Badminton is a recreational sport that was introduced in the 19th century. It was introduced by the British and can be played by two or four people. The sport is now recognized at a global level.

People play it in their backyards and open spaces and athletes compete on a national and international level. The racket is the equipment used for playing badminton. We have compiled a list of ten best badminton rackets.

10. Speedminton S600 Badminton SetSpeedminton S600 Badminton Set


The Speedminton S600 set from Speedminton are tough aluminum rackets with a firm and easy grip. The racket kit includes a pair of rackets, a wind ring, two-speed lights, and four types of speeders. These rackets are perfectly designed by Speedminton, the world leader in cross Minton sports equipment for entry-level players.
The badminton rackets are sturdy and speed lights are provided for night playing and glow for 3 hours. The speeders come in different categories and for various levels of play. The sport can be played anywhere on the beach, garden, park etc.

9. Genji Sports Aero Speed Badminton Package

Genji Sports Aero Speed Badminton Package


These Aero speed badminton rackets from Genji Sports are lightweight and have a graphite frame. These are tournament –level rackets which are tough and durable. The package contains two overgrips and a thermal racket bag.

There are two rackets, one Genji Sports Tri-V 80 racket which is a smashing racket and one Futabaya F-9000 super light 80g racket which is devised for a doubles game. This sturdy and featherlight combination is owing to the 100% High Modulus 40T graphite material and the large sweet spot. The rackets are strung and ready-to-play and weigh about 3 ounces.

8. Apacs Nano Fusion 722 Speed Badminton Racket

Apacs Nano Fusion 722 Speed Badminton Racket


The Apacs 722 is a lightweight racket with Nano-fusion technology. This makes the racket hold energy and hit with impact. The nano-technology makes the racket very tough and flexible. The Apac 722 has a sleek frame for easy manoeuvrability. The Isometric head proportions the length of the cross and main strings in the string bed. This expands the area of the sweet spot for better hits.
The color of the racket is red and white. The device is well-balanced and provides smooth glides and sharp hits. It is an excellent racket for beginners as well as skilled players and comes at an affordable price.

7. Saber Blade Badminton racket

Saber Blade Badminton racket


The Saber badminton racket from Flex Power has 76 Grommets hole system. This pattern increases the toughness of the racket by 7% and the string pattern increases the performance level. The Isometric head provides a large sweet spot and increases the consistency and efficiency of the play.
The package contains 1 Saber racket, 1 Apacs string, and a super PU replacement grip. It is designed with the Aero box frame for better power, control, and neater execution. The Saber Blade made of graphite weighs 78 g and is quick and speedy. It has a flexible shaft which makes it easy-to-maneuver for beginners. It is a good buy at reasonable price.

6. Futabaya N900 Badminton Racket

Futabaya N900 Badminton Racket


The Futabya N900 from Genie sports has a trapezium frame that has high -tension strings. It is a one-piece design in 100% Modulus graphite. The racket has immense power for a smashing hit and the resilient and lightweight body offers massive hits.

The Futabya N900 is a professional play racket with which reduces torque force on the surface and enhances the quality of shots played. The racket weighs 84-90 gms with/without strings. The strings are prestrung with 21 gm fiber string. The product is shipped with a racket cover.

5. Wilson BLX Blade Badminton Racket

Wilson BLX Blade Badminton Racket


The BLX Blade racket from Wilson is flexible equipment which weighs about 83 gms. The head is Isometric and Oval Drive Shaft Geometry make the frame resilient and gives the players a better control of the racket. Gold fibers with Karophite Black have been woven into the racket which gives it a great tensile strength.  The grip size is 3 ¼ and the preferred string tension is 24-30 lbs. The BLX is prestrung at mid tension and is available with a cover.
This Wilson BLX racket is well-made and gives out neat and smashing shots.

4. Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racket

Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racket


The Wilson T1 is another durable racket from the company. It is made of titanium for better strength and the 1-piece shaft gives supreme playing options. 

This racket is designed to achieve efficiency in moves and the quad head provides a greater area of the sweet spot. The racket has been designed for primary level play and for advanced playing options, better rackets are available. It weighs around 100gm and the racket does not come with a racket bag.

3. Apacs Feather Weight 300 Badminton Racket

Apacs Feather Weight 300 Badminton Racket


The Apacs 300 is a lightweight racket with a hexagonal aerodynamic design. The Isometric design of the frame provides sturdy hits even when the center hits are missed. The Apacs 300 can handle a string tension up to 35 lbs due to the reinforced structure frame.

It is a medium shaft racket and the hexagonal shape improves the performance of the racket tremendously. The weight of the racket is around 75gm and the package contains an Apac 300 racket, 1 Apac string, and a PU replacement grip.

2. Genji Sports Carbon Graphite 3500 badminton racket

Genji Sports Carbon Graphite 3500 badminton racket


The Carbon graphite body 3500 racket is another tournament level racket from Genji sports. The racket is prestrung with 21g fiber string and the frame design offers shock absorption technology. The racket is blue in color and has been manufactured in Taiwan. The shaft is slim and has medium flexibility. The surface has a large sweet spot and the new wave structure is added for better smashing and consistency while playing.  
This is a super strong yet lightweight racket devised for skilled players.

1. Speedminton S900 Badminton Set

Speedminton S900 Badminton Set


The Speedminton S900 gives a whole new dimension to the badminton play by designed superior quality rackets. The package comes with portable courts and the racket is made of carbon composites. The speed lights can be inserted into the night speeding for continuous play even in the dark.  The package contains two rackets, five speeders, 4-speed lights, 1 easy court pro, 1 bag and gaming instructions.

The racket surface has a mega power zone which creates high intensity around the sweet spot. The u-profile feature gives better elasticity to the strings. The speeders come in different categories from beginners to pro. The match speeder can be used when the player becomes skilled in the game. These speeders from Speedminton are produced in Germany using advanced recyclable materials from Switzerland. This is a quality product from Speedminton.


With badminton emerging as a major global sport, more people are resorting to this sport for recreation and profession. These players need the best equipment to support their play. The badminton rackets should be of superior quality like the Speedminton series which uses high-quality materials for making the equipment.

Genji Sports 3500 is another top-quality badminton racket with a superior finish. Badminton rackets from Wilson and Apacs are well–made and great for practice level players. The user has to judge the features and finally make the right choice.