Ironing boards are relatively a new invention.

They began appearing in the stores in the United States and later in Europe in early 20th Century. Before the introduction of ironing boards, people would press their clothes on any flat surface.

The most common place people used to press their clothes was using the kitchen table or even a piece of wood placed between two chairs.

The first ironing board was patented by Vandenburg’s in the United States. After licensing the first ironing board, variations of the Vandenburg’s ironing board were introduced.

Sarah Boone launched the modern ironing board in 1892. She is cited in many publications as the inventor of the modern ironing board. She invented an ironing board whose shape resembled the current ironing board.

The ironing board was characterized by a long and narrow shape and having a rounded point at one end. The curved end makes it easier to iron sleeved shorts.

All-metal and foldable ironing boards started being manufactured in the 1940s. The collapsible ironing boards were designed with tubular legs.

Modern ironing boards are typically designed with a flat metal surface that is covered by a foam pad. The foam pad is featured with small vent holes that permit steam to penetrate clothes before escaping. The ironing boards are also designed with a heatproof area on one end where it can be rested.

What is an ironing board?

An ironing board refers to a broad and flat piece of board or metal, which is covered with a padding that is heat-safe. The heat-safe padding provides a surface where ironing of clothes and linens can be safely carried out.

A standard modern ironing boards are built with two primary parts which include a flat surface for ironing linens and legs which can be collapsed.

The collapsible legs have the ability to be hinged to the top and also folded down for easy storage. The legs are light in weight, and they are designed with padded feet to avoid marring floors.

Ironing boards built from metal are featured with a pad and a cover. The pad and the cover prevent the metal surface from absorbing heat from the iron.

The history of ironing boards

Housekeeping advisors urged homeowners to utilize large boards that could be placed on a chair and a table to provide the ironing surface.

Catherine Beecher came up with a description in 1841 that resembled the modern ironing board. Beecher recommended that the ironing board should be cut narrow on one end and wide at the other. The type of ironing board that Beecher recommended was known as skirt boards.

Manufacturers later began offering ready-made skirt ironing boards in the late nineteenth Century. The skirt board was then featured with collapsible legs around the year 1898. Springer, who was an inventor, designed an ironing board with three support points.

The first ironing boards were made of wood. Early manufacturers designed ironing boards with metal tops that often rusted despite them being painted. Manufacturers introduced the all-metal collapsible ironing boards in 1940.

The different types of ironing boards

Portable ironing boards

Portable ironing boards can be moved from one location to another. They are designed with extendable foldable legs. The portable ironing boards can be folded for storage when they are not in use. The ironing boards are sturdy enough to prevent them from collapsing during the pressing process.

They have a lightweight enabling them to be carried easily around. The biggest advantage of these ironing boards is the ability to adjust their height to suit the user.

Table Top Ironing Boards

The ironing board is featured with short legs. It is designed to sit on top of a table, counter, or on the floor during the pressing process.

Table Top Ironing Boards are popular among students staying in dorms since it is easily portable and they can also be stored in a convenient place. They are also easy to install, and they can be stored in the closet or under the bed to save space. A rectangular table-top board that is featured with a rectangular-shaped ironing surface is also available.

Most table-top ironing board models are manufactured with an iron rack where one can safely park the hot iron as they prepare the clothes. However, the shortcoming of these ironing boards is their small size. The small size does not allow big fabrics such as sheets to be placed on top. Ironing sleeves or any other type of material that needs to be set correctly on the board is a challenge.

Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

The Wall Mounted Ironing Boards fold out from a closet or the wall. The ironing boards can be conveniently used in homes with minimal space such as smaller houses or apartments.

The boards can be stored away against the wall to save the minimal space available. The ironing boards can be installed in confined places such as a walk-in closet. Wall Mounted Ironing Boards are the most popular among homeowners because of their convenience.

They also save time spent in the process of ironing clothes. One takes only a few minutes to get the board ready for the ironing process. The ironing board does not have to be carried from one place to another. They are robust and sturdy, and they can be used in various angles that are convenient to the user.

How to fix an ironing board

Inspection of the rod and catch plate: the folding system of an ironing board comprises a metal rod. It also has a spring and a catch plate. The folding system keeps the ironing board from collapsing during the process of ironing clothes.

When one of the three gets damaged or broken, the ironing board will be unable to remain stable during the ironing of clothes and other fabrics. It is important always to check the three components when one is trying to fix a broken ironing board.

Fixing of a bent rod: when the rod is bent, it will not be able to slide through the catch plate. The bend should be identified in the rod. It should be able to straighten the bend to use the ironing board conveniently.

Sometimes the owner of the ironing board may have to purchase a replacement rod if the bend is beyond repair. Sometimes one may be forced to cut the rod with a hacksaw to fit.

Replacing the spring: the spring is responsible for holding the rod in place. If the spring gets broken or damaged, the owner of the ironing board will not be able to repair it. The only solution will be to purchase a new spring from a home improvement store.

Advantages of using an ironing board

The height of most ironing boards can be adjusted, and this allows the user to select the height that they are comfortable with whether seated or standing while ironing.

Ironing boards are right for one’s health. The use of boards allows one to be comfortable with their backs straightly standing when doing the ironing.

Another benefit of using an ironing board comes with its features. They are designed with a rounded point at one of the ends to facilitate the pressing of shirt sleeves and trouser legs.

Factors to consider when choosing ironing board

Ironing clothes has been a tedious and boring activity ever since, and most of the people do it because their wrinkled clothes call for it. Thanks to ironing board that has come to make the ironing experience easier and exciting.

While a few years ago ironing clothes was left to people with white collar jobs because their job policies needed them to be smart and decent, this myth has now lost fame overtime. Everyone now wants to look sharp and smart whether you are working in a grocery, hotel, gas station and so on and this can only be achieved be wearing well-ironed clothes.

Using an iron board while ironing your clothes is a cool thing nowadays, especially because you can choose to do it while seated or in a standing position whichever you like as long as you are comfortable.While ironing board has numerous benefits from preventing health risk like back pain to making the iron chore easier and more enjoyable.

It’s without a doubt that ironing board market has now been saturated and choosing one that is ideal for you may be a little daunting.

They are several types of ironing boards out there such as table-top, built-in, wall-mounted, over the door, ironing centers, free-standing, and so on. If choosing the best ironing board has been a challenge to you, worry less. We are here to help, only because we care for you. We have sacrificed our time to research on the factors that you should consider before making a purchase decision for your ironing board.

1. Durability.

Just as your iron box is of high quality and durable, iron board is something that will be shared by your whole family. While most ironing boards out there are not durable, it’s good to read customer reviews so that you can know what other previous users are saying about its durability. A good iron board should be able to last for more than 3-5 years. The durability of an item goes hand in hand with quality hence a good durable ironing board should be of higher quality and from an ISO certified manufacturer. A strong ironing board is what you should consider buying.

2. Affordability.
There are many pocket-friendly ironing boards out there quality not compromised. Although, a lot of ironing board prices dictate the size, design and sometimes other special features that it comes with.

It is likely that you will get the value of what you pay for, to avoid going back to the market severally to shop for a new Ironing board, we recommend that you don’t compromise much on price.

3. Size and Height Adjustment.
Height adjustment is one of the features that you should consider when shopping for an iron board, and this is because many users will use different ironing styles others may prefer to stand or sit when ironing.

There are different types of iron board that you can adjust up to a height of 54 inches tall while a standard one can be set to about 14 inches shorter ideal for use by all family members from children to adults.

Additionally, If you have a limited space then consider buying a small ironing board that will not take up much of your space.

Many Ironing boards comes in different sizes and shapes, check first the space that you would like to place your ironing board you can even take the measurements of the available space to be precise so that you don’t buy an extra large board than your space is.

4. The size of the ironing board surface.
The best ironing board should offer a spacious ironing board surface area that is stable and efficient. Think of it when you want to iron your bed sheets, curtains or any other large clothes, a limited ironing surface area will lead to a long, tedious work. Hence an ironing board with the large surface area will be more convenient for all your clothes types.

5. Portability.
Portability is a key feature that should not be overlooked by any person intending to purchase an ironing boarding. The best ironing board should be light weight. That is easy to lift, fold and carry anywhere in the house. Unlike built-in Ironing boards that cannot be moved from one place to the other, a portable ironing board is preferred for convenience.

If you feel like ironing your clothes from the living room, upstairs or from laundry room moving it should not be a challenge to you, consider buying a portable ironing board.

Wrap up.
It’s time to forget about the old ways of ironing on top of the couch, bed or table. While there are other many factors to consider when buying an ironing board the above are the main key factors to consider before spending your hard earned dollars on an ironing board. With the best Ironing board in place, ironing can change from a task that you didn’t like doing to a one that will love doing the most out of all house chores you do. Ironing is a daily task, so choose the best ironing board that suits your needs wisely. All the best in your selection process!

Top Ten ironing boards Reviews

Ironing boards are time-savers. They only take a few seconds to configure and put away. They are also robust and sturdy, and they can be swiveled out at any angle to suit the user’s needs.

Ironing boards are very important household accessories to many homeowners for a wide range of reasons. Iron boards offer a steady and flat surface that makes ironing hassle free as opposed to ironing on couches and beds, which is often frustrating.

Ironing boards are space efficient, feature cool-touch rests meant for holding and storing ironing boxes and they are made of high quality scorch-proof covers and foam which offer great ironing service for a long period of time.

The boards are also easy to use, made of height adjustable systems which work efficiently and are built of stable steel frames which make the boards steady and durable. It is however important to note that this does not imply that all the available models are equal in level of performance.

The following is a list of the top 10 ironing boards that have great features which facilitate their efficiency in providing quality ironing services.

10. Homz Professional Ironing SystemHomz Professional Ironing System


This board is a popular pick and is considered among the best in this niche. One of the most impressive features of the Homz is that it is larger than the average size standard ironing board. It is also made of four platinum legs and a khaki surface that make it stable, stylish and most importantly, durable.
It has a large allowance for resting the iron and also features separate mesh reinforced provisions for placing ironed or non ironed clothes. The Homz also features a leg lock and height adjustment system that is easy and convenient to use. The Homz measures 48.5 by 18.3 by 39.2 inches and may offer up to 24% more space than other ironing boards.
Based on our evaluation, it was evident that the Homz is suitable for heady duty ironing. Its design is reasonable and it would serve well for a long time without any serious problems.
Larger ironing surface as compared to other standard products.
Has a large Iron rest space.
Comes with provisions for hanging ironed clothes and a bay for the placing non ironed clothes.
Fully adjustable leg height with a high range.
Is made of durable materials.
Its height adjustment feature may be difficult to use for some customers.
The reinforcement mesh may imprint on your clothe if you apply a lot of force.

9. Honey-Can-Do BRD-01435Honey-Can-Do BRD-01435


The name alone can capture your attention right? This ironing board is unique in more ways than just its name.

For a start, it is very space efficient, Its legs are folded able making it easy to stash away in a nook or even carry it along with luggage while traveling. It is made with a foam padding covered by a cotton cover making it light and durable.
Among other impressive features include a retractable iron rest and collapse able table top. This is perhaps the most compact ironing board in the market and although many competitors try to copy the design, this board remains the most ergonomically sound.

In terms of durability, our purchase guaranteed a life term of service and honestly we wouldn’t refute the claim. It is light, easy on the eyes and especially compact despite the fact that its ironing surface measures 31 by 12 inches.
Lightweight and highly easy to use.
Compact and requires minimal storage space.
May develop an uneven ironing surface over time due to repeated collapsing.
The quality of the interior foam may not be as impressive as you would want.

8. Brabantia Ironing BoardBrabantia Ironing Board


The next up on our list is the Brabantia. This ironing board is very similar to the Homz especially in terms of the platform size. In contrast though, the Brabantia has a lock mechanism to guard against collapse.

It also features a lock that makes it easier to store and transport. Is it any good though? Why yes! Aesthetically, it looks much better than the Homz, and since it is made of up to 53 by 18 inches ivory frame along with a cotton and polyester fabric, it is sure to last a lifetime.
When we tried using the Brabantia, it was apparent that most of its safety features were based on protecting young children and so we found that it would be the best option for a young family.

The large surface is also very ideal for ironing large items. We also found that most customers liked this mainly due to safety and quality of build.
Features important safety features.
Large platform size ideal for larger items.
Aesthetically appealing.
Made of very durable material.
Strong and stable due to added locking features.
It is heavier than most standard ironing boards.
Handling it may require a lager built person

7. Household Essentials FibertechHousehold Essentials Fibertech


According to many retailers, this may be the most sought out ironing board and with good reason. It has for legs with a wide top featuring a cotton cover.

In contrast to many other products I have sampled, this is the only product I know of the has biodegradable material, a huge plus right? Maybe the most impressive feature of the material is that the plush cotton cover is heat resistant and it would be a great deterrent for the start of a fire.

The only problem I found with this ironing board is that it wobbles at the base but a quick placement of cardboard paper solves the problem.
The Fibertech is an ergonomically sound ironing board and based on our evaluation, it would be the best pick for a person at risk of forgetting the iron while still connected. Of course, nothing can be done about the black spot left after.

The Fibertech also features a built-in sleeve stow that pulls away easily during ironing. Evaluating these facts, that it is eco conscious, fire resistant to some extent and has a large ironing surface, the Fibertech is definitely one of the best picks for an ironing board.
Wide top is a great surface for large items.
The ergonomically stylish design makes it really easy to use.
It is made of heat resistant material thus minimizes chance of fire.
Along with a sturdy hanging bar the leg lock also makes the board firm.
May be wobbly at the base due to uneven leg base.
The ironing board cover may not be as aesthetically appealing to all customers
The cover may be too thin and may require extra cushioning.
Though it is sturdy, the materials used are weak and it may crack.

6. Kennedy Home Collection 2452Kennedy Home Collection 2452


The last product on the list may be a difficult pick but the Kennedy may be “the one”. Nothing about it may strike your attention but once you start using it, its superiority shines.

It features a scorch resistant ironing surface that is coated in silicone and comes with several color options. The base is stable due to an impressive high performance design. Essentially, the Kennedy is a culmination of most important features from all other ironing boards, except the trademark ones of course.
Its large surface of 54 by 15 inches coupled with the stability from the base makes this iron board ideal for people in large families of for use in a common area such as in a campus.

Easy to use.
Lots of incorporated features.
Good built quality.
The cover needs smoothing otherwise creases form.

5. Mainstays T-Leg Ironing BoardMainstays T-Leg Ironing Board


The Mainstays T-Leg is a great ironing board with great features which make it qualify for this list. The board is space efficient and also convenient for storage especially in limited space apartments.

The Ironing board is made of durable steel which enhances its stability for effective ironing for longer periods. Mainstays T-Leg will have you clothes looking sharp and neat with its T-leg design which increases its stability and in turn makes it easy to fold and unfold when necessary.

This steel ironing board features a solid top with a pure cotton cover and a foam pad for effective ironing. Its solid top’s length and width are 53 and 13 inches respectively which offers an adequate surface area for your ironing.

It also includes a variable height adjustment that makes it more comfortable for various users with different body heights. Mainstays T-Leg will definitely have wardrobe looking clean and clean which makes it worth a purchase.

4. Westex Compact Ironing BoardWestex Compact Ironing Board


The Westex Laundry Solutions is a compact Ironing Board that offers and ideal solution for space saving. Its dimensions are 13 and 36 inches for width and length respective which makes convenient for storage and use in limited space. It has thick steel legs which allow for excellent stability.

The board features a large iron rest which holds the iron box securely and offers an extra hanger space. The ironing board also has an ultra-thick foam pad that is entirely covered by cotton. The included height adjustment paddle is easy to use with the leg locking device.

3. Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board

Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board


It includes an XL Board and an XL tray that are 19 by 58 inches in width and length and that includes the Iron Rest for holding appliance. . The iron rest is made of a plastic tray that makes the board heat resistant. The rest also features a lock-in place for holding the iron box.

The board has Multi-layered board cover that acts as a great garment hanger. The high quality ironing surface is made of cold-Steel Mesh which makes the board very stable and durable.

The Parker Extra wide ironing board has unique patented Shoulder Wings that are retractable. The Parker Pro board also has a child safety cock system that makes its transportation easy.

2. Homz T-Leg Ironing boardHomz T-Leg Ironing board


The Homz T-Leg Ironing Board is among the great tools for keeping all of your garments ironed and pressed efficiently. Its ironing top has a length and Width of 53 and 13 inches respectively which offers enough ironing space for cloths of all sizes. Under surface, this T-Leg ironing board features a foam pad with a tightly contoured cover over it.

The whole cover is made of cotton. The ironing board features a height adjustment pad that allows for easy height adjustment of up to 35 inches tall. Homz T-Leg features a sturdy and durable metal T-leg that provides stability when the board is under use. It also includes a patented leg lock system that allows for easy folding of the ironing board for easy transportation and storage after use. This model certainly ensures you have your best look with your favorite clothes

1. Bartnelli T-Leg Ironing BoardBartnelli T-Leg Ironing Board


The Bartnelli ironing board is another great unit with the T-Leg design. The board promises great quality services as well as outstanding features which will ensure that you have a better ironing experience. Moreover, it has a stylish design that adds to the décor of your laundry room.

The board features a handy transport lock system that keeps the table folded for transportation and storage convenience. It includes a multi-layered board cover made of extra thick 100 percent cotton that is supported by felt layers and foam.

The 100 percent extra thick cotton is suitable for withstanding heat and also preventing clothes from sticking. Its metal-mesh top allows steam to pass through for evaporation. Bartnelli is strongly built to make it highly stable when under use and is adjustable to four different heights.

It also has a protective feet feature that prevents the floors from scratches. Its dimensions are 51 by 19 inches for length and width which makes it another ideal space saving solution. The ironing surface is large enough for ironing various sizes of garments, knitting, and even quilting.

The Bartnelli ironing board comes with a three year risk free guarantee which is among the many great reasons that make the model a great purchase.


Ironing Boards are certainly a very vital accessory for your laundry at home. Efficient and well performing ironing boards should have great and quality features such as iron rests that are large enough and built of heat-resistant materials such as silicone so as to safely hold the hot iron box or appliance.

The Board should also feature a sturdy build for increased durability and stability for successful ironing. The above great ironing boards have been briefly discussed to show their features and functioning. Anyone looking to add the accessory to their laundry should ensure to go through them and choose the one that suits their needs. Order one and enjoy the great ironing benefits provided by these great models.