Give Me Sleep or Give Me Death!

Sleep.  Beautiful word, isn’t it?  The truth is most of us don’t get enough of it.  It’s a busy world and we’re all busy people.  Sometimes at the end of the day it’s quite difficult to unwind and relax.  We need a bit of help blocking out the light, the noise, the world.  We could take pills to knock us out but why not go a healthier, safer route?  Try a sleep mask.  They’ve been around since the 1930s, and they are now more popular than ever.  From basic eye wraps to silk masks to masks with built-in technology, the options are fairly endless and it can be difficult to make a choice.  That’s the purpose of this article.  Hopefully with the following comparisons and expert opinions, you’ll soon be well on your way to a peaceful night’s sleep.

10. EyeSnugs – 3D Sleep Mask

EyeSnugs - 3D Sleep Maskbuynowimage

These makes are made with a unique 3D contour design allowing for roomier space around your eyes which enhances REM sleep.  They are soft, comfortable and leave no marks on your face.  They come with ear plugs making it easy to block out light and sound.  They are also suitable for men, women and children.


These masks won’t make you sweat when it’s hot and humid.  There is no noticeable pressure on your face/temples.  The strap is adjustable making it easy to adjust the masks to your desired size.


Some wearers may find the Velcro closure used to adjust the strap a bit uncomfortable when they lay down.   Side sleepers may find the masks don’t block out 100% of light.  Some wearers may find the masks a bit too stiff for their liking.

9. Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask

Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Maskbuynowimage

Contoured and lightweight, these masks are comfortable and perfect for travel and meditation.  These also come with ear plugs and a convenient carrying pouch.  The contour allows for roomier space around the eyes so you’ll feel no pressure and experience deeper REM sleep.


This mask has a wider strap making it more comfortable than the narrower straps.  Doesn’t leave marks on your face.  There is padding around the sides of the mask making it more comfortable.  No pressure on eyelids.


The strap may become loose over time making it difficult to adjust to a good fit.  Some users may find the ear plugs uncomfortable or ineffective.  Some wearers may find the masks a bit too stiff for their liking.

8. Bucky Eye Mask

Bucky Eye Maskbuynowimage

Recommended by Good Housekeeping as a “great combination of function, fun and fashion,” this mask comes in a great variety of colors and patterns.  It’s lightweight and provides a roomy space around the eyes allowing you to blink comfortably and experience deeper REM sleep.


No pressure felt around the eyes.  Strap is comfortable.  Some eye masks bleed color onto pillows – this one doesn’t.


Durability may be a factor – may not hold up as well from regular use as some wearers would prefer.  Might be best to hand wash this one as it doesn’t do well in a washing machine.  Velcro closure may be uncomfortable for some to sleep on.

7. MemorySoft Sleep Mask – Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

MemorySoft Sleep Mask - Eye Mask and Ear Plugsbuynowimage

As stated, this one comes with convenient ear plugs.  This sleep mask also has contours making the eye space roomier and are made of a soft memory foam adding extra comfort and enabling you to sleep longer and better.


Side sleepers will like this one – it’s comfortable and doesn’t let it light if you roll to your side.  This one has a thicker strap making it more comfortable on your head.  Comes with a convenient carrying case.


Some wearers may find this mask a bit too big for their face.  May not be as cool as desired.  Velcro closure can be uncomfortable to sleep on.

 6. Sleep Mask by DRIFT TO SLEEP®

Sleep Mask by DRIFT TO SLEEP®buynowimage

The Drift to Sleep® comes with two pairs of ear plugs to block out noise.  It is contoured around the eye area giving extra space.  It is lightweight and breathable so you’ll stay cool while sleeping.  They are made of foam and covered in a soft material.


Does a great job at blocking out light.  The strap is comfortable and doesn’t apply any pressure.  The ear plugs are of exceptional quality and work well at blocking out noise.


This mask may not be suitable for side sleepers – the strap can get uncomfortable.  Some users may find the mask a bit too stiff.  Mask may feel too tight for some despite adjustments.

5. Purefly Sleep Mask Natural Silk Eye Mask

Purefly Sleep Mask Natural Silk Eye Maskbuynowimage

A mask that claims to be great for kids, too!  This one comes with an adjustable strap and unlike the other masks in this review, it is not contoured and provides a close fit.  It is lightweight and super soft as it’s made with natural silk.  You’ll also get ear plugs with this sleep mask.


Holds up well in the washing machine.  With no foam contours, it’s super easy to roll or fold this one up and stick it in a pocket or bag.  It’s breathable and keeps you cool.


Some wearers may find the “v” shape around the nose too small.  Users may prefer a mask the feels a bit sturdier – this one can be considered too flimsy.  The elastic strap may be too thick for some causing uncomfortable points of pressure.

4. Living Pure – Luxury Sleep Mask

Living Pure - Luxury Sleep Maskbuynowimage

The Living Pure mask has an adjustable Velcro strap, a contoured design and is made of memory foam.  This company also makes Living Pure® Tranquility oil which promotes relaxation and can be used with the mask.


It’s a lightweight mask.  The material is quite soft and not at all rough on the skin.  The elastic on the sides is non-binding.


Hard to find something bad to say about this product other than some wearers may find it a bit too big on their face even after adjusting the straps.

3. KAMOSSA Sleep Mask

KAMOSSA Sleep Maskbuynowimage

The KAMOSSA sleep mask is deep contoured for extra space around the eyes so you can avoid eye pressure and smudging makeup for those who like to catch a quick afternoon cat nap.  The elastic strap is made of comfortable material and it is adjustable.  It comes with ear plugs and a carrying case.


The mask is lightweight and comfortable.  Leaves no marks on the face.  It’s a durable sleep mask.


Some wearers may not find this mask keeps you very cool.  May shift a bit for side sleepers allowing some light in.  Color may smudge off on pillows.

2. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Maskbuynowimage

The Alaska Bear mask is made with 100% mulberry silk.  It is soft and luxurious.  The headband is easily adjustable and doesn’t use any Velcro.  It is a cool, breathable mask suitable for women, men and children.


It’s a lightweight mask.  It’s solid and block out light well.  Customer service is a plus with this company – they seem to really want to make their customers happy.


May leave smudges of color on pillows.  The adjustable straps do have small metal pieces that some may find uncomfortable around the ears.  People who toss and turn a lot may find the mask moves around more than desired.

1. 3D Sleep Mask – New Design by PrettyCare

3D Sleep Mask – New Design by PrettyCarebuynowimage

Super slim, high density memory foam sleep masks that come in a 2-pack, they are super soft with 3D eye space for a roomier fit.  These masks have adjustable straps with Velcro closures.  A notable improvement is that they’ve raised the nose bridge for a better fit.


These masks come with ear plugs and a carrying case.  Masks fabric says anti-mite, anti-fade and anti-bacterial.  Leave no visible marks on the face.


The only really bad thing that can be said about these masks is they don’t breathe very well which makes wearing them a bit warm for some wearers.

Why Use a Sleep Mask?

One of the great advantages to using a sleep mask is they help increase natural production of melatonin.  Melatonin is a chemical our bodies make to help us sleep and by giving our brains a signal that it’s dark the melatonin is then released.  Using a mask may be the remedy you need for sound sleep and for people who take medicinal sleep aids, you may find after using a mask you no longer need those aids.
If you are someone who works at night and needs to sleep during the day, a sleep mask is perfect for you.  If you’re simply a night owl and tend to stay up all night then need to sleep during the day, a mask is great for you too. Or if you’re someone who has tried everything and are at your wit’s end because you can’t seem to sleep well, try a mask.  People who travel will also benefit from the use of a sleep mask.  They help promote deeper sleep while at the same time blocking out light and, in some cases, noise with the use of ear plugs.

Final Thoughts

There is no one brand that sweeps these reviews.  They all have exceptional merits and are worthy of consideration.  The cons are basically the same with most masks.  Buying a sleep mask is a personal choice and it may be a matter of trial and error before you find one that fits properly and suits your needs.  Your choice will likely depend on your needs – will the mask be worn daily/nightly?  Will you be using one only during travel?  If so, will it pack well?  Is it machine washable or does it need to be hand washed?  Do you prefer contoured or one that will sit closer to your face?  These are all things to consider before purchasing a sleep mask, but not matter the reason, it can’t be disputed that they do absolutely aid in a more restful and peaceful night’s sleep.