These days, photography has become in one of the most popular activity and job. No matter if you are a professional photographer or just a passionate one; stabilizers are a must for avoiding bad photographs or to make them look more professional. Having a stabilizer will provide lots of benefits due to their ergonomic design and how easy is to take them with you. One big benefit of using a stabilizer for GoPro camera is that controlling the camera becomes easier and practical. There are many types of stabilizers, but the most recommended for GoPro cameras are:

10. Opteka X-GRIP Professional Action Stabilizing Handle


The Opteka X-GRIP can be used by any photographer, professional or novice. Thanks to its support, this stabilizer offers control and stability as any other stabilizer. Additionally, it has a shoe mount where flashes, microphones and video light can be added easily. As it gives excellent stability, this product is very useful when is about shooting sport events such as skateboarding; but it is also useful for any kind of event. Its weight is 122 oz. or 345g, so this stabilizer is very light and easy to transport everywhere.

9. Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizerbuynowimage

This amazing product offers a great control of the camera and less shaking scenes at the moment of filming a video, no matter if you are running, walking on in a has 3 separate counter-weights which allow photographer a better adjustment to catch the right only weight 1 8 pounds so it is easy to take with. In addition, this stabilizer it’s made to not only GoPro cameras but Nikon, Canon, Lumix or any other video camera up to 2.1 lbs.

8. Movo Photo VSOI Handheld Video Stabilizer System

Movo Photo VSOI Handheld Video Stabilizer Systembuynowimage

This stabilizer weightl pound so photographers (professionals or not) can control the camera with no fatigue, taking amazing no-shake photos. It is design to any type of camera or camcorder up to 1.5 lbs. The counter-weights can be adjusted in order to do a precise performance and it can be used with just one hand Besides, it can be used not only for filming but also to take pictures, long shots and moving scenes.

7. AFUNTA Pro Handheld Steady Video Stabilizer

AFUNTA Pro Handheld Steady Video Stabilizerbuynowimage

It is designed just for camcorders or DSLRs_ This product offers an incredible aluminum body with polished chrome counter-weights which gives a long-lasting use of the product. Although it weight 830g, it can be used easily and provides stability with no vibration scenes and perfect videos. It supports up to 2.1 lbs. or 950g. In addition, it has a non-slip mounting in order to attach the cameras better, and a hand grip to comfortable shoots.

6. Feiyu Tech G4 Handheld Gimbal

Feiyu Tech G4 Handheld Gimbalbuynowimage

Although is very new, this gimbal permits photographers to take moving shoots such as in skateboarding or any sport. Also, it has a 320 degree pan rotation and 100 degree roll rotation which it’s great for catching different angles. It weight 1 pound and accepts GoPro cameras, Hero cameras such as 3, 3+ or 4 and any sport camera of the same size and 1.3 and 1 8 inch. This stabilizer counts with just one button control, so it can be full controlled with only one hand.

5. Zhiyun Z one pro Zl pro 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilizer for GoPro 3 3+ 4, support Gopro 4 with LCD BacPac

Zhiyun Z one pro Zl pro 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilizerbuynowimage

This stabilizer has an in-built high detailed gyro, multi – mucus and accelerometer. It has the ability to sense and to instantly minimize vibratiom The camera keeps a tilt and horizontal attitude when besides spinning conditiom It is simple and stress-free to use. This product is well-suited with LCD Backpack, lens minus altering the parameter. It has a Smart power organizatiom Under motionless condition it only takes 120mA. It is armed with one battery charge and two batteries, each battery type being 18350 with a capacity of 900mAh. The total working time is approximately four hours.

4. Steadicam CURVE-SI Video Stabilizer for GoPro Cameras


This product is precisely designed for GoPro cameras which are Hero 4 Black, Hero 3+, Hero 3 and Hero 2. Practice makes one come up with perfect quality video footages which are shake-free, similar to those of the experts. The two in one feature are award winning levelness of Steadicam expertise and a hang grip flair with a handle that is lockable. The frame is made of strong aluminum material giving a piece of mind that the Curve is able to travel with a person safely anywhere in the world. The Curve is light in weight with 0.5 lbs, long-lasting due to its aluminum frame, portable due to its size and innovative when teamed up with one’s preferred GoPro Hero camera.

3. Polaroid Handheld 3-Axis Electronic Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 Action Cameras

Polaroid Handheld 3-Axis Electronic Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 Action Camerasbuynowimage

It is light in weight thus Stabilizes GoPro for sharp footage in Real Time. It structures tilting motions a super-smooth panning to disregard vibrations not wanted. With or without the LCD BacPac, it supports GoPro Hero Cameras. It contains a screw and mounting ring for stress-free, safe and swift installatiom It measures inches and weighs 11.43 ounces and 1376 ounces with batteries.

2. Feiyu Tech G4-QD Fast Dismantling 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Her03, 3+ 4

Feiyu Tech G4-QD Fast Dismantling 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Her03buynowimage

It is the newest Make of the Feiyu G4-QD One Button 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal_ It can be used with GoPro and all comparable action cameras which are as thick as GoPro and are 33-46mm tall with an attached LCD Backpack. All innovative Quick Disbursement feature gives room for easy connecting as well as disconnecting the GoPro or any other related action Camera well-suited with the Feiyu extension remote and bars.

1. The Official Roxant PRO (Midnight Black Limited Edition with Low Profile Handle) video camera stabilizer for GoPro

The Official Roxant PRObuynowimage

Its superior scheme, as well as construction, provides “pro style” The lower arm is accompanied with an NO SLIP GRIP which takes out lower arm swing. For use with Point and Shoot, DSLRs, Video Cameras, GoPros, Smartphone and whatever another camera up to 2.1 lbs. Tip top Low Profile Comfort Handle Edition – with a lower focus of equalization making the adjustment much simpler. Awesome for outside the box producers hoping to move their movies to the following level! Shoot smooth movement shots in tight spaces, on stairs, through the group, in autos, strolling/running/skating and so on.


The stabilizer has been one needy thing to have to enhance your photography. They range from cost of buying, features, as well as compatibility. Choosing the correct stabilizer goes a long way in making photography a nice experience.