The abdomen wheel, or ab wheel as its popularly known, may only seem to be a simple device. Actually, when you get a good one, it is a very useful and effective fitness tool.
The thing that you have to do with it is to use it properly and it just might become an essential part of your fitness routine.

The ab wheel is a device that became popular as far back as the Sixties and its name gives an exact description of what it is and what it does: a wheel that has handles attached to either side of it. You use it by placing your hands at the handles on either side of the wheel and repeatedly rolling it, first away from your body, and then back towards your body.
Also known as exercise wheels, ab wheels come in many forms, but most models tend to very basic. Some of the more advanced models have built-in features. These include elastic bands and springs that can make the movement both easier and harder, depending on the exercise routine you want.

Of course, as you might have expected, there are hundreds of ab wheel products on the market, and probably at as many prices. So what about choosing one? Here is a quick guide on offer for you.

10. AB Wow Dragon Ab Roller by Youactive SportsAB Wow Dragon Ab Roller by Youactive Sportsbuynowimage

Not among the cheaper rollers around, but one that does its job. “AB Wow” is a re-design of the traditional ab wheel with 3 wheels in a triangular shape that is supposed to give you easier control during the exercise. This portable abdominal roller has a sturdily built wheel which is not flimsy like in quite a number of other abdominal roller wheels. Users of all skill and fitness levels should have no problems using it.

Among the satisfied customers, most of them thought that it is a high quality product that is very sturdy and easy to use. A lot of them thought that the three wheels and a parking ramp make the difference.  Those that were not so satisfied thought that it is not so easy to use for beginners and also thought that it is a bit expensive.

9. URBNFit Ab Roller

URBNFit Ab Rollerbuynowimage

This roller has a padded dual abdomen wheel that is supposed to enhance core workouts and prevent sliding. Its traction tread should make its rolling easy on any surface. This roller should be easy to assemble and is built to last like the rollers in your gym. The manufacturer also gives a lifetime guarantee.

Satisfied customers point out that this product usually arrives in perfect condition, that it is very compact, even with its packaging and support the claim of the manufacturer that it is easy and quick to assemble. Some loved the fact that it gives you a very hard workout, but others were not so happy about that.

8. Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab RollerEpitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Rollerbuynowimage

“BIO Core” is the ab roller receiving some of the best reviews, but is also one of the pricier rollers available. The manufacturer claims that this is due to the fact that it is the only roller on the market with rubber wheels. This makes it work effectively on any surface, even those surfaces that are smooth and polished. The rubber wheels are also supposed to provide smooth and silent functioning and improved balance & stability.

The customers love the fact that it could be used on practically any surface, also giving positive comments on the kneepad that come along with this roller. They also claim that it is really well built and that it is one of the better looking rollers around. The only quibbles mentioned are that it could roll a bit smoother.

7. Youactive Sports ABWOW Ab RollerYouactive Sports ABWOW Ab Rollerbuynowimage

This ab roller geared for sports professionals, and as the manufacturer says, “those geared to be elite champions”. This roller does not require the use of gloves and will not callous or slip when you are sweaty. It comes with a training guide which helps you strengthen, sculpt and stretch your abdominals, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back.

The customers thought that its double wheel design is much sturdier than the single wheel rollers, that it doesn’t scratch the floors and that the knee pad, bag and bungees are a good bonus included. The complaints of some customers concentrated on the fact that it takes time to get used to, and that it is on the pricey side.

6. Ontel Speed Abdominal Roller WheelOntel Speed Abdominal Roller Wheelbuynowimage

This ab machine features durable steel coil which should provide resistance when you roll out and provide you with a controlled return. Rubberized pro-grip handles should minimize hand fatigue and at the same time maximize control and comfort. It should be appropriate for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced users. It produces best results when used on floor surfaces.

The satisfied reviewers thought that it has a natural and smooth feel to it and that it is neither bulky or heavy. Some reviewers compared it to the pro version at double the price and did not see any real difference.  The ones that were not so enamored with this product thought the coil design doesn’t function properly, making too easy to use for more advanced users.

5. Wacces AB Power WheelWacces AB Power Wheelbuynowimage

“Wacces”, is a dual wheel roller that comes in six color variations. The dual wheels do not require users to balance on handles which you would have to do with rollers that have only one wheel and requires only minimal training to use. Handles are covered with cushioned rubber foam grips that can give you good handling. Good for gradual buildup in your workout.

One of the key attractions of this roller for customers is its ease of use, durability and an affordable price. The also liked the very efficient shipping times. One of the rare dislikes dealt with the fact that it is an all plastic product.

4. PharMeDoc Ab RollerPharMeDoc Ab Rollerbuynowimage

Probably the most affordable roller on the market, making it sell-out quickly. This ab roller has a reinforced steel handle for fitness training, it is very lightweight and has gripped rubber roller wheels. It is made to align your spine and balance the core while strengthening your muscle tension and density.

Many of the customers were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product they got for the asking price. One customer thought that this roller isolates some abdominal muscles that don’t get hit as hard with crunches. The few customers that had complaints thought that this device is too simple.

3. Elite Sportz Equipement The Ab Wheel Roller ProElite Sportz Equipement The Ab Wheel Roller Probuynowimage

You won’t have to worry whether you will be able to assemble this roller since it arrives at your door fully assembled. It comes equipped with two wheels and ergonomic handles and helps you develop core strength while also strengthening your arms, chest, shoulders and back. Comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Customers almost have no complaints about this roller. They are particularly impressed with the overall quality of the product. Experienced exercisers were particularly impressed with it. A nurse customer also pointed out that this roller is safe to use for disabled/older people and those who have back problems.

2. Valeo Ab WheelValeo Ab Wheelbuynowimage

A very affordable roller with two non-skid wheels designed for added stability and easy-grip handles which should prevent slippage. This roller should help you strengthen and tone abs, shoulders, arms and back. It also comes along with an instructional fitness guide and a one year guarantee.

Satisfied customers loved the simplicity of the quality of this wheel, as well as the “simplicity” of its price. For what you get, they thought it gives exactly what it claims it will do. A number of customers found the instructional guide very useful. One of the few complaints was that the grips are not terribly comfortable.

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver ProPerfect Fitness Ab Carver Probuynowimage

An absolute best-seller among ab rollers. The manufacturer does a good job of validating the reasons for a bit higher price of this roller, explaining that its kinetic “engine” has a carbon steel spring which is supposed to make your abdominal and arm workouts outstanding. This design provides resistance both when you roll out and when you roll back. The ultra-wide tread provides maximum stability when carving left, right, and center. This ab roller has ergonomic hand grips that are angled so to help activate arm and core muscles.

Reviewers fully agreed that this roller’s “kinetic engine” does its job flawlessly. They were also satisfied with the fitness guide you can download from the manufacturer’s site. Among the very few complaints, one customer thought at its design is “too quirky”. Not for most users.

A few words on using the ab wheel
On surface, ab wheel might seem an easy device to use. Be careful though, if you do not follow the instructions for their use they can lead to either poor results or even back injuries, sometimes both.
There are definite variations of movements with an ab roller setting up for beginners and for more advanced users, and usually the best thing to do is to consult your fitness trainer, consultant or fitness guide. Happy and successful rolling!