First, let’s start by talking about cycling gloves and what they are used for. A lot of people think that they are just for fashion, but that is not the case. Most riders prefer to wear them than go bare handed.

They are more than an accessory that just “looks cool”. They are meant to provide comfort and hand protection for those bike rides that take longer periods of time or are more strenuous and there is a fall risk. They reduce the amount of shock that travels through the handlebars into your hands, they help to keep your hands dry in the rain and warm in the winter, reduce the risk of road rash or another injury, and reduce friction from the handlebars onto your hands that cause blisters.

Wouldn’t you rather wear gloves than have blisters and sores all over the palms of your hands or road rash on your palms after falling? Cycling gloves can be used by professional bike riders, mountain bikers, casual bikers, women, men, children, they are for everyone, not just for the professional bikers that do it for sport.

Different types of cycling gloves

Most better quality cycling gloves use the gel as the padding in the palms of the gloves. The gel does provide additional comfort, but it is also a good shock absorber to help keep your hands from going numb. Waterproof gloves are a must have for rainy-wet days. They will help to keep your hands from becoming moist. Moisture wicking features also help from allowing sweat to build up on your hands. If cycling for sport, such as mountain biking, non-slip gloves are the go-to.

They prevent your hands from slipping, allowing for better traction and grip of the handlebars. The top 3 cycling gloves for 2017 are Zookie Cycling Gloves, Pearl Izumi-Ride, and Mountain Made Crestone. These 3 brands of gloves have all the qualities professional bikers are looking for. There are all different types of qualities when to look for when choosing cycling gloves. There are types specific for mountain biking, road biking, winter riding, and summer riding. Be sure to choose the type that is right for you.

Advantages of using cycling gloves

If you’re going a short distance, then it can be okay to go barehanded, this can help toughen up your hands and palms. However, friction between you hands and handlebars, especially over longer periods of time, can cause painful blisters.

This is where gloves come in handy,there is no sense in causing yourself more pain than you have to. Gloves also help to ease the vibration of the handlebars on your hands that can cause your hands and/or fingers to go numb. The shocks can also be sent through your arms into your neck and back, which can cause much-unwanted back pain that is avoidable.

When riding during the colder times of the year, they also help to keep your hands warm, after all, they are gloves. Cold hands mean numb hands. If your hands are cold and numb, it is harder to control the break and shifter and keep control of the bike.

They help to protect your hands in the case of a crash. Most people put their hands down first as they are falling out of instinct, and cycling gloves can help to prevent your hands from road rash or more serious cuts and injuries.

Another added feature that some glove makers have taken into consideration is the fact that when riding a bike, your nose intends to run and your face becomes sweaty. Some gloves have an added fleece lining, right at the back of the thumb, that is made for you to wipe your nose on or to run across your forehead and remove sweat.Sounds kind of gross, but in all reality, would you rather wipe your nose on a spot that is for this specific purpose, or on your arm or bare hand? You can’t just stop and pull out a tissue. If none of these advantages of cycling gloves is for you, then you can always wear them to look “cool”. I mean, who doesn’t look just a little bit cooler when riding a bike with a nice new pair of cycling gloves?

How to choose the best cycling gloves for you

Start by figuring out what type of weather you will be riding in. Will it be summer, winter, or will it be raining?

Different gloves offer different types of protection, so its best to determine what all you are wanting your specific gloves to be used for.

Will you be mountain biking or road biking? If mountain biking, choose a glove that has excellent grip (textures on the inside of the palms). While riding down strenuous trails or hopping over large rocks, maintaining control of the steering is the most important factor, and in order to do this, you have to have constant, steady grip on the handle bars.

You also want gloves that are able to withstand any impact in the case that you may fall. There is always a risk of falling or crashing, and you want to be protected in every way possible.

Always make sure to try on gloves before buying, and try on several pairs if needed, you want them to fit snug, if they fit too loose, they will slide up and down on your hands and won’t provide the grip that they are intended to. If you are road biking, make sure to get gloves with padded shock protection.

Road bikes do not have the same suspension that mountain bikes do, therefore the shock can travel from the handlebars into your hands, up your arms, and even into your neck and back, causing un-needed back pain. You can also choose between finger-less and full-finger gloves. Fingerless gloves are more breathable and allow for better feel of the break and shifter. They are also used more in road biking. Full-finger gloves are used more in the winter and by mountain bikers. They offer better protection in the case of a fall.

Top Ten Best Cycling Gloves Reviews

10. Vbiger Outdoor Cycling Glove with touchscreenVbiger Outdoor Cycling Glove with touchscreen


It is designed from a perfect combination of neoprene, nylon talon fabric and PU with the added advantage of EVA padding. These fabrics give the glove special powers including being waterproof, drying, warmth and breathability. They are very comfortable. With all this, it still is fashionable featuring cool embroidery, patches for better grip, easy entry, and durable mesh. It looks modern and trendy.


· They can be used with touchscreen devices

· They are waterproof

· They are warm – best for the winter seasons


· The seams are weak

· The zipper is not as strong as one would like

9. Pearl Izumi Elite Gel GlovesPearl Izumi Elite Gel Gloves


They are made from polyester and nylon in 70% and 30% respectively. It also features synthetic leather which helps make them durable and soft as the polyester and nylon give it a windproof quality. Thanks to the development in technology, they feature a new and improved hoop and loop system with the addition of a wiping surface added to the thumb. This system makes them easy to get on and out of. They add to its practicality as well.


· They protect the Median and Ulnar nerves perfectly for added comfort

· They are durable

· They are ‘air conditioned’ (they remain at just the right temperature).


· You have to use a specific detergent while cleaning it

· The palm degrades way too fast

8. Inbike Gel Pad Cycling GlovesInbike Gel Pad Cycling Gloves


These gloves are made from special fabric; knitted mesh and highly elastic Lycra. These give it improved comfort and breathability. Unlike many gloves in the market, they feature extra padding which works not only to provide additional comfort but also to relieve fatigue and pain while riding. The terry cloth used to the inside of the gloves helps to wipe off sweat with great ease. The Velcro finishing, however, ensures that they can come off with great ease after an along cycle.


· They help relieve pain and fatigue

· You can wipe off the sweat trickling into your eyes and blinding you


· The palm pads are too big for some

· The gloves start fraying way too early and fast

7. Serfas Men RX GlovesSerfas Men RX Gloves


Its material composition is all too unique featuring Lycra, Coolmax, and Cordura in 80%, 10%, and 10% respectively. The fact that they have been designed by doctors explains why they do not cause numbness to the hand and fingers. They feature double stitching and gel padding for greater comfort, flexibility, and durability. Add to this the fact that they are breathable, stretchable and fast wicking and you have yourself a winning pair of gloves. Its designed is made in a way that all the pressure is evenly distributed in the palm. Thus your nerves are safe.


· They ease off the pressure

· Are comfortable and durable


· The Velcro is relatively weak for gloves in their standard

· The finishing is quite disappointing

6. Pearl Izumi Men Select GlovePearl Izumi Men Select Glove


With its synthetic leather palms, these gloves are durable, soft and trendy. They do not cause any pain or stress the palm like many other gloves do. The added gel foam on the palm of these gloves sees to this. As such, you get to cycle for longer without feeling the pressure build up causing you discomfort. But even with all this going on, the palm still makes for a perfect grip and features a small well designed and hidden wiping surface on the thumb.


· Relieve pressure from and protect the palm nerves

· They are highly durable

· They look cool and trendy


· It doesn’t feature a small pocket like its predecessors which helped with putting it on and removing it

· The padding is just not enough

5. QEPAE Unisex Cycling GlovesQEPAE Unisex Cycling Gloves


A quick look at them and you can tell they are professional cycling gloves. They are simple yes, but highly functional. Made from elastic fiber, they feature great breathability and comfort, allowing a cyclist to be at it for hours without getting tired. The feature gel padding to relieve the stress from the hand nerves and to improve on the grip as well.


· They are comfortable

· They are affordable

· Great pressure relief design and feature


· The Velcro wears out and unstitches fast

4. Vbiger Military Fingerless cycling GlovesVbiger Military Fingerless cycling Gloves


From the name you get that they get their inspiration from the military. And like everything else military, this delivers as expected. First off, they are adjustable to fit the size of your wrist making them far more flexible and comfortable than most cycling gloves in the market. They also feature joints on the fingers which provide for better protection. The microfiber, on the other hand, provides a better grip while the liners enhance the glove’s water resistance.


· Improved protection

· Superior service

· They are adjustable

· They can double up as shooting gloves


· Their small size gloves are still considerably larger than for most gloves

3. Mountain Cycling Gloves with Touchscreen abilityMountain Cycling Gloves with Touchscreen ability


Given the fact that they are designed for use in the mountains, you expect one of its features to be high insulation. With this feature, you can keep warm at all times without sweating or losing your grip altogether. To top it all off, the gloves feature a different material from Lycra at their fingertips enabling them to swipe across the screens of tech devices. After all, it wouldn’t make sense or even be safe if you had to remove your gloves to make a call or check your call logs while up the mountain.


· They allow the operation of touchscreen technology

· They keep you warm in cold weather

· They are highly functional and with a perfect grip

· They are durable


· While they are comfortable they lose their grip fast

· Less padding resulting in reduced comfort in long rides

2. Zookki Mountain Cycling GlovesZookki Mountain Cycling Gloves


There isn’t a product that is as functional as this. Looking at the list of features, it is evident that the designers of these gloves spent a great deal of time developing it. It is made from Lycra, mesh clothing, and a triple sandwich mesh clothing on its surface. All these features in different parts of the gloves making them as functional as gloves can be. The Lycra fabric provides great flexibility while the mesh cloth improves its wicking ability.

The fabric on the palm increases protection from shock as well as improves the comfort.


· Great grip and comfort

· Eases pressure


· They look plastic and appear to be floppy.

· It can be hard to get the perfect size

1. Giro Bravo GlovesGiro Bravo Gloves


Being at the top of our list, they are the best there is. They are made from synthetic leather which provides the glove with additional resistance not to mention perfect grip. On the upper side, they feature a ventilation that helps protect your hands from intense heat and cold. The gel on the palm side helps in padding and to protect the nerves from the pressures and shocks of cycling. They feature great quality stitching which makes them one of a kind – a fact that makes sit superior to all other cycling gloves there are.


· They are extremely comfortable and warm

· They have a perfect fit for added comfort

· They are lightweight


· The gloves could use with a bit of extra padding


Cycling gloves are not only designed to help protect against adverse weather or even injuries but also to provide you with comfort and added grip for better performance while cycling. With the many brands available in the market, it is a difficult feat to get the right glove but you should work day and night to ensure that you do. The above-listed cycling gloves should provide you with an idea of how to go about.