When it comes to the safety of your child, there is nothing more important than that. You want to ensure that your toddler is in the safest hands possible when you are busy doing something else and they are sleeping or just resting. The safety of your child when you are not necessarily in the vicinity is imperative so that they can always enjoy your love as well as comfort despite the distance that might be between you two.

Of course, it does not mean that the distance is miles but just a couple of rooms away, or you are just busy doing something else. Their nap is also crucial which will ensure that they grow up in a healthier fashion.

Therefore, ensuring that the rest is uninterrupted as well as smooth is important for you as the parent. This is where the Bassinet comes in. It will guarantee the safety of your child so that you do not have to worry about anything while they are asleep. Your mind at ease when the baby is asleep is important for you as well so that you do not have to be all worked up about where you put the baby.

What A Bassinet Is?

So, you might have had the question, what is a Bassinet? It is a good question to ask yourself especially if you are a parent, about the safety of your child.

The fact that a bassinet can allow the child to sleep next to you while still being able to be comfortable and you continuing ay work that you might be doing, then a bassinet is not just something that you should ignore. It will allow the child to sleep comfortable within your reach or even further off comfortably so that you may not worry about them.

With enough safety features and a horde of comfort capabilities, you are sure that this is exactly what your child needs to enable them to have that nap that is paramount to all babies’ health. So, basically what a bassinet is, is a wicker cradle for the baby and in most cases, it has a hood. With such features, it should be surprising that as a parent you might not have this because it is paramount and you do need it. Below you will get to see the many advantages that a bassinet holds.

Benefits of Using a Bassinet.

A baby is better off in a bassinet than a crib and here are the benefits of using one.

– Keep Your Infant Close To You

The monitoring of your infant at all times is essential, and that is exactly what a bassinet does. You will be able to have your child close to you at all times when they are taking a nap and the fact that it is portable, you can move them just easily from one room to the other.

– Safety

The safety of the baby as emphasized from the beginning is important, and that is why when shopping for any baby item you maintain a standard of safety. This exactly what a bassinet offers as t has a variety of safety features. Features such as an extra padded cradle will help keep the baby even more comfortable as they take a nap.

– Affordable

This is one the best advantages that you will come across of having a bassinet. This is because it is affordable and it allows you to delay buying a crib or avoid getting one altogether. Not every parent can afford every single piece of baby furniture and get one that takes the place of two or three can be welcome. This is exactly what a bassinet does, and if you are unwilling or don’t have much to spend, then it can replace a lot of baby furniture.

– Exciting and fun styles

They come in a wide variety of styles that you can get to choose from which do add a bit of color and style to the room that you keep them in. It doesn’t matter where you decide to place them depending on the style that you have chosen; it will be aesthetic in that room.

– Compact

If you do not have much space in your home for all sorts of baby furniture, then you are in luck with a bassinet as you can place it almost anywhere and it won’t take up much room. You can move it around as well as it can fit any small space that you put it at.

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Bassinet?

Keeping your child in your room for the first six months is imperative, and that is what the safe-sleep recommendations require. This is where a bassinet comes in, and you can keep the baby in it for this period before you switch to a crib.

Tips To Choose The Best Bassinet.

There are some numerous things that you need to consider to choose the best bassinet.

– Mesh Walls

These ensure that there is enough airflow from the outside to the inside of the bassinet. It also guarantees that the baby does not fall off and they are as safe as can be while they are asleep and get good airflow.

– Clean Materials

During the initial stages of an infant’s life, there will be a lot of sleeping, and it is during this period that they need to be in a clean environment. They tend to put a lot of things into their mouths, and you need to ensure that the bassinet you are getting is always clean. The materials that come into contact with the baby’s skin also need to be looked keenly into.

– Cleaning

As you have seen in the previous thing top consider before buying a bassinet, cleanliness is important. This is why you should get a bassinet that is easy to clean which will enable you to clean it efficiently as often as possible to guarantee that your child sleeps in a germ-free environment free of any harm to them.

Top Ten Best Bassinets Reviews In 2017

10. Graco Dream Suit BassinetGraco Dream Suit Bassinet


The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet in Mason is definitely more than meets the eye. This bassinet is a reversible changer and bassinet all in one! Hence, saving you a coveted nursery space. This cozy bassinet is equipped with two speeds of vibration to soothe the baby to which you can find the right setting to soothe the baby. Plus the four locking wheels this bassinet can be effortlessly moved around the house hence you can always have your baby close to you.

Moreover, this bassinet is fitted with a canopy that blocks out light, allows air flow and visibility with the mesh sides and entertains your baby when awake with soft toys. In addition, this bassinet changer feature is easy to clean and wipe the fabric and is ideal for infants under 30lbs while the bassinet is ideal for infants up to 15lbs.


• Canopy for shade protection

• Four locking bassinet for convenient movement

• All inclusive bed cares features

• Extended use changer


• The lever to flip the changer is not made easy to flip

9. Arm’s Reach Ideal Arc Original Co-Sleeper Bassinet, NaturalArm’s Reach Ideal Arc Original Co-Sleeper Bassinet


This bassinet is a unique creation that began with the need to find the safest sleeping environment for baby. In order to provide parents with the complete baby care sleeping system. This bassinet is not only designed to be safe and secure for baby, but it is also quite functional.

The Arm’s Reach Ideal Arc Original Co-Sleeper Bassinet securely attached to the parental bed hence offering great access to baby throughout the night. Additionally, it is fitted with 4 soft breathable mesh sides that allow air flow, plus it features a removable and washable liner, includes a carry bag making it easy to carry it around, fitted sheets and a mattress.

In addition to being used as a bassinet, it can be expediently used as a playard and a co-sleeper.


• Multi-functional

• Four breathable mesh sides

• Washable and removable liner

• Includes fitted sheets and mattress

• Comes with a carry bag


• Mattress is rock hard and not ideal for baby

8. Contours Classique Wood BassinetContours Classique Wood Bassinet


This bassinet combines a classic style ith convenient baby friendly features. First off, it is a 3 in 1 functional bassinet that is made from a durable wood frame in a dark cherry finish that provides both stability and elegance in your home.

Moreover, it handles a Moses basket that is easily removable thus giving you the chance to carry your baby anywhere in the house. It also features a changing table that secures attaches on the top of the bassinet and can be put away at the bottom of the bassinet when not in use. Plus, it features a quilted and padded mesh side windows interior that allows air flow. A diaper stacker and hanging deluxe storage feature is also included to make it handy.


• Elegant style and stability

• Changing table

• A quilted mesh for proper air flow

• Diaper stacker

• Hanging storage


• Improperly placed metal wires

7. Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood BassinetSummer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet


This bassinet is simply a timeless collection to any nursery. It is designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your baby during their first early months of life. This bassinet does this through a variety of features such as calming sounds and vibrations that calm the baby and help lull them to sleep.

Other useful features include a large storage basket with an adjustable canopy, wheels that conveniently allow you to move the bassinet around the house, a quilted bassinet with eye-catching embroidery detail and a sheet included.

This bassinet is ergonomically designed with an Espresso stained hardwood that makes an appreciated décor statement.


• Soothing sounds, vibrations and calming melodies

• Effortless wheels

• Timeless Espresso design

• Large storage basket

• Quilted bassinet

• Adjustable canopy


• Beautiful but not long lasting

6. Delta Sweet Beginnings Children’s BassinetDelta Sweet Beginnings Children’s Bassinet


This bassinet from Delta breaks the norm of the ordinary and features a unique gorgeous leaf pattern that depicts a sleek profile with elegant fabrics.

This bassinet is designed for infants up to 15 pounds and includes a large 2 section for essential baby items, a comfortable sleeping area with fitted sheets, an adjustable and removable canopy plus soothing and calming nightlight and music to keep your baby at ease.

In addition to these amazing features, this bassinet is made of firm polyester fiber pads and steel frame with machine washable fabric all in an expedient lightweight frame with locking casters that provide enough room for baby.


• Meets or exceeds all CPSC and ASTM Standards and JPMA Certifications

• Large 2 section basket

• Ideal for infants up to 15 lbs

• Removable and adjustable canopy

• Comfortable sleeping area

• Lightweight frame

• Durable product with enough space


• Storage basket on the bottom is a bit flimsy

5. BRICA Fold Go Travel BassinetBRICA Fold Go Travel Bassinet


This bassinet has been designed to offer extreme convenience and safety to your baby. Like its name suggest, this bassinet is easy to carry and set up, you can simply fold it and go. It is the best bassinet when traveling is concerned.

The BRICA Fold Go Travel Bassinet it is portable, lightweight and easy to use anywhere. It features a safety and security protective barrier of four-point safe T-lock system, a double locking steel frame that is durable and secure, mesh panels that provide room for maximum comfort and air flow, it features a convenient carry handle which makes it easy to carry your baby in it while you travel around, plus, it comes in a slim light weight design.


• Includes comfortable sealed mattress pad and fitted sheets

• Safe T-lock system for security

• Slim lightweight design

• Durable and portable

• Strong double-locking tubular steel frame


• Limitations not enclosed in the package – Don’t use after infant reaches 3 months

• Bulky

4. Kolcraft Cuddle Bassinet and Incline SleeperKolcraft Cuddle Bassinet and Incline Sleeper


This bassinet is amazing for a couple of reasons. One of them is the fact that this is the only bassinet that resembles a traditional bassinet with additional modern features. For this reason, it has proved to be a great solution to babies who suffer from congestion or colic.

This bassinet has been designed by top-notch medical professionals. It features an inclined surface that alleviates congestion hence giving baby and mom a peaceful sleep. Another added advantage is that this bassinet can easily convert into a rocking basket, it also includes an electronic unit with light vibes, nature sounds, classical music and variable vibrations to soothe the baby.

This bassinet features locking wheels that allow room to room mobility, plus a mattress and washable fitted sheets come included. A large storage basket for baby’s essentials is also included.


• Medically designed

• Ideal for babies with colic and congestion

• Large storage basket

• Electronic unit with soothing musicals, vibes and nature sound

• Inclined surface

• Comes with a mattress and fitted sheets


• Flimsy and wiggles a little

3. Baby Bjorn Baby Cradle BassinetBaby Bjorn Baby Cradle Bassinet


Simplicity reigns in this compact and right sized bassinet. It is designed to gently use soft rock motions to soothe your baby. It is lightweight and compact thus, it can be conveniently moved from room to room in the house.

This bassinet features low height transparent mesh fabric that provides enough room for air flow and secures clear supervision for baby. It is made of soft, airy and breathable sides in a simple design with no loose parts or bars that could prove to be a hazard to your baby’s tiny hands and feet.

This bassinet is the epitome of an easy to use bassinet made from quality fabrics that offer a peaceful sleep environment for baby.


• Gentle rocking movement to soothe baby

• Airy and breathable sides

• Simple convenient design Lightweight and compact

• Secure and safe sleeping environment

• Safe and tested materials

• Canopy for cradle

• Fitted sheet and mattress


• Mattress support is MDF (with low level of formaldehyde)

2. Runner-up: Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc, NaturalArm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc


Sharing a bed with a newborn is such a beautifully intimate experience for mom and a newborn baby. But due to SIDS and suffocation risk, many pediatricians do not recommend it. The need for a safe and secure bassinet that makes it easy to pick the baby at night is very necessary, this where the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper comes in.

This bassinet features 4 breathable mesh sides that provide air flow allocation and wheels on 1 end of the bassinet for easy movement. Not to mention that this bassinet expediently attaches to the parental bed hence restricting movement at night. In addition, it comes in an innovative design that makes breastfeeding the baby easy. It is especially ideal for moms who have undergone a C-section plus it is designed with structural safety and versatility with moms in mind.

This functional bassinet truly offers a cozy environment for expedient nighttime comfort and nursing.


• Ideal for C-section moms

• Safe and secure

• Multi-functional

• Cozy environment for nursing

• Breathable mesh sides

• Wheels on one side of the bassinet

• Attaches to parental bed

• Adheres to CARB Phase 2 standard which assures it emits a lower amount of formaldehyde


•  May be a little expensive

1. Top Choice: Halo Bassinet Swivel SleeperHalo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper


This bassinet is at the top of our list and is the most versatile and functional. This is an incredible bassinet that rotates 360 degrees for the ultimate epitome of safety, convenience and best of all comfort for baby.

It really does it all: it is bassinet as well as a co-sleeper. This bassinet features an adjustable base to fit all bed heights, includes a feeding timer that you can set to ensure you schedule your baby feeding times appropriately.

Soothing has been made simple with this bassinet, it features a nightlight, soothing vibrations sleep sounds, rotates and swivels 360 degrees to bring you closer to your baby not to mention, it has mesh ventilating sides as well as an incredible build quality.

In addition, the side walls of this bassinet lower making it tending to the baby easy has a great view to see the baby, it is ideal for small spaces since the base can tuck under the bed (Fits beds of 22 to 34 inches (56 to 86 centimeters) tall). It also includes a spacious storage basket to store away all baby essential items.

With all these amazing credentials and features, you can see why this is one of the top rated and most unique bassinets on the market.


• Made from easily washable polyester

• Sturdy and durable 4 point base

• Swivels and rotates 360 degrees

• Convenient and multi-functional

• Sleep timer is included

• Night light for easy visibility

• Soothing sounds and vibrations

• Recommended for babies up to 5 months


• The comfort level of the mattress is low


Needless to say, a bassinet is essential in a baby’s first months of life. Not only does it offer a safe place to sleep but it also offers a safe and secure environment where you can place your baby. When it comes to purchasing a bassinet, there is without a doubt, a lot of choices out there, therefore, it is imperative you take your time and do your homework before you purchase. The above Top Ten Best Basinets Reviews is a great place to start.