Every parent is happy to have a baby since this is the greatest gift any parent can have. One of the important thing every mother should do to her baby is to breastfeed him or her. Every mother should breastfeed her baby for at least six months. Breastmilk is the best food a baby can have, and its benefits extend beyond the basic nutrition.

Apart from providing your child with nutrients and vitamins required by your baby, breast milk also contains substances that help protect the baby from diseases. For as much as breastfeeding may be substantial, several reasons may make a mother not be in a position to breastfeed her baby. In such a circumstance, the next best option is to bottle feed your child. This article is going to talk about talk about one great appliance that helps parents to make sure that their baby gets breast milk and the baby’s formula. This product is a bottle warmer.

What is a bottle warmer?

A bottle warmer is a baby product that helps you to heat up the baby’s formula, liquid food or milk. This device is designed to keep the temperatures constant and not make it too cool or too cold for the baby. The appliance is similar in size and weight with a kettle. It has an opening on the top where you can insert the bottle. Once you put on the switch, it usually heats the bottle. The appliance works the same as a steam kettle or iron. You need first to fill the warmer with some water depending on the size of the bottle that you want to heat. Once the water inside the warmer boils, the steam will heat the bottle hence making the food inside the bottle warm.
You don’t have to put a lot of water to the warmer. Actually, the appliance comes with a measuring tube. The bottle warmer is calibrated allowing you to put the correct amount of water. You should note that it may take some time before the water boils. However, this doesn’t mean that it will consume a lot of time. In fact, it will heat the bottle faster than when using a pot to heat the bottle.

Advantages of Bottle Warmer

A baby bottle warmer has several benefits than you cannot even imagine. This appliance can be seen as a sleeper product since unless you have used it and experienced how much time it can free you, you can never realize its benefits.
Here are some of the advantages of a bottle warmer:
Speed – if you choose the best bottle warmer like the top three best bottle warmers with the best rates then it will be able to heat very fast. Actually, it will only take three minutes. A bottle warmer is also ideal for heating breast milk as it will not overheat it or damage it.
Convenience – a bottle warmer provides you with a convenient way of heating baby formula. It can be cumbersome and time-consuming, and it will be difficult to deal with a hungry and crying baby at the same time. The bottle warmer is designed to heat up the bottle quickly causing no inconveniences. There even some models with extra features that enables you to set up the bottle warmer to next bottle in time so as to avoid keeping the baby hungry.
Consistency – mothers should be very keen when heating breast milk. This is because overheating it with a microwave will destroy the nutrients that it has. If you use a microwave to heat breast milk, it changes its composition making it lose its nutrients. Heating it with a stove is also is also inappropriate since it cause a central spike in temperature which causes the milk to break. A bottle warmer provides a lot of consistency for the mother and the baby, as the bottle is always the same temperature each time.

Different Types of Bottle Warmers

There are several different types of bottle warmers available in the market today. Majorly, there are three styles of baby bottle warmers namely; portable, countertop, and travel styles. Each one of these styles serves a major purpose. Parents who find bottle warmers very useful even opt to get two styles one to be kept at home and another one to be used when traveling to heat the bottle when the baby gets hungry on the road.
Portable bottle warmers – this kind of units work very well all over the house and are specifically designed to be easy to move and compact. That sort of bottle warmers come with a battery allowing you charge it and use it whenever you are out of the house. You should, therefore, check if the one you have chosen has a battery if you want a portable bottle warmer.
Counter top bottle warmers – these types of baby bottle warmers are perhaps the popularly used ones. Such kind of bottle warmers is of a medium size allowing them to sit on the nursery dresser or the kitchen counter with ease. Some of these styles of bottle warmers have an extra feature of a bottle cooler which is a greater feature especially when it comes to night feedings.
Travel bottle warmers– this types of baby bottle warmers can either work off battery power or more commonly, they can plug right into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. They are very useful especially during vacations, when the parents are having a lot of commuting or errands to take care of or when they are visiting friends or relatives.

The travel baby bottle warmers can take around ten to fifteen minutes to heat the bottle. You should, therefore, be sure to warm the bottle in time to avoid keeping the baby hungry.

When you have a baby, you should always make sure that he or she is fed and buying the best bottle warmer will be of great assistance to you. This is because, with a bottle warmer, you will always make sure that the baby’s food is the right temperature and the baby can have it when he or she is hungry.

Some of the great models in the market that you can buy include Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer, Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer, Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer among other.

Among the baby products that parents easily ignore and overlook is the baby bottle warmer. Still, even those who don’t forget its importance find it tough to make a choice as there are varieties of types and styles in the market. This situation is especially a hard nut to crack if you are a new parent.

However, with the right information, you can easily navigate the numerous choices and settle on one that will serve you and your baby correctly. To help you save your time, money and energy as well as make a perfect choice, we have lined the most popular and best bottle warmers. Here they are:

10. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer


If you desire a fast way to warm your baby’s milk efficiently, then Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer is the best pick for you. This bottle contains a large space inside to ensure most jars and bottles fit correctly. With an alarm clock that goes off at the preferred temperature mark, Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer leaves you assured of its efficiency. Night time feedings are convenient and comfortable, thanks to its LCD panel light. For convenience and future feedings, this unique bottle warm also gives you an added advantage of saving your preferred heating time in a memory. This feature is particularly important if you are on a set routine.

-The Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer is a significantly easy to operate the product. -Unlike other bottle warmers, it does not require frequent water refills.

-It’s a top rated product to Efficiently and quickly warm food jars and baby bottles.

-Its Steam heat warms up various bottles before you are required to fill the water chamber.

-It has an Adjustable basket that fits different sizes of baby bottles.

-Contains an easy-to-use LCD control panel which automatically powers off after every 10 minutes idle mode.

-Easy to reset settings for new size bottles.


-For use in USA and Canada only.

9. Maxx Elite Intel-A-Temp

Maxx Elite Intel-A-Temp


Although a sleek and digital design, the Maxx Elite Intel-A-Temp is quite uncomplicated and easy to operate. The bottle warmer which can be used as a bottle sterilizer stands as a top user-friendly baby item in its category.

The Maxx Elite Intel-A-Temp bottle warmer presents you with a range of 25 Degrees Celsius to 99 Degrees Celsius, thus giving you total control over the temperatures you set, considering the delicate nature of breast milk.

-The four auto temperature settings allow you to warm milk quickly and automatically at your preferred temperature.

-It has increased heating times.

-Gentle warming, simple to use and impressive results.

-It has a swift and gentle warming feature that preserves healthy milk fats, vitamins, nutrients, suitable antibodies, and minerals.

-Its auto-shut off swings into action when the water inside the warmer runs low.



8. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer

Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer


The Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer is one of the most portable and best choices at the moment. Although considered one of the cheapest and most basic warmers, it is significantly efficient. It is an excellent choice for people who heat bottles on rare occasions or those who those who travel a lot.

To effectively heat the bottle, it has a protective layer that is surrounded by boiling water. The Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer functions just like a thermos.

– It heats up quickly and stays warm for hours.

-Conveniently stores hot water for heating food and bottles on the go.

-It does not require electricity, thus convenient for use while traveling.

-The thermal flask which does not need an external warming source keeps water warm naturally.

-Its Portability and convenience make it ideal for travel.


-It gives you no control over the temperature. Just Like a thermos flask, you must be extra careful to keep the warmer upright while transporting, or you risk hot water leakage from the cap.

7. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer


The Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer design incorporates fast speed and low-temperature heating to ensure the nutrients in breast milk are not destroyed. Its SAFE HEAT feature also allows milk to be heated to the same temperature every time.

The turn dial timer on the Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer cuts out heating at a required point, making sure you do not risk overheating.

Besides the slots that contain breast milk storage bags, its timer also has extended times to enable you to defrost the milk.


-It provides a Safer and easier warming, thus creating a flowing warm water bath that quickly thaws and warms breast milk according to USDA guidance.

-It has a Long Lasting Reservoir.

-It has an Easy-to-use timer with an intuitive interface which lets you establish how much time is remaining to have the meal ready.

-The auto shutoff feature on this warmer shuts off completely and removes the heat source from the bottle when the time elapses. This means even if you are busy your bottle won’t be overheated.

-Universal Warming Chamber – this product can safely accommodate formula, glass, breast milk, storage bags, liner bottles, plastic, and even food jars.


-It is slightly slower to heat the bottle than the other models. This is attributed to its design that ensures the milk is uniformly heated to prevent heat spots scalding your baby. For this reason, you need to be ahead of time so that your child has a warm bottle of milk, or else you risk upsetting her.

6. Cuisinart BFM-1000 Food Maker & Bottle Warmer

Cuisinart BFM-1000 Food Maker & Bottle Warmer


The Cuisinart BFM-1000 Food Maker & Bottle Warmer makes the entire process of preparing homemade meals for your baby easy. Besides steaming baby food, the unit also lessens your stress by pureeing in a 4-cup work bowl. The in-built bottle warmer safely heats your child’s bottle the exact desired temperature.

For healthy meal planning, this item comes with a recipe booklet.


-Steam blade creates a uniform steam distribution for quicker and more efficient results.

-It has a powerful motor for fast steaming and precise chopping.

-Contains Bowl seal that prevents spitting and improves steaming.


-None whatsoever.

5. BW-10 Baby Bottle Warmer by Cuisinart- For a Fast and Easy FunctioningBW-10 Baby Bottle Warmer by Cuisinart


If you are looking for a warmer with a fast heating of formula or breast milk, the Cuisinart Baby Bottle Warmer would be a wise choice to invest in. It uses steam to warm the bottle to the desired temperature in a considerably shorter time. Steam warmers have an internal heating plate that evenly generates steam in the container and heats up the milk really fast.

The warmer is highly versatile as it can accommodate milk bottles of any size and shape. Moreover, you can also use it to heat food contained in the jar basket of the warmer. This makes it useful when your baby stops feeding on milk. The Cuisinart bottle warmer has integrated measuring cups that aids in easy storage and use. The night light is an added advantage that makes heating baby food easy and convenient during the night and reduces a lot of effort at your end.

Travel-friendly compact design
Heats up milk in less than a minuteEasy to use and clean
Good for any material, size and shape of the bottle
Comes with 3 years warranty

Uses steam which may not evenly distribute the heat inside the container
Accidental spills from the warmer may cause burns

4. Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler by Born Free- A Single Solution for Both Warming and CoolingTru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler by Born Free


The modern Born Free Tru- Temp Bottle Warmer is an innovative product that may add loads of convenience to baby feeding. The product features an insulated cooler along with a bottle warmer in one unit that allows you to feed your baby anywhere, anytime. The insulated cooler basket has space for two bottles that can be prepared in advance and stored for a later use. As soon as you feel the need of feeding your baby, just take it out from the cooler basket and place it on the bottle warmer.

The Tru-Temp bottle warmer is extremely easy to use. It automatically calculates the heating time by measuring the dial of the bottle to eliminate any guesswork. Due to this, it warms the milk at the perfect temperature every time. The large water chamber does not need filling water every time you use it. Once filled, the bottle warmer can use it for a day or two.

Restores the nutrients of breast milk and formula milk
Heats evenly
Simple usage
Both cooling and heating features available
Easy to fill
Auto shut off

Takes almost three minutes to completely heat the milk
Compatible with bottles from Born Free, Tommee Tippee, Avent Classic, Avent Natural, Joovy, Medela, Brown’s Wide Mouth, Evenflo Wide Neck and Chicco only

3. Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer by Munchkin- Make Traveling More FunTravel Car Baby Bottle Warmer by Munchkin


The Munchkin Travel Car Bottle Warmer is a must have if you spend a lot of time traveling by car. As compared to other travel warmers, this one is well constructed, solid and durable. The product can be plugged in the car adapter for using the electricity to heat the formula or breast milk.

The bottle warmer is designed in a way to prevent spills in the car is and extremely safe for use. It is important to understand that this car warmers take a longer time to heat the milk as with most other travel warmers. It is due to the fact that enormous heat can be dangerous in a moving vehicle and may cause harm. It is hand manipulated and heats up the bottle in 20 minutes. Refrigerated milk may take longer to warm. It can be helpful if you know the time when you need to feed your baby and warm it beforehand. Altogether it is a great buy for long on road travels.

Compact and sturdy design
Reduces the hassles of feeding on roadCan heat bottles of any size and shape
Light weight makes it easy to carry

Takes longer than usual to warm the milk

2. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer, Fast- A Bottle Warmer With Defrost SettingPhilips AVENT Bottle Warmer


The bottle warmer from Philips AVENT is an amazingly useful product to warm your baby’s milk and food. The stylish design adds luxury to your kitchen along with great features that enable you to save time for other essential work. The warmer has a fast heating power and makes the milk ready in just three minutes. The best function featured by the bottle warmer is the capability to defrost the food instantly without affecting its nutrients, which can be great for a fast meal. It is easy to operate with a neon light that lets you know if the product is working.


Fast and even heating Comes with a defrost setting Easy operation Compact and portable 2 years warranty

Does not have a timer

1. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer- The Best Bottle Warmer To OweThe First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer


The Quick Serve Bottle Warmer from The First Years fulfills all the factors of a perfect warmer such as efficiency, versatility, safety, portability, and simplicity. It is one of the best products to invest in as a new parent and will provide you a complete peace of mind. Talking of its efficiency, it can warm formula milk, breast milk, and baby food in a safe way. It is versatile enough to work with all kind of bottles including disposable ones. It does not ruin the breast milk due to overheating.

Moreover, you may sterilize the pacifiers using the basket with the lid. It comes with a user manual with a table to know how much water is needed for a particular size of the bottle. This makes the bottle warmer simple to use while eliminating any guesswork. With this warmer convenience and never be so easy.

Well Constructed
Super fast heating
Works with most bottles
BPA Free
Auto Shut Off
Can be used to sterilize pacifiers

May not work well if the amount of water is inadequate for the size of the bottle as mentioned in the manual. So, you may have to refer the chart as often as needed.

Bottle Warmer Buyers’ Guide

Buying a bottle warmer can be a surprisingly stressful process, as is the case with purchasing any product associated with childcare. There are always seemingly infinite options, making it difficult to determine which is the best, which the best is all we want for our children.

Picking out the right bottle warmer can be especially difficult since there are potential dangers lurking for babies should parents choose the wrong one.

Some models might not heat the bottle evenly, leaving so-called hot spots that can scald an infant’s tongue. Also, for those using breast milk, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has set forth specific guidelines for the warming of breast milk so to not damage its inherent nutrients, the imperative direction being to avoid microwaves at all costs. So laid out below is a guide of features to consider when making your bottle warmer purchase.


Unlike other baby products, which typically have a wide price range that can extend into the hundreds or thousands, bottle warmers luckily is much cheaper, and, believe it or not, there is quite a big difference between the cheaper models than the more expensive ones. These differences include overall size, how easy they are to use, portability, and the technology employed that actually warms the bottle, which can lead to more evenly warmed bottles and faster warming times.

If you are looking to be able to warm multiple bottles at once (such as if a parent is handling twins, triplets, and so on, or has multiple kids still on the bottle), the more expensive models might be worth the consideration, since they also typically work faster and more efficiently. However, if you are in need of a basic bottle warmer that you do not plan to use a ton, cheaper models can be just what you need.

Temperature Control

Perhaps the most important feature of any bottle warmer is that it is able to effectively warm bottles to drinkable temperatures. Some of the more-basic models simply require that a bottle should be warmed for a set amount of time followed by five to ten minutes of rest for cooling before the contents are offered to a baby. This cooling period is intended to allow hot spots to dissipate, making the bottle temperature uniform throughout.

These types of bottle warmers can be frustrating for new parents who are dealing with a hungry baby, as it can mean that it takes close to 20 minutes before a bottle is ready.

However, higher-end models can guarantee a set temperature within only a few degrees (dependent on outside factors, such as air pressure, elevation above sea level, and the environment’s temperature). Some of the nicer models that promise speedy warming also provide a temperature regulator, which keeps a bottle’s contents at a stable temperature once it reaches the desired temperature.

Other models might provide an automatic-shutoff function that turns the device off once the bottle reaches the desired temperature. This is a nice safety feature that prevents a warmer being accidentally left on all day, but it is still not as nice as the aforementioned function that can stabilize a bottle’s temperature after it has been adequately warmed.


It’s important to know how a bottle warmer will be used. If you know that you will be a parent often on the move, buying a bottle warmer that can go wherever you go should definitely be a high priority. Thankfully, most portable models are relatively inexpensive. They also usually do not require any electricity to function properly, which sets such devices up for easy use.

However, it is important to note that these portable models are compact in size, for easy moving. This means that they often lack the reservoir size to handle multiple bottles or food jars at once. They are also usually built to be used less frequently than standard models, which may explain their relative inexpensiveness.

Ability to Handle More Than Just Milk

Suppose you have an infant restricted to breast milk and a young toddler who still enjoys mainly baby food. Would it not be nice to have a device that can simultaneously warm a bottle and a jar of baby food? Some models fit only one bottle at a time and are even constructed to handle only certain bottle shapes, thus limiting the device’s applicability to the above situation.

Not surprisingly, the more expensive bottle warmers can typically handle more than just bottles, which reservoir shapes that can also fit baby food jars, storage bags, liner bottles, and other glass or plastic containers.

Hand in hand with this feature is the actual reservoir size. The more basic models require that users precisely measure out water amounts each time a bottle is being warmed. Other models have larger reservoirs that do not require this step every time, as they are able to reuse the water from the previous cycle and are able to hold significantly more water and, thus, more items to be warmed.

Approach to Bottle Warming

Last, it is imperative to understand exactly how your bottle warmer will actually heat items. For example, the CDC advises that warmers should utilize flowing water in a manner that gently swirls breast milk inside the bottle to ensure that the liquid is heated evenly as well as that no damage comes to the milk’s vital nutrients. The more expensive models use breakthrough technologies to provide high-speed warming through low-temperature water and built-in timers to prevent overheating. Such brands include Kiinde, Maxx Elite, and Born Free.


While the buying process is indeed wrought with nuances, it can be made exponentially easier if one knows exactly what is desired in a bottle warmer. Thankfully, the price range is not extremely wide, making it easier to justify spending just a little extra on a nicer model. It also makes it easier to justify maybe getting two models, one that is on the high-end side that will be used strictly at home, in a stationary position, and a lesser model that has been made for easy transport for those days that you are on the go. Understanding how much and what exactly you will be using the bottle warmer for is also imperative when making your decision about which model to get, as some can handle a vast array of items whereas others handle only bottles. Overall, it comes down to knowing what is best for you and your child.