Automotive care can be expensive. It can also be difficult to find a reliable mechanic.

Some folks are willing to make repairs themselves but don’t always know where to look for dependable resources. Or maybe you’re a car enthusiasts hoping to find the perfect classic car. You could even be hoping to trade your current vehicle in for a newer model.

30 automotive blogs

No matter your needs, this list of top 30 automotive blogs will serve as a great place to start.



Owned and operated by AOL, Inc., Autoblog is an excellent source for latest car news, ownership information, product reviews and classifieds. Everything you could possibly need to know about cars can be found here.


Automoblog is constantly making top blog lists all over the web and in magazines. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for industry news, latest technology, reviews and well-written editorials.



This is the King of Classic Car sites! Not only will you find interesting blog posts but it’s the motherload of classifieds. If you’re looking to buy a classic car or hoping to sell one you have, this is the perfect place to go.


An automotive news site, Motorology is broken down into easy to navigate categories filled with reviews for most vehicles. You’ll also find great resources for accessories, parts, lighting and other topics as well.


CarThrottle is a place to join a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy all things car related. It’s largely a video blog where you’ll find reviews and behind the scenes footage. This is car vlogging at its best with a humorous twist.


This is a full-service automotive blog. This is one of the largest digital platforms for automotive sellers and buyers. Not only are there classifieds but you’ll also find information on recalls, latest car news, repair advice, car maintenance and you can even search for service centers and get estimates.


Gary Grant, founder of The Garage Blog, admits he’s not an expert but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t truly valuable and insightful information to offer. He did spend over twenty years in the retail side of the car industry. This blog is loaded with news, stories, photos and reviews. He invites contributions from his readers, too.


Car Gurus is a source of daily news about cars. The topics covered are extensive. You’ll find categories such as racing, industry news, car politics, green updates and classifieds. Blog reader comments are welcome and stories from readers encouraged.


Motorward has a team working behind the scenes to provide the latest in automotive news. They’ve provided a one stop shop for all things care related. You’ll discover on Motorward DIY information, reviews, latest news, detailed guides, pictures and videos. You’ll also find entertainment and engaging social media activities.


If you’ve not heard of Popular Mechanics, chances are you live in a cave. The magazine has been around since the early 1900s and the blog is an extension of the print publication. It’s an excellent source for car lovers but also for anyone interested in anything mechanic-related. They also welcome editorial content from readers.


Car Talk was once an incredibly popular radio program and while they no longer take callers, you can catch The Best of Car Talk here. It is a vast source of information. So much so that it’s impossible to list all you’ll find but you can be guaranteed valuable knowledge and a good laugh or two. Give it a look and be sure to check out the Fun Stuff category.


Motor Trend has been a trusted name in the automotive industry since 1949. It has grown into a powerhouse of car knowledge. With over 1 million readers monthly, you can be sure you’re getting quality information. This is the place to go if you’re looking for car reviews, in-depth buyer’s guides and all the latest news.


This is a great site for truck and racing enthusiasts. You’ll also find interesting editorial content as well as reviews and classifieds. If you’re a reader interested in contributing to Jalopnik, scroll to the bottom of the home page and read the content guidelines. A few simple rules to follow and you could be one of the thousands who share their insight into the automotive industry.


This is a blog owned and operated by a certified mechanic. If you need repair advice, this is a great place to start. The categories are easily navigated and everything is covered from simple maintenance work to more difficult repairs. Can’t find what you need? Questions are encouraged.


Mark Gittelman is the owner of A mechanic with years of experience, he’s created a valuable resource for all things automotive repair and service related. You’ll find manuals, free books, training, news, information about special tools as well as repair advice.


Eric the Car Guy is a certified master technician who has taken time to create this blog filled with all you need to know about cars. Visit his blog to find manuals, troubleshooting guides, videos and information about tools. You can also join in the community forum for free.


This is a site that covers a wide range of DIY topics for both home and vehicle. There is a fantastic automotive section with instructional blogs for most vehicle repairs. While it’s not solely dedicated to cars, it’s still a great source of information.


If you’ve an interest in hybrid cars and/or environmentally safe driving, this the blog for you. From reviews to buying guides to videos, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for here. It’s a site that encourages and supports cleaner, greener driving.


Elayne King was the owner of an automotive repair shop for 25 years. She created this blog to help women (and men) learn how to make repairs themselves. She wanted to give special care to women who are sometimes treated badly within the car industry and she’s put together easy to understand information on Don’t Get Wrenched.


John Halas is the founder and creator of Carscoops. This is an interesting site in that it contains some different topics not typically found on other sites such as games, concept cars, future cars and offbeat vehicles. You’ll also find other car-related articles as well as reviews.


Motor Authority is aimed at readers interested in high-end performance vehicles. The site went live in 2006 and has since become a well-respected source of information. This is the place to visit if you’re looking for reviews, videos, photos and articles on luxury vehicles. You can also find car shows being held near you.

ROAD AND TRACK and track

Road and Track is one of the largest automotive publications available. Their site contains need to know information about vehicles mixed with entertainment, stories and racing. The road and comparison tests results you’ll find here are thorough and most accurate.


Fancy Tuning has a loyal following and there is good reason for that. They team behind this site is committed to bringing you the most up to date automotive news, information on car shows, videos, concepts, replicas and yes, if you’re looking for beautiful girls you’ll find them here, too. It’s a complete car site that holds all you need to know.


Automotive News is just that – latest news from the car industry. You can search by brand, locate dealers, find opinions and editorial content, watch videos and even attend webinars. This is a valuable subscription for anyone who wants to stay up to date in the world of cars.


This is a well-respected site for news regarding vehicle concepts and production as well as information on vintage and modern cars. You’ll find here news, reviews and a large collection of amazing photographs. You’ll also discover the recent news on Supercars and exotic vehicles.


This is an easily navigated site for car enthusiasts. It provides reviews, car show information and there is also a category on sports cars. Also, included here is information on green driving and various polls in which readers are encouraged to participate.


Automobile is an online magazine that provides the latest news from the car industry. They have a staff of top notch editors and freelance writers who are dedicated to providing their readers with well-written editorial content and incredible photography. Automobile has been around since 1986 so you can count on this as a reliable and trusted source of information.


If you’re looking for in-depth buyer’s guides and the ability to make car comparisons, this is site for you. Once here you’ll also find outstanding videos, reviews and classifieds. Need to purchase a car part? No worries. You can do that here, as well.


Peter M. De Lorenzo, the creative force behind Auto Extremist, brings to his site and readers over 22 years of experience in the auto industry. His nickname is “Minister of High Octane Truth” and that’s what you’ll find here – truth. He offers raw and honest opinions and content along with stunning photos.


Roadfly is quite an informative site and you’ll want to subscribe to the newsletter for the latest news. What you’ll find here are reviews of both new and used vehicles, official car company news, car show dates/cities and tools for successful car shopping. You can also join in the forum to share views and ideas with other readers.