It is advisable for everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is comprised of many aspects one of them being eating healthy food. If you are keen on eating more healthily, then you must embrace the healthiest ways of preparing your food. There are many methods of preparing food, but none beats steaming when it comes to retaining vitamins and other essential nutrients in the food. How does steaming achieve this? Well, it is pretty straightforward. During steaming, the boiling water vaporizes into steam and it is this steam that heats the food while retaining the nutrients in it. Boiling is a common method of preparing food. However, the nutrients in the food leach away into the boiling water. When preparing your food by steaming it in your food steamer, you don’t need to add fat or oil. The whole process guarantees you a healthy, wholesome and delicious meal.

Food steamers are among the most popular kitchen appliances, and this comes with no surprise at all. It is important to note that you can only prepare your healthy food by using the best food steamer. The choice for that best food steamer can be quite daunting because of the wide array of models available in the market. Although there are so many kinds of food steamers, one thing remains: They all don’t work the same way. Therefore, not every food steamer is right for you. In this post, we have made your choice simpler by compiling the best food steamers you can find in the market. The top ten food steamers in 2016 are listed below:

10. Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer

Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer


Cuizen Hot Dog Steamer is yet another exceptional food steamer that you can consider buying. Apart from its fun retro design, there is so much more that can interest you in this food steamer. It allows you to steam up to 12 hot dogs and 12 buns at a go! Its adjustable timer allows you to set your cooking time and then relax waiting for it to alert you once your food is ready. With this steamer, you don’t have to go to your local eatery all the time for you to enjoy your hot dogs and buns. Apart from hot dogs and buns, you can also use it to steam a wide range of other foods.

9. Oster Food SteamerOster Food Steamer


If you are looking to buy a simple food steamer that will deliver incredible results, then go for Oster Food Steamer. Steaming food with this steamer is fast and effortless. It has two separate boiling bowls that allow you to prepare your complete meal conveniently with no time.

Oster Food Steamer is ideal for steaming foods containing proteins such fish and chicken. You don’t need to add or butter to your food and this means that the natural taste of your food is retained. The food steamer has an audible timer that allows you to set cook time of up to 60 minutes and this relieves you the trouble of monitoring your food cooking every other time. The timer will signal you when your food is cooked. Sounds cool, right?

We are not done with this food steamer yet. There is much more to interest you. It is pretty easy to wash the parts of Oster Food Steamer. Once you are through with your cooking, place the parts on the top rack of your dishwasher. As simple as that.

8. Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer

Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer


Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer has several unique features that have placed it in the category of the best food steamers. Its glass cooking pot has a capacity of five liters, and it can steam portions of chicken, fish, vegetables, rice and other foods that are enough for a family. Its LCD control panel allows you monitor its performance rather easily.

You can also steam your food with preprogrammed settings. While it is a headache when filling the water tanks of several other models of food steamers, Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer’s 1-liter water tank can be conveniently lifted off when filling it. With this steamer, you also don’t have to worry about rust that can make your food unhealthy. It has a stainless steel steaming tray and glass lid with stainless steel rim.

7. Panasonic Automatic Rice CookerPanasonic Automatic Rice Cooker


Have you ever dreamed of cooking your delicious rice meal automatically? Panasonic Automatic Rice Cooker makes your dream a reality. These rice cookers come in different sizes with their capacities ranging from 3-cup, 6-cup, 10-cup and 20-cup. You choose the capacity depending on the size of your family.

This food steamer cooks your rice in the correct amount of time. No overcooking or undercooking. It automatically shuts off once the rice is cooked. Another desirable feature about this rice cooker is that it automatically switches to Keep Warm mode to keep your delicious rice hot. You, therefore, don’t need to rush to serve your rice. Just finish whatever you are doing and you will serve later.

Its glass lid enables you to monitor your cooking easily as you can view everything. It is important to note that this rice cooker is not recommended for the brown rice. Also, be sure to clean your rice in a separate pan before putting it the cooker’s non-stick aluminum-coated pan.

6. VonShef Premium Bamboo Food SteamerVonShef Premium Bamboo Food Steamer


You can now create the authentic Chinese cuisine that you crave for right at your home. All this is made possible VonShef premium Bamboo Food Steamer. This food steamer is made of naturally woven bamboo that retains nutrients, moisture, flavor and color of your rice, vegetables, fish and other foods. With its two-tier steamer, you can steam multiple at the same time and this saves your precious time.

5. Aroma Digital Rice CookerAroma Digital Rice Cooker


Who said that cooking cannot be entirely digital when we have Aroma Digital Rice Cooker? Who said that it is not possible to cook your food while you perform other duties when we have Aroma Digital Rice Cooker? This rice cooker produces incredible results and you can consider buying it. You can set your steam time after which it automatically shuts off for safety purposes. You can also set it to steam several items at one time.

Cooking appliances need to be washed for healthy food. Food steamers are not an exception. The manufacturers of Aroma Digital Rice Cooker had this in mind. The rice cooker’s non-stick inner pot is removable and can be washed in the dishwater just like other parts.

4. Aroma Rice Cooker, Food Steamer and Slow CookerAroma Rice Cooker, Food Steamer and Slow Cooker


Ever wondered why people all over the world trust Aroma products? Using Aroma Rice Cooker, Food Steamer and Slow Cooker will quench your curiosity. This product produces perfect results and does not disappoint. It has a capacity of six cups of any variety of uncooked rice. Six cups of uncooked rice usually yield 12 cups of cooked rice. Just like other food steamers from Aroma, this device has digital controls that are easy to use. Some functionalities of these controls include automatic White Rice, Brown Rice, Smart Steam, Slow Cook, Keep-Warm, Oatmeal, and Soup and Cake. For better results, always use the cup that comes along with the product to measure your rice.

3. BELLA Healthy Food SteamerBELLA Healthy Food Steamer


BELLA Healthy Food Steamer allows you steam your food within 30 seconds! If you are those people who are not patient enough to wait for a couple of minutes as your food cooks, then you should go for this food steamer. It has a capacity of 7.4 quarts, and this is large enough to prepare a wide variety of healthy foods without struggling. You can prepare fish, chicken, red meat, vegetables and grains among other foods.

Within those 30 seconds, you can prepare a complete meal by steam different items in the two different baskets. When it comes to steaming vegetables, no steamer can beat BELLA Healthy Food Steamer. It keeps them close to their natural raw state as much as possible, and this helps in retaining their original color, taste, juices and freshness.

The device also has automatic shut off feature that allows you to cook your food safely. Its parts are dishwater safe for easy clean up.

2. Hamilton Digital SteamerHamilton Digital Steamer


Hamilton Digital Steamer is packed with incredible features that make you enjoy steaming food. It has two steaming tiers. In case you are steaming small quantities, one tier is enough for you. You can also choose to use the two tiers if to prepare a complete meal. You can also choose to remove the center dividing the tiers for larger portions of food to fit. You can steam a wide variety of food products such as meat, fish, corn and broccoli.

Once the food is ready, the device automatically switches to “warm” mode. The digital touchpad is another incredible feature that is almost absent in other food steamers. The touchpad makes setting all the functions of the steamer easy. It is no wonder that Hamilton Digital Steamer is one of the common food steamers in many kitchens.

1. Aroma 20-Cup Rice CookerAroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker


Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker is yet another versatile unit from Aroma tops our list. It seems like everyone is going for this digital rice cooker, food steamer and slow cooker. There is no doubt that it is the best food steaming appliance available in the market and that can prepare up to 20 cups of any variety of rice. This device is not limited to preparing rice only. You can use it to steam your vegetables, chicken, meat and other items. It has several incredible features that include a slow-cooking programmable function of about 10 hours. It is this feature that allows this product to give your meal maximum flavor. Other features include a 15-hour delay timer and stay-warm setting all facilitated by its easy-to-use digital controls. It has a non-stick inner cooking pot that is easily removable for quick cleanup in addition to being dishwater safe.

From our short list, you discover that there are different models of food steamers. All of them have different features meaning that they work differently. Knowing the best food steamers in the market is not enough. Most importantly, you must understand your needs as that is what will guide you in purchasing the model that will work for you. Although the models come at different prices, we can assure you that they all fit your budget.