Newest gadgets and products in their diversities are always on review by Irrespective of their complexity, 10greatest would sure find a way of reviewing them. By so doing, consumers all over the world get insights no matter how small to what the products or gadgets they are purchasing are made of, and therefore avails them the opportunity of getting the best of the best.    scholarship

The power of written words cannot be underestimated. This however is what we have known, and we are doing everything in our capacity to ensure that creative minds all over the world would be given an avenue to showcase their abilities and creative ideas.

The 10greatest Internet Marketing Scholarship worth $1000 to this effect has been created for students both in the undergraduate and postgraduate class. This is however born out of the passion to promote “Internet Marketing”

Therefore, interested students currently in the areas of Business, Marketing, Communication or IT, may find it interesting to know that no special skills or any form of technicalities are required or involved in the whole scholarship process. A passion for internet marketing content creation would do.

If however this scholarship scheme catches your interest and you are optimistic about it, please do well to contact us with details relevant for your approval.

General Terms of Participation

The eligibility to participate in the scholarship program revolves round a well researched content of about 500-1000 words by every participant on the subject “Internet Content Marketing and its Importance in 2017”.

The following ideas should be included in the content:

  • Is content marketing important, why?
  • How do you think this is useful on our website and articles?

The best content writer would be awarded $1000 that can either be used in the purchase of course materials or other valuable resources. Below are some other information that might be useful for you if you are interested.

Eligibility and Creativity

This scholarship award is strictly for students that are presently enrolled in colleges, high schools or universities. So, you may not apply if you are not in any way in the listed category.

It should be noted that the contents should be well researched, unique and creative. More also, anyone who reads it should be convinced that you are sure of what you are doing.

Several factors as earlier stated would be put into consideration when reading the contents, some of which are: originality, creativity and some few other factors too.

How to Apply

First of all, an article of about 500-1000 words long should be written and submitted in a word.doc file format. You should also add the URL of your website (if there is any) as additional information.

When you have however completed this, send us an email at with all of the following details in word document format.

  • Personal Details (First & Last-name, Phone, and Address).
  • Name of School.
  • Area of Study.
  • Any document (student identity card or anything) to show that you are a student.

You should also know that your articles when submitted can be used for promotions and marketing purposes.


All articles should be submitted on before  Feb 10th in 2017, the winner would be chosen by Feb 20th in 2017.


The $1,000 will be directly sent to your bank account via Via Cheque, Paypal or Payoneer.

The scholarship is an annual based scholarship. Any question? Feel free to contact us at