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TOP WRITING BLOGS Are you a writer hoping to perfect your craft? Do you want to be a writer and don’t know where or how to begin? Is your head full of creative ideas but you don’t know why you should put them down on paper? Let us help you. Take a look at a few reasons why writing is so valuable: You are able to express yourself as a person. You have the opportunity to inspire others. You have the potential to earn a living at writing. You can be upheld as an expert. All compelling reasons, yes? It is up to the professionals to teach your how to write, how to sell yourself and how to publish your work so we’ve done a bit of research for you and located the experts. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of the Top Writing Blogs. These are all blogs created by writers who have struggled, learned from their experiences and are willing to share those experiences and their advice with you. This is the best of the best! (Click on the blog title or blogger’s name to be directed to the site) LITERARY RAMBLES Natalie Aquirre and Casey McCormick Literary Rambles is a blog that focuses on children’s book authors, agents, and publishing. If you are a writer who is in search of an agent, you’ll find an extensive...

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If your goal is to succeed in life, leadership skills are necessary. These skills impact your work life as well as your personal life. We’ll leave it to the experts to coach and teach, but let’s take a moment to consider just a few reasons why leadership skills matter: Communication: A good leader initiates actions and gets results with his or her ability to communicate effectively. Confidence: A leader with confidence instills confidence in those with which they work. Morale: Want happy, productive employees and/or teams? Become a great leader with the ability to boost morale. Give thought to how developing excellent leadership skills can truly impact your life. Do you manage a business? Are you a team leader at work? Do you have a household to run? Are you active in sports or part of any group? All of these areas and more require great leaders. We encourage you to continue reading. You’ll find we’ve put together a list of the best leadership blogs all aimed at helping you become the best leader you can be. These blogs are created and written by experts all over the world with vast experience and enlightening wisdom. Click the title of the blog or the blogger’s name to be directed to the site. TEAMWORK AND LEADERSHIP Michael G. Rogers Named one of Inc. Magazines Top 101 Great Leadership Speakers, Michael Rogers...

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