets.com/BEAUTY BETS

Founded in 2009, Beauty Bets is a great and informative blog. Elizabeth Dehn has an extensive database of product reviews that she’s broken down into easy to find categories – budget, hair, nails, makeup, skin, etc. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for up-to-date makeup tips, ticks and recommendations.


http://www.tanyaburr.co.uk/TANYA BURR

Tanya has been making videos since 2009 and created her blog in 2011. With over 3 million subscribers and her own makeup brand, you can be sure Tanya knows her stuff. Her blog is exciting and educational – a definite must visit!


http://politicsofpretty.com/POLITICS OF PRETTY

A self-proclaimed “beauty junkie,” Kara Manos, founder of Politics of Pretty is always on the lookout for the latest in makeup and beauty trends. She covers everything you need to know about makeup, beauty, skin care, nails and hair. This is a makeup blog you’ll want to bookmark.


http://missmaven.com/MISS MAVEN

Miss Maven is an exceptional blog for those interested in makeup and simply feeling beautiful. There are also categories such as lifestyle and travel, if you’re interested. With up-to-date information about makeup trends and products, this is a great blog to follow.



Mary, creator of Strikeapose, is a fashion designer with an eye for beauty. Her blog is full of stunning photography, the latest in makeup trends, product reviews and giveaways. She’s building a YouTube channel as well that promises to be as great as her blog.


http://www.fabgirlmag.com/FAB GIRL MAG

Rosy Cordero is a lifestyle writer from Miami, Florida with a flair for blogging and beauty. While she is an entertainment writer, she does have quite bit of valuable information on her blog about beauty and makeup. Take some time to view her blog. You won’t be disappointed.


http://www.donnadaily.com/DONNA DAILY

Donna Kim is a beauty expert from New York. She’s been recognized by notable outlets such as The Today Show, QVC, PopSugar and VogueTV. She’s dedicated her life to helping women focus on being the best they can be and it shows in her work. Her blog will make it easy to find the latest information on makeup and beauty trends.


http://www.weshopinheels.com/WE SHOP IN HEELS

Tatiana, the founder of We Shop in Heels, is a fashion and beauty expert. She discusses on her blog her personal experiences with beauty, reviews various products from makeup to skincare and provides well thought out tutorials. If you have an interest in being a better you, Tatiana can help.


http://gorgeousingrey.com/GORGEOUS IN GREY

Ty Alexander’s mission is to inspire women to be their natural selves. Gorgeous in Grey is aimed at women everywhere who are interested in being true to their natural beauty while keeping up with the latest trends. She’s an expert so you don’t want to miss out on her blog.


http://www.loveolia.com/LOVE OLIA

Olia is inspired by beauty and this is evident as soon as you visit her blog. Her passion is beauty and she wishes to help women of all ages feel and look their best. Her videos are fun, her information and insight are significant and her taste in fashion is exquisite.


http://www.agirlobsessedblog.com/A GIRL OBSESSED

A blog aimed at the modern girl, A Girl Obsessed has it all. Mandy, the creator of this blog, is providing on a regular basis videos, blog posts, product reviews plus tips and tricks for all you need to know about beauty and makeup. Her mission is to inspire and it shows.


http://www.goodbadandfab.com/GOOD, BAD AND FAB

Jenny Wu calls herself an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life. From the content of her blog, extraordinary is a great description. She’s talented, intelligent and has a host of informative posts on her blog about beauty. Her goal is to empower women and she’s doing just that.


http://www.beautybaronline.com/THE BEAUTY BAR

Sarah Breden created her blog, The Beauty Bar, in hopes that women will come together as a community to discuss beauty and they have. This is a blog community fueled by passion for all things beauty related – skin care, nails, hair and makeup. Sarah’s mission is to make the beauty industry accessible for all women and she’s doing an outstanding job.


http://makeup-sessions.com/MAKEUP SESSIONS

Beti Sterjoska founded Makeup Sessions to share her thoughts on everything related to beauty. She’s a photographer as well as a blogger so expect some great photos. She shares tips, tricks and the latest in beauty and makeup trends. She’s got some great product reviews, too.


http://martinisandmascara.com/martinis and mascara

Katie McBroom, founder of Martinis and Mascara, is an award winning blogger with a love for booze and beauty. She’s a former Disney Princess so expect fun when you visit her blog! She’s a certified makeup artist so you can be sure you’re getting quality information.



Phyrra is a self-proclaimed beauty addict and she focuses on cruelty-free products. She encourages women to embrace who they are and recognizes the importance of individuality. She shares how-to advice and honest reviews of various products. She wants to help all women create their own unique look.


http://wakeupformakeup.com/WAKEUP FOR MAKEUP

Ivy Boyd calls herself “makeup mental.” She’s a freelance makeup artist who has been affiliated with Sephora. Her view of makeup is that is an art form and her blog reflects that. You’ll find on her blog helpful videos along with makeup and beauty product reviews.


http://moneycanbuylipstick.com/MONEY CAN BUY LIPSTICK

Teresa started this blog in 2012 as a way to express her creativity and it has since grown into a thriving community. On Money Can Buy Lipstick, you’ll find style advice, beauty news as well as product reviews on some great makeup and beauty items. She’s also got a great shopping guide.


http://aroundtheworldbeauty.com/AROUND THE WORLD BEAUTY

Stephanie Flor created Around the World Beauty and when you visit this blog, you literally feel as if you’re taking a trip. She’s actually visited and experienced the places she blogs about so you can trust what she says. Stephanie is a professional makeup artist with a global and unique view of beauty.


http://www.beautyholicsanonymous.com/BEAUTYHOLICS ANONYMOUS

Tine is what she calls a “beautyholic” and she possesses incredible knowledge she happily shares on her blog. She focuses on the beauty needs of Asian women. She has quite an extensive list of categories on her blog so be prepared to learn a lot from her.


http://www.beautyjunkiesunite.com/WP/BEAUTY JUNKIES UNITE

Amber created Beauty Junkies Unite as a way to share the makeup and beauty products she loves. She’s a certified cosmetologist and product expert with over ten years’ experience in the industry of beauty. You’ll find reliable information here as well as fun giveaways.


http://www.rouge18.com/ROUGE 18

Founder of Rouge 18, Amber Katz, has written for publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and InStyle. She’s traveled the world searching for the best in makeup and beauty treatments and has also launched her own MAC eyeshadow. She loves all things related to makeup and beauty and has a passion for sharing her knowledge.