Sitting for extended periods may make you experience pain in your tailbone, back, nerve damage, hips, legs, legs or your pelvic area. Drugs, acupuncture or exercises like yoga may help you alleviate the pain. However, one can achieve short to long term relief using orthopedic cushions, which helps to align the back, giving support to the lower back.

There are several orthopedic home, wheelchair and travel seat cushions availed in the market for the sake of your health and comfort. After perusing through different orthopedic cushions’ features, designs, and customer reviews, ratings and styles, we have come up with the top ten best products for your choice and condition.


10. TravelMate Gel-enhanced Orthopedic Seat Cushion


TravelMate Gel-enhanced Orthopedic Seat Cushion


TravelMate is a fantastic gel-enhanced seat cushion, with medium to firm comfort foam to provide top-notch experience when used in airplanes, car seats, recliner, recliners, wheelchairs, office chair or anywhere you wish. The seat cushion features a velour machine washable cushion enclosed with a zipper. There are inbuilt handles for positioning and carrying, with straps attached to allow for safe attachment to chairs to secure it snugly.

The cushion helps reduce pressure on the hipbone and coccyx. Besides, it may lead to a healthy posture as well spine alignment, while treating sciatica, injured tailbone and pressure ulcers. If you want your upright stunt back, then this is the ideal cushion, you will see amazing results in just a week.

The manufacturer guarantees that the seat cushion will not flatten for years. This is due to the innovative gel engineered to maintain its comfort and shape. TravelMate cushion is 18-inches wide, 14-inches high, 3-inches thick and weighs 2 pounds; hence it’s fit even for someone as heavy as 400 pounds with any height.


9. Cushina Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Cushina Memory Foam Seat Cushion


Cushina Memory Foam Cushion is made from 100% high-density viscous flexible foam that molds it into the state of the body in it, to give maximum support. It can be used to gain comfort in a car, dining, couch, office, wheelchair or planes, among others. In fact, you can even use it on your floor or carpet. However, you will not want to get up from there!

The cushion supports the tailbone giving you a legitimate arrangement of your spinal line for greater posture. It’s designed in a way that reduces the amount of pressure exerted on your lower back, helps spinal alignment and improving circulation. It also provides sciatica and tailbone support due to its ergonomically design comfort.

Cushina’s seat cushion features a velour cushion with zipper breathable to keep you cool. It is machine-washable and be washed in the dryer on low heat.


8. Xtreme Comforts Ortho-Seat Coccyx Seat Cushion


Xtreme Comforts Ortho-Seat Coccyx Seat Cushion


If you’ve been sitting or standing long enough to develop some pain or discomfort, this cushion will provide extreme comfort for you, just like the name suggests. Xtreme Comforts seat is designed with a space to minimize your body weight towards your tailbone. The free area does not hold any body weight; instead, the design will shape according to your body to manage the weight.

Therefore, it will reduce pressure on your tailbone thus diminish pressure point pain, improving spine alignment. In addition, you will get relief from bulging, herniated discs, sciatica, stenosis, pain, and pregnancy discomfort, both before and after birth. Besides, a sturdy nylon mesh cover allows air to circulate. You do not have to worry about the cushion getting dirty since you can wash as often as you like using cold water or in the dryer on a low heat.

It has a dimension of 17-3/4-inches wide, 13-1/4-inches long, 3-1/2-inches thick, 9-1/4-long at the indented area and a weight of 2 pounds.


7. Bael Wellness Seat Cushion for Sciatica


Bael Wellness Seat Cushion for Sciatica


Bael Wellness seat cushion is made from grade-A memory foam to make it heavy duty for traveling and using at home and in the office. Unlike other cushions, this foam is not petroleum based, since it’s made from rubber tree sap to be organic. Upon delivery, it will come in grey color with a zippered travel bag that has handles.

Its contour shape, slopes, curves and edges provide comfort and pain relief in your body, especially for your tailbone, back pain and pressure ulcers, posture and spine alignment. This cushion will give you firm support while not going flat. The seat is cool enough to avoid sweating. You can use it on any seat, recliners, sofas, or bed.

The cushion has a handle availed on the right side and a washable velour cover with a zipper located near its label. Beal Wellness cushion measures 18.2-inches wide, 14.4-inches high, 3.3-inches, and weighs 1.8 pounds, with a cutout of approximately 4-inches by 5-inches.


6. Perfect Posture New Model Seat Cushion


Perfect Posture New Model Seat Cushion


Customers reviewed this product as a fabulous cushion that offers more than its online description. Perfect Posture seat cushion’s new model has been re-made to provide more comfort than before. Doctors and chiropractors have approved that it offers relief from prolonged sitting, standing, tailbone, piriformis, disc conditions and sciatic nerve pain, lumbosacral spondylosis, surgery recovery, and pregnancy or after delivery.

The cushion elevates your butt area to avoid pressure pain, while evenly distributing your weight, to offer a better posture and proper spinal alignment within a few days. Besides, you will have a perfect circulation of blood.

It’s rubber bottom prevents sliding while its removable mesh cushion cover can be washed. You will enjoy its convenience for years since the foam interior does not flatten and can be carried to different places including the stadium, floor and even your bathtub; however, you have to wrap it in a plastic bag securely.

It measures 18-inches by 14.5-inches by 5-inches with a weight of 1 pound to support up to weighing 225 pounds.


5. Kieba GEL Coccyx Seat Cushion


Kieba GEL Coccyx Seat Cushion


Being the top best seller in Amazon’s Lifting Cushions category is proof that Kieba seat cushion is one of the people’s favorite cushions. It has memory foam covered with round gel packs, turquoise in color that provide supreme comfort and pain relief. The 100% therapeutic memory foam together with gel-covering pad cannot flatten even when used continuously. You will get even weight distribution and gain a better posture with spine alignment.

Keiba seat cushion is extra dense, durable and sturdy to carry anywhere including in planes, office, wheelchair and home, on the bed and in the car. It is ideal for anyone suffering from lower back pain, tension, sciatica, hip and joint pain, pelvic pain or numbness from prolonged sitting.

It has a removable, washable and breathable zippered velour cover. It has dimensions of 18-inches wide 14-inches high 3-inches thick and a weight of about 2 pounds.


4. Cush Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion


Cush Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion


Enjoy the feeling of relief from the pain that sitting creates using the Cush Comfort chair pad cushion that possesses a deeper ergo shape, to hug your butt area while eliminating pressure and providing even support for longer. Coccyx pain is alleviated by the cutout areas, which elevate the tailbone reducing pressure.

With this cushion, you will get relief from back pain and pressure point pain; get a straighter spine and an improved posture. Although it has no straps, it always stays in place. Its non-slip bottom holds you in place so that you never need to get up to relocate it. The quality 100% memory foam will not go flat over time.

The zippered cushion can be washed on the gentle cycle using cool water or low heat on the dryer. Besides, it is odorless it has measurements of 17.9-inches wide 14.2-inches high 2.8-inches thick and a weight of 1.2 pounds.


3. ComfiLife Orthopedic Seat Cushion


ComfiLife Orthopedic Seat Cushion


This fascinating seat cushion is popular enough among customers to have topped the list in the Amazon’s bestseller series, chair pads category. The ComfiLife cushion is made of premium quality durable memory foam to provide maximum comfort and support while reducing pressure on the tailbone.

The cushion can be used in the for home, travel, office, car seats and wheelchair to support recovery from lower back pains, tailbone injuries, herniated discs, sciatica and other spinal issues.


2. Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Cushion


Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Cushion


The Aylio orthopedic seat cushion is Amazon’s bestseller in the Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Cushions category. This orthopedic pillow is designed to offer a perfect measure in backing your spine and tailbone. Its shape and outline are made in such a route, to decrease weight on the coccyx, tailbone and hips when sitting. A featured bolster helps forestall further torment as well as alleviate any prior pain. This is the most preferred by pregnant women, as reviewed.

If you suffer from pressure sores or numbness, this cushion will assist immensely. Beside diabetic people in wheelchairs or neuropathy will gain comfort by taking pressure off their spine and hips. This cushion can be used on wheelchairs, plane and auto seats. The dark greyish-blue color renders it subtle; therefore, it can match effortlessly with the color of different seats.

Accordingly, to the customers, it is a relatively cheap method of alleviating pains associated with the back. Its zippered velour cover can be machine-washed. Although there are no handles or straps, the cushion does move around.

Aylio’s comfort foam cushion measures 18-inches wide, 14-inches high, 3-inches thick and weighs 1 pound, hence can support up to 250 pounds weight and any height.

1. 3 in 1 Car Seat Cushion with Strap

Car Seat Cushion with Strap


This is a proven solution for no more body aching. It has special orthopedic wedge that tilts your pelvis for an improve posture and pressure relief from lower spine on long car rides. Besides, its ergonomic coccyx cut-out reduces tailbone pain.

The exclusive no-flatten design with a 3-layer technology that combines breathable mesh material, molded clever foam core and dense memory foam comfort, which ensures the cushion, stays in shape over time. In addition, it’s slim yet so supportive, with just 2.5 inches high, you will get the best lumbar support without elevating your position.

Other features :

Removable gray cover that is hand washable

Adjustable strap and buckle that goes around the back of your seat to avoid the cushion from sliding away

With a size of 17.5″ x 15″ x 2.5″, it is narrow enough to fit in most cars.


Orthopedic seat cushions can turn the nightmare of pain, restlessness and discomfort into a sweet reality of comfort, health and style. Doctors, therapists and chiropractors recommend these seats. They can be used anywhere anytime by anyone seeking, rest on, pain relief or any therapeutic benefits. With the list above, deciding the ideal seat for your condition should not be a problem anymore. We hope the information is enough to ensure you stay healthy, comfortable, stylish and happy!