A bath robe is a garment made with highly absorbent fabric which serves even as an informal garment and is usually worn after you take a bath and your body is wet. The bath robes absorb the excess moisture and even helps you to warm up after your pleasurable morning or evening showers. They can easily be a part of your lazy weekend when you can just enjoy being warm and cozy in them when at home. A bath robe is a great addition to your bathroom supplies as it has many advantages such as cutting back on your towels When you have a warm and cozy bath robes made of toweling materials such as terrycloth you will not require towels except for your wet hair as your bath robes are going to take care of warming up and drying your wet body. So, now we know why people buy bath robes and wear them happily throughout the day. You can even plan your Halloween costume with a bathrobe and I am not kidding. Lets look at few of the most popular bath robes choices we have today.

1 0. Herringbone Textured Plush Robe By Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection

Seven Apparel textured Plush Robe buynowimage

One of the most popular choice, this knee-length robe with a length of 41 inches is available in several colors such as optic white, blue, green, coral pink, bright pink and fuchsia. This robe features a large front pocket and a self belt making it more suitable to your needs.

9. Turkish Cotton Robe Kimono Collar Terry Bath Robe Made In Turkey

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This bathrobe designed for both men and women comes in various shades of pink, blue and greem These terrycloth bath robes comes in different sizes and their lengths vary from 44 inches to 49 inches. This unisex bath robe is manufactured in Turkey with 100% pure Turkish cotton and is machine washable.

8.  Honey Comb Bath Robe By Seven Apparel Hotel Spa Collection

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This bath robe is designed and made from 100% polyester and one size fits all mostly.lt comes in a length of 39 inches and is a specialty robe. Care must be taken while washing them. You can machine wash cold in gentle settings and must use non chlorinated bleach for cleaning it . You should not iron these too.

7.  Men/Women Luxurious Plush Kimono Bath Robes

Women Luxurious Plush Kimono Bathrobebuynowimage

These plush kimono bath robes can be worn by both men and women and is soft, has long sleeves which are loose and comfortable and features two side pockets. These bath robes come in various shades of red, black blue , white, brown and grey. This product is suitable for gifting, travelling as it also enable custom fit with its double looped belt.

6. Women’s Kimono Robe Short Light Weight Viscose Knit

Ekouaer Kimono Robebuynowimage

This Robe made with Eco-friendly soft fabric, features kimono collar, sleeves trimmed with lace , side pockets, waist belt and the length falls till your mid thigh. This product is perfect even as a wedding or bridal shower gift. It comes in various sizes and colors such as black, grey,navy etc. Care must be taken while washing it and no bleaching must be done.

5. Women’s Knee Length Waffle Kimono Bathrobe

Length Waffle Weave Kimono Bathrobebuynowimage

The women’s knee length waffle kimono bathrobe is made in Turkey thus is imported. It has a waffle texture which is 65% Turkish cotton and 35% polyester. The robe is double stitched meaning it is very durable. Most customers say it fits well so one size of this robe fits many, and has a variety of colors available that is white coral, navy, turquoise, lavender, pink, black, blue, green, aqua, purple, and fuchsia.

4. Towel Selection Turkish Cotton Terry Bathrobe Kimono Collar Robe

TowelSelections Bathrobe Kimono Collar Robebuynowimage

This robe is available for both men and womem It is a lilac collection, so its lightweight terry cloth. It is machine washable, 100% Turkish cotton made in Turkey. The small/ medium size has a length of 43.3 inches, shoulders are 18.9 inches and the chest is 39.4 inches. For the medium/ large size, the length is 44.8 inches; shoulders are 21.3 inches, and the chest is 44 inches. Lastly for the large/ x-large size, the length is 457 inches; shoulders are 228 inches and the chest 47.3 inches. It’s available in storm grey, white, ice blue, pink, purple, sand shell and blue-Irish colors.

3. Waffle Weave Robe Kimono Spa Bathrobe

Waffle Weave Robebuynowimage

This waffle weave kimono spa bathrobe is made of 65% Turkish cotton and 35% polyester. This robe is light weight, and its unique feature is the square pattern waffle weave. For durability, it is double-weaved. It is available for both men and women in white and black colors. The sizes are one size which fits most, small, medium and xx-large.

2. Dll Oceanique Women’s Wrap

DII Oceanique Women's Microfiber Bathroom Shower Wrapbuynowimage

The Dll Oceanique wrap can be used while you are school/college rooms, swimming pools, at the gym and bathrooms. It’s versatile use as a shower wrap, a beach wrap, spa wrap or bath wrap makes it unique. 80% of it is polyester and 20% is polyamide. It’s made of an ultra absorbent microfiber which is smooth to touch, light and comfortable, and also, machine washable. The elastic top which is an adjustable velcro closure make the one size fit all; you just have to adjust the Velcro to the desired size. When using this shower wrap, your hands are open thus you can dry and get ready.

1. Terry Lounge Robe

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This robe is available for both men and women; that is it’s unisex. It is large sleeved, ultra soft and long. It has a cloth towel wrap around tie at waist with double loops. There are two large side pockets to store your belongings, and it has an extensive water absorption capability to keep you dry. It is machine washable with inactive dyes. it is also fade resistant thus the color stays intact. The colors that are available include, navy, cream, aqua, white and burgundy. Plus sizes are also available.


Bathrobes are a necessity to everyone from young to old, to women and men too. The correct type of bathrobe facilitates relaxation after a bath. The texture and fitting are of utmost importance and with these bathrobes mad in Turkey, this guaranteed. They are made in different sizes to accommodate everyone and one size which fit you even after losing or gaining weight. Look no further for quality and durable bathrobes.