So you decided to buy a freshly baked, warm loaf of bread form your local bakery or even to bake your own. For many people, nothing can replace a freshly sliced piece of bread. It has a completely different flavor, texture compared to sliced bread sold in a regular supermarket. Who doesn’t want a crunchy crust and fresh tasting bread. There’s one downside though. You’ll have to do the slicing yourself.

Usually, the most difficult part about having homemade bread, or bakery bread you want to keep fresh is the fact that you can never cut the slices to that ideal thickness all the way through if you do it by hand. So here’s where the bread slicers come in.

But, what is usually meant by a bread slicer? Is it a fancy electric knife, or an aid to cutting the perfect slice? Those more in the know are of the opinion that the knife is not as important as the tool for cutting the right thickness bread. So here are for your consideration some of the best alternatives you currently have on the market for slicing bread. Taken into consideration is not only the fact how efficient a tool is each of the bread slicers, but also how much money you should be paying for it and whether it has any advantage to motivate that price difference.

10. Kitchen Bread Loaf Toast Bun Cutter Slicer

Kitchen Bread Loaf Toast Bun Cutter Slicerbuynowimage

The best priced slicer, probably due to the fact that it does not include a knife. If you are in for precisely cut bread for grilled sandwiches, this might be the slicer for you. It provides consistent thickness of slices out of the four possible thickness choices It is easy and safe to use, provided you keep your fingers clear of the cutting blade.

The customers liking this product are usually the ones who like its reasonable price and the ones that use an electric knife along with it. Those customers who had complaints thought it was flimsy and too suitable for use with a regular knife.

9. Bread Slicer “Yummy Sam”Bread Slicer “Yummy Sam”buynowimage

This is a foldable and adjustable toast bread slicer, sandwich bread loaf slicer, which can also slice bagels as well as ham cheese and some vegetables. It also does not come with a knife and has four different slicing thicknesses. It is made of high quality ABS resin so to be strong and durable. It is set up to keep your away from the blade while cutting.

The users who complained about this product thought it was flimsy and not of high quality plastic. The majority though were satisfied with the fact that it can cut perfect slices out of a home-made bread and the fact that when folded, it takes very little space.

8. HFT Electric Adjustable Food SlicerHFT Electric Adjustable Food Slicerbuynowimage

This is one of the more affordable electric slicers which is not strictly a bread slicer but a multi-purpose slicer. It includes a tray and a fence for safe slicing. The thickness range is from 1/16” to ½”. If you don’t want to bother with a manual slicer and do not want to spend too much, this might be an option to consider.

The customers who liked this product thought it was easy to use and good value for the money, stressing the fact that you don’t need to use an ordinary knife. The customers who complained usually disagreed with its plastic construction.

7. SierraBase LLC Bread Pal Bread SlicerSierraBase LLC Bread Pal Bread Slicerbuynowimage

Some might consider this slicer to pricey for a manual bread slicer, but its construction is very sturdy made out of Maple, Birch and hardwood faced materials. Opening and closing of this slicer is completely and fully automatically self-locking, making it quick to open and just as fast to fold, with no assembly necessary at all. Really easy to use.

The satisfied customers thought that it made perfect slices, whether you want to cut a single slice or the whole loaf at once. Most of them stressed its ease of use and quality build. The complaints were minor and usually pointed to the fact that there is no crumb catching provided and that some of the plastic components should match the quality of the wooden ones.

6. Bread Slicer – Multi-functionalBread Slicer – Multi-functionalbuynowimage

By its looks and based on its limited descriptions this bread slicer might be overlooked, but its compact size and its sturdiness work well in its favor. No knife provided, but the slot can hold practically any knife size.

The customers particularly liked the fact that it is made out of high quality material and that practically any bread made in a bread maker can fit into it.  A very small number disagreed stating that you can only cut smaller loaves with this slicer.

5. eB-01 Kitchen Pro Bread SlicereB-01 Kitchen Pro Bread Slicerbuynowimage

The name might be “Generic” but this bread slicer is simple and very affordable. Probably the slicer with the easiest cleanup, since all you have to do is dump the crumbs from the catcher. Designed to cut perfect slices of bread, particularly from loaves baked in bread machines. It is supposed to slice all bread safely and easily, but you do have to keep your fingers away from the blade.

Price and simplicity are the attracting factors for the buyers of this device. The enthusiastic customers were thrilled, but the disappointed ones thought it was to flimsy and that it falls apart. If on a tight budget, it should be given consideration anyway.

4. “Chef’s Choice” Premium Electric Slicer“Chef’s Choice” Premium Electric Slicerbuynowimage

An electric multi-use slicer that holds the highest price of all presented here. But if the budget is not an obstacle it is a slicer that needs serious consideration. First of all, it is made of cast aluminum and stainless steel and has a powerful, coo-running, high-torque electric motor. It does fast and efficient slicing. All the key parts are removable and easy to clean.

A lot of satisfied customers due to high quality of the machine and the possibility of its multi-purpose use. The satisfied customers also like the fact that the multiple thickness variety makes it easy to use as a bread slicer. There are seldom quibbles among the buyers of this device.

3. “EdgeCraft” Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer“EdgeCraft” Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicerbuynowimage

Another electric multi-purpose slicer with similar characteristics, but just a bit of a smaller price giving it the edge. This premium gear driven food slicer is also made of cast aluminum and stainless steel. It has a large capacity food carriage that retracts fully, making the slicing of a bread loaf of any size no obstacle. It is an extra secure device since the food carriage locks into position, limiting the access to the blade when you are not using the unit.

It is worth pointing to a review, among prevailing positive ones, from a customer who for a long time was in restaurant equipment business, that this home-use slicer is actually of commercial slicer quality. All the positive reviews stress its ease of use and safety. The rare negative reviews usually stated that the machine was inoperative from the box.

2. “Norpro” Bread Slicer and Guide with Crumb Catcher“Norpro” Bread Slicer and Guide with Crumb Catcherbuynowimage

Another more affordable bread slicer only. It includes a removable crumb catcher made out of hardwood, which also serves to steady the slicer and protect counters and tabletops. Although this is a no-frills bread slicer, it does its job properly and almost no mess. Can slice practically a loaf of any size. There are some design limitations, but it is easy to assemble and maintain and has an attractive look.

This slicer is quite popular with people who had problems with slicing before, and almost all the customers liked its crumb removing features.  The customer quibbles centered around the impression that its plastic edges are a bit weak.

1. Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread SlicerBamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicerbuynowimage

The best-seller among the bread slicers. A good combination of features, quality-build and price. The slicer is made from 100% bamboo wood and is very durable. It allows three slice thicknesses for perfectly uniform slices and you can also cut your bread in every other slot for extra thick slices.

The satisfied customers completely agreed with the manufacturer’s descriptions of ease of use and perfect slices. The complaints centered around the fact that a knife can cut into the wood of the slicer.

Final word

Finally, here are some things you should look for when buying a bread slicer:
• The slicer should have a robust construction
• Be sure that the bread can be held firmly so it doesn’t slip
• Check that the bread guide itself will grip the table or is heavy enough not to slip off it
• The slicer should have moveable guides so you can have thin, medium or thick slices
• The slicer should be dishwasher safe
Since freshly sliced bread can make a difference whether you’re about to take a bite out of a good or not so good sandwich, have all this in mind when you are contemplating a bread slicer.