The braid fishing line has become more popular to use in most aspects of fishing than ever before. Most Carp anglers have used it for some time, but now more and more sea anglers are coming to realize the benefits of using a line that has a far greater strength to diameter ratio than any monofilament line.

What is the fishing line made of?

Braided fishing lines are extremely strong. They are made by weaving or braiding man-made fiber materials which make it abrasion resistant. They have thinner braids and are more durable than traditional bonito lines.

Braids used to make fishing lines are very abrasive resistant and of course have a far greater strength to diameter ratio which makes it be less prone to snap under most pressures.

Some braids are available with just a 0.28 mm diameter to 100lb breaking strain! With less diameter than monofilament, braid has less water resistance and therefore is better in a tidal pull as found at different stages of the tide and in deep water. This is the reason why braid is often used in boat fishing by a lot of anglers.

With fewer diameters it is less sensitive to wind, having a better resistance to cross winds etc than monofilament. You don’t get as much drift or drag on the line.

Best Fishing Line Brand

There are quite a number of braided fishing line brands and here are 5 top braided fishing line brands that are currently available in the market today.

1. Power pro microfilament line

Electricity Pro is widely regarded as the most popular brand of braided line available. They have several different options in conditions of line material, thickness and strength.

This brand of line is created specifically not to have many of the normal problems that some braided lines come with.

They are tangle resilient, gentle online guides and reels and can be used for both spinning and bait casting applications. Power Pro line does indeed not stretch. This makes it exquisite for situations where fishermen need to feel even the slightest draw. There are many different test and length options available.

2. Spider wire Stealth

This line is made with microfibers which may have been treated with Teflon. This is a line that is meant for casting purposes and retrieving.

Many of the fishermen get marveled by the strength of Spider Wire collection and routinely report capturing fish over its test limit quite easily. This popular line for use in many salt water fishing situations.

3. berkley fire Line

This line made for a spinning reel or baitcasting fly fishing reel is known for their smoothed braids. This smoothness characteristic allows it to glide swiftly through the normal water while minimizing the reel damage that some wrapped lines can cause.

The ease with which Berkley Fire Line can be seen in the water is one reason why anglers have become to like it so much. It really is great for fishing situations where the line may be challenging to see. These situations could include areas where waters are becoming muddy or produced over by thick crops.

4. stren sonic fishing braid

Stren sonic fishing braid usually comes in a sky blue and clear color and possess a fluorescent appearance in the water.

It is simple to knot but still maintains a very firm and non-stretching feel that users of braided fishing line desire so much. Sonic Braid is a kind of line that many fisherman claims cast very far without much effort.

5. Suffix 832 fishing braid.

This braided fishing line is known for its very tiny line width and its ability to float on the water while remaining undetected by fish. This comes in an inexperienced color that blends easily with most waters. This is a very tightly braided fishing line and has at least 30 braids per inch.

These weaves are done with eight different dietary fiber types. The line of this strength and thinness are simply perfect for situations where fishers want to keep their lines from getting complicated in vegetation growing in the water.

These are the five of the most well-known and highly used types of braided fishing lines on the market. All these are thin, durable options for any spinning fishing reel or bait casting reel sport fishing scenario. It is important for fishermen to learn a few different options in regards to fishing lines.

Some of them may be better than others for the different type of fishing they do most often. They are being used in many specialty situations where a stronger, more noticeable or even less obvious line option is needed. They are mostly used for both bait casting and spinning reels.

How to Tie Braided Fishing Line.

Measure 15 cm of loop line and move it through the vision of the hook or swivel, then use the thumb and forefinger to lock the higher part, making a circular loop. Over the circular part, make two more extra loops, hold these to involving the thumb and fore little finger.

Take the end and pass it through the two loops you’ve just made plus the first loop you made in first. Draw the knot into form and work it down the vision of the hook or the swivel.

But there are certain downsides to tying braided fishing line as well.

Tying knots on a braided fishing line is very difficult. It is slippery, and the knot comes off, only a few particular knots can be tied if you can do them properly. These lines are also very visible in the water. It is tough to cut braid, you need to carry a pair of scissors with you, a clipper would not do.

However, if you are fishing in heavy water vegetation like hydrilla, lily pads, braids will cut through the stems of these plants without the fish tangling you up. Braided fishing lines will meet your needs if you are fishing for large fish or need to cast long distances. But somehow not a lot of people prefer it.

Here are the top ten braided fishing line we want to recommend to you.

10. The MagicShield Super DyneemaThe MagicShield Super Dyneema


MagicShield Braided Line comes in Black color and is considered one of the best in its price range. It has a length of 500M, while it can hold weights of up to 100Lbs.


· Made up from the strongest Dyneema material.


· Has failed to live to the lifting capacity as advertised failing in between 35-55 lbs.

· The black color is easily visible to fishes.

· Falls short of the 500M line length.

9. Bravefishermen Super Strong Braided LineBravefishermen Super Strong Braided Line


Made using the Fluoropolymer, this line comes in a variety of colors and lengths, to hold multiple levels of weight and uses, between 10LBs – 100LBs and lengths from 100M – 1,000M. It uses PE Microfibers, which makes its construction super strong and round.


· Uses a proprietary color enhancing process.

· Light, water absorbing and non-stretchable.


· Complaints of knot breaking and not suitable for heavy lifting.

· Hands may catch color at times.

· Can be on the thicker side as compared to others.

8. Sougayilang Multifilament PE SuperbraidSougayilang Multifilament PE Superbraid


This PE coated braided fishing line comes with a variety of colors to suit your needs. The length is fixed at 500M, but the line capacity can vary from 12LBs – 72LBS, which makes it one of the most realistic braided lines in comparison to its weight as advertised.


· Comes in Multicolor: Green Yellow, Grey, Black.

· Does not glow in water due to PE coating.

· Has zero stretch and water absorption.

· Has super strong four strands worth of braided lines.

· Comes with a 60-day return policy and refund.


· Can break easily under extreme pressures

· Color degradation a high possibility.

7. KastKing SuperPower 8 Strand Braided LineKastKing SuperPower 8 Strand Braided Line


Considered one of the best-braided lines around, this KastKing SuperPower line has a lot going in its favor. It has a proper length to capacity ratio, having 1000M, for the capacity of 120LBs. It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater conditions. Moreover, its 8 Strand has been coated and made by using Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber technology and materials.


· Has round and smooth edges for easy handle and carry.

· Comes in multiple colors for all kinds of water and weather conditions.

· 8-strand line stronger than competitors.

· Can be used for professional purposes apart from fishing.


· Can break if not connected through a correct knot.

· Not easily available.

6. Spectra PE Braided LineSpectra PE Braided Line


Although it comes in one color that is Moss Green, this braided line has options that can suit any type of fishing environment. Its length can vary from 100m – 2,000m, and depend on the length, fishermen and professionals can get line capacity of 6Lb – 2000LBs, comprising of up to 8 strands for super durability. PE coated dyneema material ensures that the braidline remains strong and tension free.


· Water absorbing and easy to handle.


· The braid line is thicker in comparison to others.

· Color not exactly moss green and can bleed in hands.

· Increased length can result in more entangling.

5. Piscifun 4/8 Strand Fishing LinePiscifun 4/8 Strand Fishing Line


Considered one of the most premium fishing lines, this braided line has the ability to come in a variety of colors, as well as both varying lengths and capacities. It can vary from 150yards and 150LBs to 400M and 150LBs, as well as 300yarsds and 150LBs. Moreover, it can be found in 4 and eight strands, depending on its length and capacity ratios. High-quality materials have bene sued to fabricate the lines, to make them stronger and more stress absorbing.


· Comes in colors such as Grey, Black, Multicolor, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White.

· Small diameter, rounded edges, with zero stretches.

· Lower cost and better quality.


· The thin line is easy to break after consecutive use.

· Color can fade and tend to fade off rather quickly.

· Some form of chemical smell observed.

4. Emmakites Kelvar String Braided LineEmmakites Kelvar String Braided Line


This fishing line has been made up from the toughest and highest strength synthetic Kevlar fiber. The multi strands can absorb high stress and make it more durable and easy to unravel. However, the fishing line is good for a variety of work such as camping, kites, and fishing. Can cope with 100bs – 2,000Lbs worth of line capacity.


· Kevlar can have superb water resistance, especially when in salt water.

· Comes in varying strands for more durability.

· Considerably thin for its material.


· Extremely thin line, can damage hands and flesh if not handled properly.

3. Power Pro Braided Fishing LinesPower Pro Braided Fishing Lines


Designed using the most enhanced spectra fiber technology, this braided line is super strong, and one of the set in class. It comes in varying lengths such as 150yards to 1,500yards. It also has a maximum line holding a capacity of 100Lbs. Can be suitable for throwing reels.


· Comes in different colors such as Moss Green, Vermillion Red, and Hi-Vis Yellow.

· Thin Microline design.

· Has Built in cutter feature with an arbor tape in the package.


· Lines can be easily broken.

· Knots can slip due to a smooth texture.

2. FyshFlyer Sturdy Super Power LinesFyshFlyer Sturdy Super Power Lines


Designed using the most advanced Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE), this braided fishing line is one of the strongest that can be bought. With 15 times, sturdier strands, the lines are super resistive to pressure and stress, while being water resistant at the same time. It comes in 6 varying weight capacities, starting from 8LBs and ending at 60LBs.


· Comes in variety of diameters for different fishing conditions

· Comes in 6 types of colors.

· Is ultraviolet, chemicals, and moist resistant.


· Extremely thin, can cut through the skin if not managed properly.

1. Spiderwire StealthSpiderwire Stealth


Spiderwire products have constantly performed at the highest benchmark and have set a standard for others to follow. Although a bit expensive, it comes in a wide variety of lengths and line capacities. The Dyneema and Fluoropolymer treated microfiber technology has been applied to make this line super strong and highly resistive to any entangles and breaks. Moreover, it has been treated stealth fishing modes.


· Color lock technology can help keep the line new.

· Can be used in saltwater and lakes.

· Zero stretches and break.


· One of the most stiffest of lines available.

· Color can fade with time, although it is advertised as color locked.


Braided lines are always going to be thick, but it is important to look at their diameter and smoothing when buying them. It is highly advisable to look for PE coated lines since they are better water resistant and do not catch erosion, and a blue or green colored one will serve your purpose at getting invisible to the fish while in water.